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I have been a customer for Optimum for over 15 years and I found Cablevision practices unfair. My account was automatically renewed until 2021 without my approval and because Cablevision is the only vendor available in our co-op City Bronx location, we do not have another choice than to be forced to remain with their service. In addition our current bill is $69.85 for Optimum 100 but if we wanted to upgrade to the 200, we will be charged $20 more while all new customers are getting Optimum 400 for only $54.00.
Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
What benefit do we have as long time customer?
Isn't it an unfair practice? I have intended to submit a post to one of this political blogs but in all fairness I would hope that your board members would read this message and consider some corrective steps to satisfy long standing customers.
Why not having the Optimum 200 for an additional $5 and the 400 for $10 although we will still paying more than the new customers at least this would be classified as partial or fairly acceptable?

Jose Audel
Bronx New York
IT Consultant


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    Francis Coogan Sep 03, 2019

    No warning that my email would be down for 2 days, I could have sent notice to my clients to send emails to my gmail account. The lousy company does not care about its customers.

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