Omegleplugin blocked


This issue has just been happening and vie tried just about everything. I'm through with it. When I open up browser and go on Omegle I click "Allow" to let Omegle use Flash Version 10. Then, I click Video and it says up at the top "Plugin Blocked" and Into settings, and really even looked it up and its just super annoying. Theres no option to use my camera/mic and it wont let me click on anything but I can still see people. Im currently using Google Crome, which is updated, and flash which is updated. I use a windows 10 computer and I really hope you guys can help. Thanks!

plugin blocked


  • Va
    vapegod Aug 08, 2017

    I'm having the same exact issue and I need help :(

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  • Wi
    Willyboy78 Aug 08, 2017

    Me too and it's really annoying :/

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  • Sa
    Sam McIntyre Aug 10, 2017

    Same issue. Hope it gets fixed soon

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  • Wi
    Willyboy78 Aug 10, 2017

    So I actually know why it does that. Chrome doesn't want to use plugins anymore so it is blocking most of them while they are changing methods. The only way you Can go on Omegle for thé moment is on Edge/Internet explorer because they still allow thèse plugins 😌

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