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M Nov 09, 2018
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I have been regularly shopping at Nordstrom Rack and occasionally at Nordstrom for two years now. I have, within the last six months or so had a brick and mortar store move in half an hour away. Before this, there was no brick and mortar store close by. I shop online like many women do. I look for what I think will look good on me, which is not always easy to tell when they only use slim build, no curves women for their models and sometimes I think I can base it on experience. This does not always prove true however. Free People is one recent example of that. I normally wear a medium in them, so I purchase three tops in medium. They were so small a twelve year old is about the only size female that could conceivably wear them.
The point is, aproximately sixty percent of what I order doesn't work out...rarely, but sometimes I strike out...just as if I'd been able to find these items in the store (which I can't) and try them on in the dressing rooms. On a side note, I have checked the local store regularly. They cater to the small and medium sized customers and tend to carry more of the styles which don't appeal to me and majority of tops which are polyester...which I avoid because it doesn't breathe and I don't want to be part of the death of ocean life. So, after I spent over $400 this last ten months at Nordstrom's stores, I receive and email saying if I continue to shop as I have, they will shut down my account and refuse my returns and business.
I return everything that I bring back clearly unworn...some of which there's no way I could wear and with tags attatched. I guess my $400 is worthless to this snooty company. I called and explained that due to the lack of availability of product which appeals to me, in store, and lack of realistic display by models for those of us with bigger busts and some curves, this is how I will shop thier store. They just repeated what was stated in the email. I told them if that's the case I will take my business elsewhere. I may not spend thousands like some people do in one store, but $400 is a good chunk of my clothing budget that I'm certain another store would be happy to have. I also informed them I will be leaving reviews about my negative experience with this everywhere.
I am inconvenienced when I have to drive half an hour each way to make returns or for that matter go looking for tops that will work for me again because some didn't. Shopping when you don't look like a straight board with no shoulders, like all their clothing models, is already sometimes frustrating enough without dealing with such a rude company. Save your heard earned cash for someone who cares about providing better customer service.

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