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incompetent technical support staff

Here's something not to do... Waste time & money contacting symantec norton anti virus technical suppport online as this is the 'conversation' I had with their 'professional'

Liveassist chat

Status analyst nandini is here to assist you.

Issue: after 10 phone calls to [protected], having previously sent 5 emails since april 14, 2007, only 2 have been 'responded' to april 21& may 15, my nav 2005 is still continuing to freeze my pentium ii windows 98 plus system. Liveupdate & autofix don't work either! End session user

Mr._john has entered room.

Analyst nandini has entered room.

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:48:37 pdt 2007):

Hello mr._john. My name is nandini.

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:48:53 pdt 2007): thank you for contacting symantec live technical support. Please make a note of the chat request id [321842] for this interaction.

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:49:07 pdt 2007): hello

9:50 am 17/05/07

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:50:45 pdt 2007): are u there?

9:51 am 17/05/07

9:52 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:52:22 pdt 2007): john, I understand from your message that you have an issue while running liveupdate. Am I correct?

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:52:34 pdt 2007): yes

9:54 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:54:11 pdt 2007): john, could you please tell me whether you get any error message while you run liveupdate?

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:54:31 pdt 2007): the last ones I received were lu 1814, lu 1823 and lu 1803

9:56 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:56:17 pdt 2007): john, inorder to resolve this issue I suggest you to uninstall and then reinstall the product.

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:56:18 pdt 2007): how do I do this?

9:59 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 09:58:11 pdt 2007): john, do you have cd version or download version of your norton product?

Mr._john (Thu may 17 09:59:23 pdt 2007): no, I downloaded this online in 2002 and it has never worked properly. I renewed it for the second time may 5, 2007 as it wasn't working after renewing it in march 2007.

10:03 am 17/05/07

Mr._john (Thu may 17 10:01:34 pdt 2007): I have this on my desktop which "nancy", a technical agent in chenai india's office helped me to reinstall may 5, but there are still viruses and my computer continues to freeze after scanning 6 - 14 hours and getting stuck after scanning 600,000 files, most of which are here

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:02:17 pdt 2007): john, in this case you cannot reinstall the norton product. I suggest you to get refund of your product and purchase new norton product.

Mr._john (Thu may 17 10:02:12 pdt 2007):
C:windowsprofilesjbhistoryhistory. Ie5mshist01... (2004, 2005, 2000.. Various months + dates) index. Dat

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:02:50 pdt 2007): I have this on my desktop "c:program filesnav05eng. Exe"

10:04 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:04:21 pdt 2007): in this case you cannot reinstall the norton product. I suggest you to get refund of your product and purchase new norton product.

Mr._john (Thu may 17 10:04:24 pdt 2007): how do I do this?

10:05 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:05:46 pdt 2007): please don't worry I will help you to do that.

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:05:33 pdt 2007): thankyou.

10:08 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:06:43 pdt 2007): could you please tell me the order number of your product?

Mr._john (Thu may 17 10:07:52 pdt 2007): where do I find this?

10:12 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:09:48 pdt 2007): when you purchase the product you will get the order number.

Mr._john (Thu may 17 10:10:43 pdt 2007): as I already mentionned above, I paid for this product in 2002 and renewed it in march 2007 as well as reinstalled it with 'nancy's help from her office in chenai may 5, 2007

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:12:04 pdt 2007): johan, to get your product refund customer support will be in a better position to help you regarding this issue.

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:12:06 pdt 2007): just a minute.. I am looking for my number

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:12:45 pdt 2007): I suggest you to contact symantec customer service.

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:12:56 pdt 2007): here it is order confirmation # 9...6

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:13:15 pdt 2007): account id# 3...8

10:16 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:15:58 pdt 2007): john, I have checked your product details on our server you have purchased the product on 09-nov-05. Your refund period has been expired so please contact customer service for this issue.

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:15:56 pdt 2007): I have paid for the renewal march 2007!

10:17 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:16:56 pdt 2007): please hold for 3 - 4 minutes while I update your product subscription in our server.

10:19 am 17/05/07

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:19:35 pdt 2007): it was paid and confirmed

March 7, 2007 (10:26 pm)

10:22 am 17/05/07

Status 'your issue is being escalated to another analyst.'

10:23 am 17/05/07

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:22:23 pdt 2007): john, I understand your concern. I will transfer this session to one of our technicians who will assist you in troubleshooting this issue. This may take me a minute or two. Please be on hold.

Nandini (Thu may 17 10:22:49 pdt 2007): please wait, while the issue is escalated to another analyst.

10:23 am 17/05/07

Analyst nandini has left room.

10:24 am 17/05/07

Status analyst tareq is here to assist you.

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:24:19 pdt 2007): thank you for contacting symantec live technical support

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:24:02 pdt 2007): hello
10:26 am 17/05/07

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:25:06 pdt 2007): I understand that you want to get a refund for your subscription renewal. Am I right?

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:26:14 pdt 2007): no.. I want my nav 2005 fixed as it never worked properly since I first purchased it in 2002 and renewed and paid for it march 7, 2007 and had 'nancy' from chenai, india help me reinstall it may 5, 2007.

10:27 am 17/05/07

10:28 am 17/05/07

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:27:10 pdt 2007): okay.

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:27:34 pdt 2007): john, to resolve this liveupdate issue you need to complete uninstall and reinstall the norton product.

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:27:42 pdt 2007): how do I do this?

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:28:10 pdt 2007): please note that you will not be able to reinstall if you have purchased the norton product more than an year ago even if you have a valid subscription.

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:28:36 pdt 2007): so I suggest you to get a refund for your subscription renewal and purchase a new norton product.

10:28 am 17/05/07

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:28:36 pdt 2007): so I suggest you to get a refund for your subscription renewal and purchase a new norton product.

10:29 am 17/05/07

Tareq (Thu may 17 10:29:18 pdt 2007): or if you purchase a new product your remaining subscription days will be added in to your new norton product.

10:30 am 17/05/07

Mr._john_ (Thu may 17 10:29:49 pdt 2007): I paid for this march 7, 2007 and reinstalled it may 5, 2007, however it is still not working properly!!

10:31 am 17/05/07

My computer froze again and I wasn't able to continue this 'conversation'

Remote control stats: disable view only full control send user feedback

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Please send me an english as a first language nav 2005
Technical agent's email and 1-800 number as well as chat line address, as I have had nthing but frustrations trying to communicate with your staff in chenai, india, many of whom do not listen properly, let alone read nor have read my previous emails to my 10 long distance phone calls nor this morning's 'chat' this morning, with no 'help'.

After purchasing nav 2002 online and renewing it march 2007, I have had to reinstall it again may 5, 2007 only to have endless problems 'communicating' with symantec's 'technical'
Norton anti virus 2005 'staff', who do not 'listen', let alone read properly.

Ten of them

("ron", "dinesh", "johnbeckhn", "sam", "nancy", "wilson", "jason", "raj", & "james")

Have asked me the same incompetent questions over and over, changing the original case number to hide their incompetence and pretend that they know nothing about my having emailed them 5 times since april 14 or called long distance via their [protected] number, which one named 'raj' even had the nerve to tell me "you should call [protected] and pay more money for them to reinstall what doesn't work properly.

None of their 'help' is helpful at all! Even their 'chat' room doesn't function and they continue to play 'dumb', asking me if this is the first time i've reported my nav 2005 problem which is theirs as they have lost my business forever and I do not 'recommend' anyone pay symantec a penny let alone the $69.95 to 'permit' them 'remote access'.

Never in a billion years would I 'trust' these incompetent
Liars who change the case numbers to 'confuse' the issue.

I called casenumbers spoke to result


1 may 2, 2007 3:40 pm [protected]"ron"I called back

2 may 3, 2007 1:00 am [protected]"dinesh"didn't read
Prev. Info and asked me to explain what was wrong, which he should have read on my case number file, which I gave him and all the others below:

3 may 3, 2007 2:27 am"john beckhn"not helpful

I had to wait 15 mins b4 connecting

4 may 3,2007"sam"not helpful

5 may 5, 2007 3:30 am"nancy"reinstalled nav2005
-4:30 am told me I could get info how 2 reinstall nav 2005 for $69.95

6 may 6, 2007 7:16 [protected]"wilson"asked if any error
- 7:38 pm numbers came up (No)

7 may 6, 2007 11:22 pm"jason"sarcastic. Didn't
Listen to me but cut me off with"if you listen, you will understand"

8 may 6, 2007"raj"told me I could get info via email how to reinstall nav 2005 for $39.95 and to call [protected] for help

9 may 6, 2007 11:24 am"james"said I could pay $69.95for remote access

Here are my previous 'corresondence' with your 'service' via email all of which have not been answered in a month of my having emailed them 5 times except by:

Response (Balakrishnansugumar) - 04/21/2007 06:39 am &

Response (Arjun prasad) - 05/14/2007 08:14 am"

Here's an email I sent which was not 'responded' to. 'brave'
'new' world' not! The future is not 'friendly', but full of esl imbeciles who do not 'care' let alone 'know' how to listen, read nor 'communicate' in a way to maintain this 'service'.

"dear arjun,

Thankyou for your email response, however none of the solutions you recommended work. My computer froze again after I ran liveupdate's"symantec trusted application list". Which is 6701 kb.

I have 500 mb on my penitum ii windows 98 plus hard drive.

I was able to download the lates virus defintions and a few other smaller files.

As I emailed you before, there are hundreds if not thousands of files that block the nav 2005 from scanning for viruses properly located here:

C:windowsprofilesjbprofileshistoryhistory. Ie5hist012005082520050826index. Dat

Which took 14 hours and then froze my computer after scanning 600,000 files!

How do I remove these?

Why hasn't anyone responded to my specific questions?

"I am not 'happy' with your 'service'. My pentium ii windows 98 plus computer is free of viruses, but froze after re installing and running nav 2005 for 14 hours, finding 600,000 files, most of which were in:

C:windowsprofilesjbprofileshistoryhistory. Ie5hist012005082520050826index. Dat

How do I removed these so that I can run nav 2005 without crashing or freezing my computer again?"

Good bye symantec & chenai india! Good luck with getting future 'client$'

completely wrecked my computer!

I bought this as a download but could not install it. Norton help desk (including their 360 expert) spent a total of about 5 hours on 3 occasions trying to fix it. This was done with them controlling my computer. The last person completely wrecked my computer by deleting most of the registry and not being able to carry out a system restore (he also deleted all restore points) or a registry reload (the backup was corrupted). Norton management are not interested in my problem. On the good side though I now know how to get everlasting subscriptions to Norton AV without paying for them. Being a computer & lots of time and trouble down, I'm not sure this is a fair swap but if you want to share my knowledge...

  • Pa
    Pat N Aug 30, 2007

    I now absolutely hate Norton 360. This is my third time trying to get help from them. My subscription ran out about 3 weeks ago so I renewed and upgraded. The last 4 days I have been on line with analysts for over 8 hours. They did get rid of 1 trojan but it cost me $100. I was on line over 5 hours today. I was in tears. I had 4 analysts trying to help me. Nobody could fix the problem. My Norton icon disappeared and nothing was working . I had absolutely no protection. I am disgusted. Wish I could get my money back. They told me uninstall then reinstall. They didn't recognize my e-mail address. they didn't recognize my product key, etc., etc., etc. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. YOU WILL FOREVER BE SORRY. They would not answer my questions. They would not tell me who to make a complaint to. They had complete control over my computer for hours and did all sorts of things to it. Even after I disconnected from the last analyst, a few hours later, somebody was still controlling my computer. I could see the arrow key moving all over the screen and changing things. This is just wrong! After originally downloading Norton360, within a week I had a trojan virus. Why? Because Norton 360 does not protect your computer. They would not fix it for me until I agreed to pay $100. NEVER AGAIN SYMANTEC. I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER COMPANY.

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[Resolved] rebate scam!

For the second year in a row I bought Norton Internet Security and sent in the two rebates, both for $30. I...

norton / rebate

I received a post card from Symantec resubmissions dept. There reply to me having sent my rebate for the Norton - Antivirus with it I sent all needed paper work. The UPC the paper for the rebate witch was in the box and the dated sale receipt. With the NRTN Antivirus at the top of the receipt for $39.99. On the reply it stated that my request could not be honored because the product was not found on the receipt? Now I am to re send the card + any validating information. I no longer have the receipts da. All I could send is a copy.

Card #1944ssss

  • Bu
    bud sharkey Apr 18, 2008

    nortin antivirus rebate is a big rip-off
    how do you send an original more than once
    no responce to mail or phone calls
    i guess they expect to wait you out
    how does that song go
    they ------------------------win again

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