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+1 800 244 1111(Headquarters) 3 6
+1 877 348 9005(Internet Service) 0 0
+1 877 348 9007(Phone Service) 1 0
+1 866 314 4148(Prism TV Service) 0 1
+1 866 963 6665(Ordering Services) 0 0
+1 800 423 8994(Payment Specialists) 0 0
+1 877 837 5738(Moving Services or Billing & General Customer Service) 0 0
+1 877 803 8414(Disconnect or Cancel Services) 1 0

CenturyLink Complaints & Reviews

CenturyLink / internet service

Peter Ivashko on Jun 18, 2017
I have a special needs 2yo... Work from home with my wife... Making it happen...moved to a new place, had a rep call me for 2 weeks after the initial inquiry about their service, set up a instalation on Thursday the 15th of June from 8am to 5pm!!! Ok so We moved on Monday. Waited whole day...

CenturyLink / double billing

Kmcgunn on Jun 9, 2017
Seems like double billing is a frequent problem with CenturyLink and Direct tv bundle packages. Is it feasible to consider a employee is skimming money and/or they could have been hacked? I have been bundled 3 years, never missed a payment, and just received a bill $527.84 which is $206...

CenturyLink / dispatch rescheduling my service call regarding intermittent service and notifying without actually talking to me.

Mary Zurbrugg on Jun 7, 2017
I was having intermittent DLS. It would not go down for long, usually 2-5 minutes at a time, but it would go down a few times an hour. I called on the 6/1/17 and they scheduled a tech for the next day, 1p-5p. I skip a water aerobics class I take in conjunction with Physical Therapy, and...

CenturyLink / centurylink driver / road incident

mcowder on Jun 5, 2017
Incident happened June 5th at 8:20 am, Exit 363. Driver plate# C219MP truck# 24-23085. After exiting, I turned on my blinker to merge into left lane. Halfway into the lane, driver cut around (from behind) me (half in the lane/half in turning lane), then cut me off. Dangerous maneuver and definitely not appreciated. I feel the driver should be spoken with.

CenturyLink / home phone/internet/tv

SlammedIAm on Jun 1, 2017
We tried to get contracted with century link early Feb 2017. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran Purple heart recipient, and has had 6 strokes since 2009. The VA has him on a monitor to send his vitals daily to his doctor via our home phone line. Century link put our account under "Critical...

CenturyLink / rude supervisor

Inge ANderson on May 31, 2017
On Wednesday May 31, 2017 I called Century Link about a bill that I received. It is my first bill as I am a new costumer and everything was wrong. My phone number was incorrect, my address and the invoice was absolutely in dispute. I applied for, was found eligible and contracted with...

CenturyLink / disconnected internet service

llddww on May 31, 2017
We are moving and I called May 25 to transfer my internet service 2 weeks in advance so that it would be all set to turn off and the current house and on at our new house. Century Link turned service off the next day, May 26. I called to have it reconnected and they would not do it over...

CenturyLink / overcharging on my bill - 150% above agreed contract price

DynamoD on May 18, 2017
I just got off the phone with the CenturyLink escalation department regarding significant overcharging on my monthly bill. They stated that they no longer had my sales call where the amount discussed would have been clearly stated (multiple times I confirmed the price as I had already been...

CenturyLink / service and billing

Michael Franz on May 17, 2017
I have been with CenturyLink for years (9+) because it is offered in a package deal with Directv. My fiance set it up originally and i was not part of that set up. Within our terms, we have been promised way more than what was delivered on. Lower bill, promised with very little delivery;...

CenturyLink / billing department

Peggi Lucas on May 15, 2017
I called CenturyLink to tell them we were moving around the first of the year. Turns out we weren't able to move after everything was set, so we ended up staying at our apartment. Our mail was messed up for quite a while, so we weren't receiving our mail. I was making payments to...

CenturyLink / internet/phone charge

mrsinserra on Apr 28, 2017
i was told this was free if cancelled in 30 days. they, without my permission, did something somewhere to make the Phone line work and then are charging me for it when cancelled after having the setup for 3 days. it is a total scam. the customer service person was very very rude to the...

CenturyLink / internet billing

Ernie Banks on Apr 17, 2017
My internet didn't work one night and I called century link service department. They told me that my modem was outdated and they would bring me another one. Not only did they not bring me another one [ now I do not not not want another one] but they started billing me for a router and...

CenturyLink / Fraudulent billing practice

Hien M Nguyen on Apr 13, 2017
Dealing with Century Link fraudulent billing practice After having to call the Century Link customer service several times during my three month of contract with them so far, I am rather familiar with their fraudulent billing practice: The background I looked at Century Link's website...

CenturyLink / customer service/internet services

Caroly Ridolfi on Apr 13, 2017
We called for internet service for our home in Wentzville, MO 2 weeks ago. We were told that they account was only in my husbands name and they could not help me. My husband then called and had added my name (wife) to the account since I manage the household. I then called was given an...

CenturyLink / Vacation service - unauthorized charges for "restoral" of service!

Sue Foster on Apr 2, 2017
I called Centurylink to request vacation service from Feb 24 to March 24 for my home phone and high speed internet. Technical service accomplished that (although did disconnect on the wrong date). Rep told me when I get back to call them to resume service. I called a day BEFORE returning...

CenturyLink / Slow internet service

L.A. Brooks on Mar 12, 2017
We have been with Centurylink from day one where we live in rural Missouri. They are offering high speed Internet all around us but will not extend that service to their long-time customers. Apparently they think we are too few and aren't worth the trouble to upgrade us. They have u...

Centurylink (Formerly Qwest) / Internet service

cathowl on Feb 8, 2017
We had new internet service installed on Friday 2/3 including new line and equipment at a cost to us of several hundred dollars. ON Sunday 2/5 the service went out. We worked with tech support over the phone to have it restored only to have it go out again, this went on for several day...

Century Link / Internet service

HD1975CO on Feb 7, 2017
Century Link promised--in writing--a monthly rate for Internet service and then charged me double. When I called to get it sorted out they hung up on me numerous times. Then they began transferring me from one Rep to another...finally I spoke with someone in their Escalations Department...

Century Link / High speed internet

Hector S on Dec 5, 2016
I feel morally obligated to add the multiple complaints about gross overcharging by Centurylink not only for my personal concern but also for the sake of other potential customers. In simple terms, they are ripping us off!! When I moved to Florida 1 1/2 months ago, I signed up for internet...

Century Link / Internet

candle3 on Nov 23, 2016
Century Link customer service in general has to be the wc)rst, most deceptive, careless and inconsiderate phone customer service out there. I was overcharged. I have been on the phone for over an hour and 1/2. I was to be given a promotion reinstatement . I paid in full for the small time...

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