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P Nov 03, 2018
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My boyfriend & I are regulars at the Olive Garden on Rt. 35, Eatontown, NJ. Last night we had unusual poor service from the time we arrived. The girl at the front desk had a line waiting to be seated when there were obviously numerous open tables. She even came back after seating the couple in front of us and said she seated them at the wrong table. Once we were seated, we were first told our server was "Michael" and then told it would be "Love." After about 5 minutes waiting to place our order, Love brought us 2 waters, never asked if we wanted a different beverage, and took our order. After 5-10 minutes, our appetizer arrived by a girl in training, with no plates, and making us eat our stuffed mushrooms from the serving plate. Next, the girl in training brought us our entrees, at which time we asked her for our soup, salad & breadsticks, which we had not yet been served. She apologized & brought us the salad, soup & breadsticks (still with no bread plates), which we now were forced to eat along with our meals so that our entrees didn't get cold. Our server, Love, never once came back to check on us. We had empty water glasses, never asked if we would like more soup or salad & still had no plates for the breadsticks. Love was also the server to a couple next to our table, who we overheard complaining that they also did not get their soup/salad and once Love did bring it to them, they also had to ask her for plates for the salad. Our dirty dishes sat in front of us for the entire time until we asked for our check from the girl in training since she was the only one checking up on us, who now also took away all the dirty plates. We were paying in cash so we could not use the table ziosk. After waiting again 5-10 minutes, Love actually showed up and put our check on the table & walked away. We really wanted to give a tip to the girl in training since she is the only one that made sure she received our meal. She said she wasn't allowed to accept tips, so against our will, we had to leave a 20% tip, which we hoped the girl in training would get a portion, to Love, who did absolutely nothing except bring us water & the bill. We never even got our mints at the end, which is something we look forward to at the end of our meal. Olive Garden is special to us ... we look forward to the endless soup and/or salad, breadsticks and the after dinner mints and of course excellent food and service. Something was definitely out of the ordinary during last night's visit. Needless to say, we were beyond disappointed.

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