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CenturyLink reviews & complaints

CenturyLink complaints 640

CenturyLink - Phone service

No phone service for 6 going on7 weeks made 3 appointment 3 repairman showed up found the problem done nothing then left t called on the phone put me on hold for an hour then hung up on me called again an again several times same thing put on hold for half hour talk to a rep transform to another rep put me on hold for an hour Robert srebbins

Desired outcome: Phone service fixed an adjust my phone bill

CenturyLink - orange cable on white house irrigation system destroyed

CenturyLink came out 3 times to install a cable from the front of the house to the back of our neighbors control box

first our house is white and they ran a ugly orange cable stapled across the complete side of our house

then ran it on the ground to our irrigation pump

then they dug a hole in the ground to the back wall digging up our complete right side of our irrigation pump

now when our pump is turned on water blows up from the hole they dig and nothing more

i have called numerous times asking for help and to my avail nothing is getting done

do i need to take these people to court

half of our lawn is dead

please help

Desired outcome: replace irrigation system remove ugly orange cable from white house


CenturyLink - Complaint

Century Link came to check our internet without informing my husband there would be a $95 charge to come in the house. I did not have enough money to pay the $195 bill so I paid $150. The next months bill was almost the same. They charged me a $32 late fee. I have been a loyal customer for years and I feel I have been treated unfairly. The billing cycle is awful too. It always falls on a different day. Sometimes it's the first, next month it might be the fourth. I get paid once a month on the last day.

Desired outcome: They need to plainly state there will be a fee to come in the house to whom ever they tell and put in big bold letters about late fees. They also need to have the billing date on the same day each month.


CenturyLink - Centurylink internet service

I have had no internet service for 8 weeks. After over 10 hours of phone calls, in which they hung up many times so I had to call back, they fi ally sent out a technician. He discovered it is the buried cable between there box and our house. He scheduled another tech to come out and bury a new cable. He has been a no show. How do I actually get my internet fixed? They are arguing about refunding my money back for no service. I am at a loss as what to do anymore.

Desired outcome: I just want reliable internet

CenturyLink - Phone service and internet service

The service box at the end of our road is 30 plus years old. I tried going to buildings in our local town and they are locked up with signs telling you to call 1800 numbers. Then you talk to people you cant under stand. I think Mr Storey should be fired for the way he is running this company. We need new equipment because we have no cell service here. In case of emergencies when we have no service we have no way to communicate for help. Mr. Storey spend a little money on your residential home service instead of just cell phone service. We pay money too for the half [censored] service we receive I hope I receive a response but I wont hold my breath.

CenturyLink - Phone part of their bundled service has been out two & a half months with them reneging on vows to send tech out to repair.

Around August 11th, 2021, I needed to make a call and had no dial tone at all. Waited for a while, tried again and hoped it resolve itself, i.e. (return of dial tone). Anyway, decided it was time to...

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CenturyLink - Technician never comes and they keep closing the repair tickets

I setup new internet and phone service for one of our new houses in Ravensdale, WA and on the day of activation, the internet worked fine, but we had no dial tone. We went through the troubleshooting instructions multiple times and they ran several line tests, coming to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the line and a technician needed to be dispatched. I have now taken three full days off of work because they give you an 8 hour window of when the technician will come and for the THIRD TIME, no technician shows up and the repair ticket is magically CLOSED. After the second time of a no show, I even called again and spoke with someone else to confirm that they would in fact be sending someone and Nope, no technician comes. We've run the line tests again, just in case they fixed it and we still have no dial tone! This is maddening! I don't have time to continue wasting on a freaking technician not showing up! I got an email the day before confirming that I would be there from 10:15am-6:15pm and got another email confirming I would be there the morning of the appointment, YET THEY CAN'T EVEN SHOW UP!
I now get to take a FOURTH day off to sit around twiddling my thumbs for them to likely No Show again based off of their AWFUL track record!
If anyone knows how to go up the chain to talk to a manager, please share because I am done!
Account #: [protected]
Email: [protected]@hotmail.com
Phone: [protected]

Ryan & Stacy Hershey



CenturyLink - Spam and unwanted calls

Calling from numbers local to mine so it looks like they're calling me from potential businesses in my area. They won't stop calling. They call from a new number each time. They are trying to sell me or promote different products. I've kindly asked them to stop, and they won't. Something needs to be done about this. It's an obvious nationwide problem.

CenturyLink - Internet service

Starting the night of September 6, 2021, we lost internet service. The morning of the 7th I contacted Centrylink twice, both times I was told it was my equipment and not their service. On the 8th a...

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CenturyLink - Start of service/ Never showed up/Poor customer service

On roughly August 25th, I put in an order to start services in Albuquerque NM for internet. It was suppose to start sept 18th, it was first available day. Everything went fine. I received a paper in the mail with my first months bill info and plan pricing. Come Sat Sept 18th, the date we chose to set up services), NO ONE ARRIVED. I spoke to someone via chat Monday 20th about services and they ENDED CHAT before addressing any issues with me. I then repeated chat and got Salome. This person said my services were never submitted. THEN WHY DID I RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION LETTER IN THE MAIL? I know this was a lie or something and there was dishonesty in the answer.
Anyway, I spoke to this person and they re-submitted my request. There was no availability until OCTOBER 9TH and the person did not care. The break down of the first months bill, $187, was also not clear. So when I asked for the breakdown they sent me random numbers that didnt add up. Being charged $99 for a service technician - PLUS THE ENTIRE MONTHS SERVICES WITH NO PRORATION- even AFTER no one showed up to my house after waiting several weeks then having to START ALL OVER and get someone out 2.5 weeks later- again. Is terrible. So far this is the worst company Ive ever dealt with. If I did not need services for my job, I would have never signed up with them. period.

Desired outcome: discuss my plan and bill or something with myself

CenturyLink - Internet service outage - unresolved restoral - still out!

We called Centurylink last week (week of Sept.5, 2021) to get a restoral on residential service. The girl in the technical department said they would not be able to come out for ten (10) days due to their lack of manpower. We have issues with this timeframe as our home is automated, have cameras, security, interior automation, plus we are unable to pay our bills, we work from home often, and have zoom calls to doctor appointments. I am on disability, we are seniors, and this is not acceptable. We have had this internet provider for almost ten years and expected better from this company. We hope a manager/supervisor contacts us before next Saturday, Sept. the 18th 2021-the day someone may come out.

Desired outcome: To have internet service restored asap or yesterday.

CenturyLink - Internet

Internet keeps going out periodically during the day. I was sent a new modem, but that didn't fix the problem. I also complained about the slow speed which was a 10th of what I was paying for. They finally fixed that problem, but the internet continues to cut off and on during the day. Last year a service technician told me it was a switch issue at the end of the road, but CenturyLink would not spend the money to replace it.

Desired outcome: Fix the problem

CenturyLink - Service call never resolved

then end of May 2021 I contacted 811 to have the utilities in my yard marked. I am preparing a new garden area. When I was prepping the area I noticed that part of a cable was not buried -- it was above ground. I was not sure exactly whose cable this was. On 6/4/21 I spoke to Kim at Century Link and someone was supposed to contact me the same day in 2-3 hours. there was call back. On 6/7/21 I called [protected] technical support & was supposed to get a call back by 6/9/21. no reponse. My first ticket # was [protected]. my 2nd ticket was [protected], my 3rd ticket # was on 6/4 21 #[protected]. I have called the following phone numbers: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]. I'm not sure which phone number gave me an appoint ment date of 8/16/21 to bury the cable. BUT NO. On 8/`16 a guy came to the door and saif he was only her to measure whatever. then he was going to expedite the order to get the cable buried.
One of the last tickets I had was #[protected]. on 8/25/21 I called [protected] with new ticket # VN433804. my appoint was supposed to be Monday 8/30/21 an no one showed up. My next call was 9/6/[protected] and the ticket was showing as completed. But I had checked the cable before calling and the cable WAS NOT BURIED. WHAT AM I TO DO WHEN NO ONE RESPONDS? When I called on 9/6 I was on for 45 minutes. I gave up after being on hold with someone for 26 minutes. the first 19 minutes shw was checking differnt things... but after being on hold an addtl 26 min without anyone on the other end of the call I gave up. HOW CAN I GET THIS RESOLVED? THIS IS VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Desired outcome: Cable will be buried 100%

Sep 07, 2021

CenturyLink - Local phone service

We have been out of phone service since Sun. Aug. 29, 2021. I called repair services on Sunday evening of the aforementioned date. The agent that I spoke with generated me a repair ticket for the...

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CenturyLink - Service

Yesterday, I was on the phone with CenturyLink about 4 hours total. Nobody showed up here until this am. He came early at 8:30. He resolved the issue eventually. However, he left the cover off of the new component that he installed. He left several cable wires uncovered. And he left the panel cover off the internet panel. Sloppy!

I expect someone to come and fix this situation. I don't know if there is danger to us or to the uncovered, exposed system.
Call me [protected].

Desired outcome: Clean it up

CenturyLink - internet service + customer service

I've been bounced around for nearly an hour and still working to try and get any kind of employee on the phone to be able to help provide me an answer. I've been transferred 4 different times, to three different people and been disconnected and had to call back and wait on hold due to the disconnection with no call back. Beyond frustrating. All I'm trying to figure out is how to clear my cache/memory on an in unit built in modem/router in an apartment complex. At this point I'm extremely close to shutting down my account with you and finding a new provider. Ridiculous

Desired outcome: someone competent to answer some simple questions for me

CenturyLink - Worst company ever

I had two different appointments to have my internet hooked up. They did not contact me to tell me they were not showing up or explain what the problem was. Now they're trying to say there is internet under another name at my home and I need to get it figured out in order to get internet through them. I am not doing their job for them. They took money out of my account for the hookup and I am still waiting to get it back! This company is the worst!

Desired outcome: Someone needs to take over this company that will do the work


CenturyLink - Faulty billing, no response from customer service and/or response to letters/justification

On 1/28 I received a bill for Direct Tv from Centurylink that was nearly double. I called Cust. Serv. and they connected me with someone who gave me a DISH plan that I could afford. They send me a confirmation and return label for the modem which I returned on 2/2. They kept billing me, adding late charges. I called numerous times, two people said someone would call me, two more just hung up on me. My letters with copies were disregarded. AT&T send me a credit balance, but CL discontinued my internet in June even though I paid $122.22 each month. My balance (according to CL) is now $548.88. HELP!

Desired outcome: Drop the charges that were not incurred by me.

CenturyLink - Business phone service

We are a place of business in Auto Sales having phone service is extremely important to keeping our company going, Our phone lines have been down going on the last 2 months June 2021 till now August 12, 2021, We have tried several times calling in for a technician and problem still not resolved we have been paying our high bill every month without ever going 1 day past due.
The customer service people send us appointments for a tech to come they NEVER arrive then they notify that the ticket has been complete, so much lying I can't seem to get anyone to help us. Not customer service not technicians. We are still no service I need help getting someone to listen or refund us every penny that has been paid. I'm on the phone EVERYDAY with customer service but they don't care and technicians are closing tickets and saying that they completed the issue. WE have not seen not ONE technician step foot in our gate outside the office where the lines are.
My next step is to call 3 on your side see if they can help me provide service that i already paid for.

Desired outcome: I want the issued fixed and refund last 2 months

CenturyLink - Length of time to get repair

My parents are 95 and 92. Daddy is on hospice. Who knew we had to file this with a phone company in order to get fast service?!?!?! Especially when dealing with end of life issues.
Their phone has been dead since Aug 6, 2021. The repair is scheduled for Friday, Aug 13! They cannot be without a phone! If daddy falls, and mom is there alone she must be able to call for help!
I cannot imagine that any company would not help 90 year old people that have been paying for this phone number for 65 years!

Desired outcome: Faster service

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