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Con Edison Complaints & Reviews

Con Edison / Two out of three fazes between the building and street are disconnected.

Garen Gevorgian on May 11, 2017
Two out of three fazes between our building and the street were disconnected for the last 10 months and we have just one cable (instead of three) handling the whole building's electric needs. Our first floor apt central ventilation and air conditioning system needs two fazes to work. Last...

Con Edison / no show for a scheduled meter reading appointment

Ofelia Balilo on May 8, 2017
We received a notice in the mail that con Edison needs to inspect our indoor meter on Monday, May 8, 2017. They must gain acces to our indoor meter or they will continue to charge us additional $25 monthly. My husband and I took the day off to be home on that day. Since the note did not...

Con Edison / ongoing work at jefferson oval, jefferson village condo 3, yorktown heights, ny 10598

mcgrath services on Apr 25, 2017
Con Ed has been conducting ongoing work at Jefferson Village Condo 3 for over 2 years. This work is an eyesore and is affecting the value of the homes and quality of life for the community. There has been continuous digging and open wires that they cannot seem to locate. There are also...

Con Edison / overcharging

bananya5@gmail.com on Apr 20, 2017
My average bill was always $35-$40 as soon as I moved to a new apartment, my first bill is $78. When I called, i was told this bill is an estimate and will be adjusted when the actual reading happens. However, when the next bill came, the first bill was listed as the same and the customer...

Con Edison / Not fixing unsafe damaged wires

jacob kritzler on Apr 5, 2017
The coned wires on the street are getting wet when it rain, and its coming in water in the manhole, the wires are not sealed good so every timeouts raining its coming smoke out from the manhole and from the electric box inside the building, its also raining water like a sink from the...

Con Edison / partial electricity (no 220 volts) at 121-41 238th st., queens, ny. 11422

Calvin F Glass on Apr 2, 2017
On or about Monday, March 20, 2017 Con Ed employees were working in front of 121-47 238th St. During that time, I lost partial power at my home, 121-41 238th St. The following day, my electric power appeared to be fully restored, minus my 220 volt system. I reported the condition on or...

Con Edison / Billing

Antonio Cinuquemani on Mar 29, 2017
I recently did work to my house 2354 36 street Astoria NY 11105 I lowered my front yard. my electrical contractor filed with con ed to lower the meters. Con ed sent over supervsor to look at the work and they told me I had to put In a new service they sent me a bill for $15, 120.04 back in...

Con Edison / Terminating service w/o notification

BronxResident on Mar 28, 2017
Very unethical. The matter involved doing a name change. If you have not heard back from your customer regarding name change(not closed account), why would you not reach out to make the resident know that they will be terminating the service, especially if it is noted that a child lives in...

Con Edison / No response when transmitter caught fire

Ncredo18 on Feb 9, 2017
The transmformee underground caught fire on my block and the fire department arrived to put it out. Con Ed was called MULTIPLE times and took over an hour to respond. I called because there were still signs of a fire underground and Con Ed still hadn't shown up. When I called, the...

Con Edison / Street work that has been forgotten

Jane Allyson on Jan 11, 2017
I live on 130th street between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. there was work being done on the street back in October and the men are finished but they never closed up the hole. what they left in the street poses a danger to children in the area. it is taking up valuable parking space...

Con Edison / Customer service

Sweetcheeks93 on Jan 10, 2017
Some of Con Edison representatives and supervisors are definitely out to lunch. I've called multiple times asking certain questions and the rep doesn't explain or answer my question so I ask for a supervisor...always without fail...a supervisor will call u back they never ever call back...

Con Edison / Unprotected utility pole

Haig Hovaness on Jan 9, 2017
A coned wooden utility pole in pelham manor, ny has been struck twice by cars in the last year. Each time, power has been lost to several homes in the neighborhood. This pole should have some type of barrier protection installed to prevent future power disruptions. There should also be...

Con Edison / Service termination

Mr._B on Dec 24, 2016
Cancelled gas service for an apartment in October. Original conversation was brief and pleasant, and the process was very simple. Just got billed 2.5 months later for said address. Con Ed has "no record" of the original phone call (or, quite possibly, the one I just made). Was told I have...

Con Edison / Employee working on s 11th street 12/14/16 5:00 pm

Kimberly Chen on Dec 14, 2016
Male Worker sitting in his Mini Van guarding cones on 65 South 11th Street. He was rude and aggressive. I was parking my car, of course had room and parked behind the cone. He came out of the van walked toward me, and starting screaming I am calling the tow truck right now multiple...

Con Edison / Unethical behavior of con ed employee

kazammm on Dec 2, 2016
12.2.2016 @ 11:25pm roughly right in front of 98 bayard st. vehicle NY plate 66603ME stopped in the middle of the street; no signals, no hazards turned on; just parked in the middle of the street. there was no way to get around the vehicle as there were CITI bikes parked to the right hand side...

Con Edison / Meter reading.

Joe Perone on Dec 1, 2016
A year and a half ago Con Ed installed a third meter for the landlord right next to the existing meters outside my house. I did not receive a bill from them for about a year. Now they claim they can not read the meter. The meters are right next to the existing meters which have been read for...

Con Edison / Electric

Karen Rand on Aug 15, 2016
Due to Con Edison cutting back on power I cannot cook in my oven with the air conditioner on. If I use certain appliances together the circuit blows and I have to keep resetting it. I have a bill of 575.00 for one month and they have the right to cut back on my usage. I don't have the right to not pay. Where is there justice.

Con Edison / My bill

Michellin on Feb 22, 2016
my financial situation is precarious so i had to apply heap to help me (they opened on Nov 2015 and they close on march 1 2016). in general they help people with 2 grants during the season but in order to qualified they need a disconnection notice each time that you apply. heap help me...

Con Edison / High electric bill for years

BilyanaP on Feb 7, 2016
We live in the same tiny 2 bedroom apt in Brooklyn for more than 15 years .Our average bill for electric is 140.00 (small tiny place!)We are ripped off by Con Edison every single month, I had complain to them numerous times and they send they people 3 times in this 15 years to check the...

Con Edison / Refusal to Change Due Date at Request of Customer and Hidden Fees in Billing

Reviewer55516 on Nov 13, 2015
I have had the same apartment for 40 years. For years I have requested of Con Edison to change my Due Date from the 3rd of the month to a later date - 10th or 12th of the month, so that I will be able to pay it on time. And those requests have always been refused. My income comes in on the...

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