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I Went out to eat with my family at Olive Garden in Crestwood on October 22, 2017 . We order salad and soup and three entrees. My husband and daughter and granddaughter ate out the bowl of salad first and they grab the salad from the top. I then proceeded to put some salad on my plate and then thats when I noticed this grasshopper sitting in my salad. I asked the waiter to go get the manager and the manager came out and apologize for the extra protein we had in our salad, which I didn't find funny at all. I was in shocked that he was laughing about such a serious matter about this grasshopper laying in my food. He then stated he will give us a discount, which he only deducted 15 dollars off our ticket. I absolutely feel like this should be a free meal, after trying to talks to our waiters they sent him home. After asking for the manager again about our ticket price they sent an employee by the name Amy.A instead of the managers coming out handling the situation professionally. I was highly disappointed with their services and how we was treated and we will not be returning. We had a long night with stomach pain and diarrhea. I'm reporting this, so this can be taken care of otherwise we will be taking this to the Department of Health.
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      Dec 17, 2018

    Yep. I just left and got a green critter in my salad as well. Wonder if there salad supplier isn't cleaning it well. I'm a little queezy but still ate the fresh bowl they brought me. Ate it a little slower and carefully watched my bites though. Got about a $15 discount as well. Works for me. I gave our waitress $10 from a now $15 bill. Wasent her fault or the restaurants. [censored] happens. It could be worse like a cockroach.

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