Optimumcharged for a balance not mine!

E Sep 11, 2018 Review updated:

Someone opened an account using my information and I am being held liable for the full payment. I submitted proof to Optimum about where I was living at the time the account was opened. I even gave them the information of the detective investigating this case and still Senior Representative Liz (ID:RAI) stated that because I know who opened this account I am responsible for the balance. This is just ridiculous! She continued stating that this is not a case of Identity Theft. According to her this is all Optimum policy however, when I asked her for a copy of their policy she refused to send me a copy. I am extremely unsatisfied with how Optimum is handling my case. BTW my services will be terminated on the 15th thanks to this criminal!!! Great job Optimum!


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    fazir Sep 14, 2018

    You should complain the email addresses and phone numbers on this page,

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