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Nordstrom - rude sales person

While visiting the clinique counter at Nordstrom, I was approached by a very sweet woman whom identified herself as the counter manager and esthestician. I told her about my psoriasis and was referred to Clinique by my Dermatologist. We were talking for 5-minutes, she was extremley knowledgable, helpful and kind, when this rude woman..margo., grabed her by the arm and said it was her turn and she was next. I had to explain all over again my skin problems and I couldn't believe how rude and ignorant this woman was. I asked for her business card and called the store to complain where my call was never returned. I left after being in shock that she would think this would make me want to buy anything from her. She also told me to go home and produce information about my redness before she could sell me any products.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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California, US
Dec 27, 2021 7:41 pm EST

This is an example of how working on commission can create a hostile work and shopping environment. She grabbed her by the arm and said “it’s my turn”. I’m sorry we’re you being helped by toddlers? Lol That was very tacky and most unprofessional of the second woman to get physical even. I can understand if she was at La Mer or even La Prairie selling 2000 dollars creams to use physical violence to get commissions from a sale like that. lol I’ve worked in cosmetics and it’s not for the faint of heart. My gosh you were only going to probably spend 50 bucks max on some clinique products and so to be so protective over such a small sale as to interrupt a consultation is very concerning. As for you the customer I would have expected you to not have purchased anything and run away confused. Ultimately you are the customer and you have a choice on any and everything so if you were enjoying your experience with the first woman you should have stuck up for her and said no thank you I don’t know who you will you please leave us alone. Things are so wacky in cosmetics though that it wouldn’t surprise me that a brand might stage that very event to boost sales somehow by the sheer shock factor. It’s why That brand that sounds like bars sells that cheek color that sounds like Morgasm. My advice to you is if your bold enough to expect a learning experience from a makeup or skincare professional then be bold and realize that you still get to choose who you will be getting the experience from not just the next cashier who’s available to assist you. These places expect you to choose but will do it for you if you have no preference. Oh also if you have psoriasis there’s not anything in that store that will correct the problem because it’s caused by your nervous system but there are things that will relieve your symptoms temporarily. There was this amazing product called by142 to whom I was lucky enough to meet the creator of and it cleared up the spot of psoriasis I was experiencing on my hand and I couldn’t believe it! He was intending for this cream to be marketed specifically to people experiencing psoriasis. Give that stuff a try

Chicago, US
Oct 14, 2012 4:11 am EDT

I want to know how I can put a complain on a Nordstrom manager and sales associate (shoe department) extremely rude sales woman and manager that didn't know how to listen to the problem I had with the shoes I had purchased at te Skokie Nordstrom. I purchased 2 pair of shoes that fell apart. I have been a loyal customer to this store and never again will I buy anything from this store. I know one person doesn't matter to them but I have never been treated the way I was by any Nordstrom employee. The sales girl named Rihanna I believe, do not go to her for any help she acts as if she is greater than the customer and cuts you off as well as speaks to other workers like you are not in her presence.. by the way she is there to serve the customer not have them regret shopping at Nordstrom.

Chico, US
Mar 11, 2011 6:06 am EST

I believe the women (and men) who work at the make-up counters are actually employed by the make-up brand itself, so I would go to Clinique and complain to them.

Honestly if I were you, I would have said to the second woman that you don't need her help, and then turn your back to her and continue to talk to the other way. You have the power here, you're the customer, you don't have to put up with that.

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