Optimummoving to a new address

H Aug 01, 2018

i was promised a service for 2yrs and was only 8 months into the service when we needed to move. Once in our new place we contacted optimum to inform them that we need to transfer the service to a new address. Never was we informed that we would no longer have the agreement that was made for the 2yrs of service and once installed (which was installed incorrectly, had to switch wires around to get sound on both tvs) we noticed we didn't have what we had at the other house. I called and was informed that we signed that we are starting a new agreement and the old one was void. I personally was not there my daughter was and if i was informed before hand i would have never kept the service with io. It should be stated clearly when you have a new customer that if you move the agreement would be void and im sure you would not have a revolving door of customers.As of now im disconnecting service

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