Olive Gardencomplaint about the food, the service, and the gm in lawton, ok.

D Nov 09, 2018
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My friend and I went in to eat on November the 7th, 2018. Our meal totaled over $50.00 and then we left a generous tip out of courtesy. Our main course was cold, the soup was cold and we waited for the server to bring us spoons for a few minutes. We asked for 2 to-go-boxes because it was evident we would have to warm up our food at home. Asked if we could get couple of bread sticks packaged separately since we had 2 separate orders. This did not happen either, the server ended up telling us that he was being more assertive with us because his GM told him he needed to work on his assertiveness. Our whole experience was unacceptable and I called in to voice this to a manager by the the name of Therese. She apologized profusely and offered us a gift card for $50.00 to cover most of our meal. We were beyond impressed with her empathy towards the situation and the fact that she offered a gift card. She said to come in and pick it up. We went in on Thursday and the staff were beyond friendly and professional. However, the GM by the name of James Russell was a total jerk. He spoke to me in a condescending voice and I remarked to him that he was being sarcastic. His reply was yep I figured you would say that. He was totally unprofessional in the way he handled this whole ordeal. The manner in which he spoke to me is not something I am accustomed to. I spoke to him in a low voice as to not draw attention to me or the situation. He made sure everyone up front knew exactly what was going on and that he was in charge. He added that if anything were going to be given, it would go through him. There are plenty of other restaurants that I can offer my business to and I will. If, this type of behavior is continued then we will know why the business will close down. We are constantly being told to support our local businesses but I will take my business else where. Furthermore, we often blame the employees for the service however, it starts with management and clearly Mr. James Russell needs to be retrained in customer service. Thank you and I hope this matter is addressed.

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