Olive Gardenshocked and dismayed

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Our experience at the Fredericksburg VA Olive Garden was great. However, I learned that Olive Garden doesn't give a discount to seniors with an AARP card or to US Veterns. This is a simple issue of respect for everyone's service--seniors who have worked long and hard for society and security and vets who have served to protect all of us at home and abroad. Although we enjoy your restaurant, service and food, I am not sure we will return as long as these two groups are not honored with discounts.


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      Oct 20, 2017

    I didn't serve and neither did members of my family so we could get a discount at a chain restaurant. I don't go looking for handouts. If there is a discount, that is nice, but I don't dismiss businesses because of this. I served for freedom and security. I didn't serve to get free coffee and a 10% discount and I certainly wouldn't whine about it. Most vets I know are embarrassed by people like you.

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