Olive Gardenpoor quality/service in johnson city, tn


On 10/13/2017 myself and two others had several appointments in the Johnson City, TN area. As Olive Garden is a favorite of ours in the Teri -Cities we love to stop and have lunch with you after. On this occasion we were served by Mary who was extremely aggressive not to mention loud and really pushing the quart of wine because it was only $1.25! Yes I enjoy a good deal too guys, but I'm driving O.K.? The food, I'm not nit picking here, I'm giving you the facts. The bread was cold, cheese was served on the bread plates, and my mothers soup was practically tossed across the table in a hurry. Mother had asked for red pepper flakes for her soup, but that never showed. Now the pasta. Hot plate, cold pasta, warm sauce well this did it and we sent it back to the kitchen and said warm it up. The cook came out and said it would be a health code violation. Now we have been there a good 45 minutes. He says he will re cook everything but it will take time. I cancelled. You understand why. I would like to say Kingsport, TN and Bristol, VA are EXCELLENT Olive Gardens, but not Johnson City. Melissa Greene

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