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On 19 June 2018 there was an unauthorised transaction from my mastercard account where Norton charged me the amount of $A153.99 with an international transaction fee of $4.62, with the following description:

Norton *Ap254241376 [protected] ## GBR MERCHANT.

I have contacted the Commonwealth Bank today and resolved the issue and the bank will reimburse me the amount.

However, this unauthorised transaction has caused me so much inconvenience. The bank's procedure of dealing with this is by cancelling the credit card and reissuing another card. I was told it will be at least one week before I receive the new card. That means for the next week I will not be able to use my master card, which I desperately need. Not only that I will have to contact all the direct debit service providers like the e-tag group, gas and electricity providers, local council, telephone and internet providers etc, etc, and make changes to the mastercard details. This is causing unnecessary stress and waste of time. I just want to know you are going to compensate for me for this terrible inconveniences.

When I googled with the above transaction description, I realised that other people had the same experience where Norton has made unauthorised transactions. If I hadn't checked the credit card statement in detail I wouldn't have recognised your unauthorised transaction and you would have received the money from my account.
I wonder how many people in the past have just paid the credit card amount to the bank without checking every entry in the statement to see if there is any unauthorised transaction. I feel strongly about this and I reckon this is a very serious issue.

I also would like to know what steps have you taken so far to rectify this happening again to me and other clients.

Thank you taking time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon. You can email me to this address:


Yours sincerely

Mal Abraham

  • Updated by Mal Abraham · Aug 16, 2018

    I have satisfactorily resolved issue with Norton. The customer service representative at Norton was extremely helpful.
    Mal Abraham


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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    what you most likely got charged is a renewal fee
    guess you will realize that when no longer get updates

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