OptimumMisleading information to customers

M Aug 03, 2018

My name is Andrew Facey my address is 294 East 162 nd Street apt# 2G Bronx NY 10451, my telephone number is [protected]. I call on June 20, 2018 to request your service for Altice one and one of ur consumer service representative told me that I would have to pay $241.95 I said to him I am I paying so much and he explained everything to me and I ask him when is my next bill due and he said August and I said u sure it's not July and he said no August and I said ok. I turn to him and said can I get a credit on my August bill since I paid $241.95 and he's said tell me talk to my supervisor and he said his supervisor said yes. She's going to give me a credit of $50 off my August bill, and my August bill will be $100, so I received a bill in July stating that I owe $8.08 and I received a bill in August stating that I owe $163.06 and my bill is due August 15 and in June ur cousmer service representative told me that my bill will be due August 21 and i said ok. Now I speak to ur consumers services representative today and supervisor and they hang up the phone on me and I call back again and I spoke to Mr Jenssy one of ur consumer representative and I mentioned to him and told him to go back to the recording and he will hear what the consumer service representative told me and Mr Jenssy told me if he go back to the recording and I am telling the truth I will still have to pay the all of the amount. I said to him that's Ridiculous and I told him can I speak to a male supervisor and he told me that they're not in the office now and he will give me a call back between 24 to 72 hours I was like I will never receive back a call back. This was one of the reasons why I leave Verizon they lie too much to customers and now I am having the same problem with Optimum I told your customer service representative Mr Jenssy that I am not paying that amount on the bill and I also told him it not about the money it's all about principle and you guys need to be honest to your customer and don't give miss leading information and when they call you guys act so stupid. You guys loves to take customers money but u guys don't love to fix the problem and u didn't even take the time to say I am sorry for the miss information that one of my colleagues it to you and I told him people work too hard for they money to pay there Optimum bill for you guys to be lying to them and now Mr Jenssy told me I would have to hurry and pay the $8.08 so that my service don't get Disconnected I was like wow are you really serious I don't understand why Optimum Cable Company deal with customers like this I need to speak with a manager as soon as possible and I need this to be resolve as soon as possible

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