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I paid my late NicorBill onthe dure day of Oct 7 by credit card. It posted on Oct 8 and on Oct 8 Nicorshut off my heat. I called them and I was told that I should have telephoned them after I paid. I was not aware that I was suppose to call them when they already had received the money. They won't turn my heat back on untl Oct 15. I have had service with Nicor for over 30 year and have never had this happen to. and it seems nothing can be done about. There is no help for anyone. Since Nicor controlls all of our heat and their is no compition thank you

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    BILL LEYH Oct 10, 2009


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Service Shut off- After Arrangement

After receiving a disconnect notice, I called Nicor to ask if I could pay half my total bill (current charge...

Sending Tenant Bill to Landlord

This is ridiculous Nicor Gas has back billed me for tenant charges. I have made several attempts to get this resolved. Now my home service was disconnected. Calling customer service is a real joke. Every representative refuse to transfer the call to a Manager, I was also told that Manager’s don’t take calls?? Over the last few days I have spent numerous hours on the phone and this issue have not yet been resolved.

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    Barbara Schwarz Mar 12, 2011

    We have also several times experienced NICOR transfering several months or a full year of billing from a tenant (which they turned the gas on for or at least set up billing in the tenants name and address) to our personal or other business NICOR account then threaten to shut off our gas and all the while taking every bit of our payments (for our portion of the bill) for security deposits. Why didn't they shut it off when it was in the tenant's name? Someone needs to file a class acion suit against them.

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    Michael D Plunkett May 01, 2012
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    Verified customer

    paid security deposit and then Nicor can't find it later ###s

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RE: Dis crimination against Senior Citizen

Hello I am writing this letter after feeling very disappointed angry and upset, I have never written against any company but what I going to tell will make you thing WHY WHY.
I called Nicor gas company on 08/06/09 regarding move of the service since I lived in Chicago I did not know much about Nicor company when I call I got customer service rep who refused to acknowledge the address 8461 Gross point RD Skokie, IL exist and told me to provided her with meter #. I told that my parent ages 80 to 88 will moving to this home on 08/09/09. Monday 08/10/09 say about 2:30 pm Nicor person come and shut the gas out, even though he saw box were moving in and my mother was sitting, and cooling repair person was working& I was with carpenter who was repairing my doors in drive way. He did not have a cursory to even mention or have responsibility to call the manager and notify that why we are shutting when these folk are moving in.
Today 08/11/09 I call in the morning talk to nicor rep Matt # 8433 and gave all my information, and I like put gas service on my mother name Hajira Begum who do not speak English . Matt was very help-full, took all the information and apologies and transfer the call to customer credit dept ( where all the fun begin ) the person who answer the phone Jessica # [protected] ask under whose name the service will be on I gave my mother name, she ask where did she had service befor, e I mention Chicago and gave the address, she came back and ask who she speaking with. I gave my name Syed Qasim, at this point she got very furious and told me that whose house is under the name I mention my name she came back few minutes and told me I had lied and gave false information and that she will NEVER EVER provide me gas service for my senior citizen parents. And that I misled her. I keeping asking what I misled she simply hangs up the phone.
I call Matt again and mention about Jessica & my conservation, he said his hand is tied and he say he cannot help. I call back after few hrs and try talking to Jessica, again she said I am NEVER EVER getting Nicor gas service. She than ask why she cannot speak with my Mother, I told her she cannot speak english, than she ask what language she speak. I told Hindi and if you any person who speak the language I will put her on line, she said no body, and than she said I am lier, and cheater and I will NEVER EVER GAS SERVICE FROM NICOR.
I call customer service and talk to Pam who was very help full, and coordinate between me and Jessica so what every problem we have could be solved. Jessica requested through Pam that she need my SSN #, my Closing paper work of the property, my Driver Laciness, my mother SSN #, her IL state ID, AARP card, and her Medicare card, which will shows that she is disabling person. After faxing all these I was told I have wait 7 to 10 business day to get service
Let me ask where is this lead this to k let me SHOUT LOUD DISCRIMATION AGAINST RACE AND SENOIR CITIZEN. I was told pervious owner had not paid for few months, I wanted to know why they waited till I call me and than disconnect. Even though I repeated request that I had disable senior citizen parents and minor kids ages 6, 7, & 12 I was ignored I was told “I WILL NEVERE GET GAS SERVICE “
WHY because I am not American even though I am 30 yrs in this country went school, university, had business employee 20 people but hey where is JUSTICE 7 to 10 business day so I guess, we will not take shower we will not eat and let my parents sat dirty



shut off our service

I gave nicor medical documents emailed to them from our doctor. when finally aproved, i called for service to...

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shut off gas would not take payment

Nicor gas has shut me off in 4-5-09 I told them that i had just recovered from a injure and that i was behind...

Setting up fraudulent accounts

Today, I just found about that Nicor let somebody set up an account in my grandmother's name at another residence. Now we've lived in this house for over 14 yrs why would we have set up at a place we don't even own. Its so easy for people to set up accounts with Nicor that it doesn't make any sense. They were also stupid enough to send the bill to the house we actually live in. Here's where they got caught up at we hadn't paid our bill, yet. I do believe whoever set up this account is somebody my grandmother knows because my aunt lived down the street from where this residence is located. I wonder what Nicor is going to say about this account being set up, you know they always have some crazy response. It would be sad if we find out that someone my aunt knows set up this account because that would mean my aunt was the one who gave them the information.

Word of advice watch those around you because they will be quick to pull some type of scam on you when you least expect it.

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    samack16 Oct 19, 2012

    Hi I would like to let everyone know that Nicor Gas has over the past 2 years taken our account and put it in someone else's name 2 times. We have lived in our home for 5 years with the account in my husbands name. We had a high balance and the next month the bill came in someone else's name. I called and said how can you do this we have been here for 5 years. She said someone called and started new service at our home???? Which I am positive that did not happen. I asked her to switch this back to our name she said I'm sorry I can't. So being strapped and in foreclosure. I did not pay. When the balance got up to $2000 then I received a bill with a zero balance in a mans name now. We called again just to get the same problem. I now have no gas. I also don't want these people responsible for our gas. They will not give us service even though me and my husband have no current balance with them. Also when I called she said it must be a false name like I did something wrong and I DID NOT. I am also worried for our family with no gas as well as the peoples names they put it in. I am scared to get in trouble for fraud when I Did not do this.

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Shut Off

My name is Talisha and a single mother of five. My oldest is an eleven year old girl, a nine year old boy, a six year old boy. I have a disabled four year old boy and last but not least my four month old baby girl. I am writing this letter to ask for help. I am about to lose my home because of an outstanding Nicor gas bill.
It started about two years ago when I applied for LIHEAP. I was approved for a payment towards my bill. The next month I didn’t receive a bill. Three months later I called Nicor and asked if they could send out a bill so that I could view my account and make a payment, I was told that I would receive one in the mail but still didn’t receive a bill.
One year after LIHEAP made that payment I applied for assistance again but was told from LIHEAP that I had to have a current bill. I explained to them that Nicor hadn’t sent one in the past year since they applied a credit to my account.
The LIHEAP representative called the gas company while I was there at the LIHEAP office and requested my account information but was told that something was wrong with the meter and that they would have to come out and read the meter. I was instructed to return to LIHEAP after a technician came to read the meter and then after the new bill arrived which Nicor stated would be up to two weeks. No one ever came and read the meter. I was then unable to receive assistance for the Nicor bill because of the deadline to the LIHEAP program and the fact that I still wasn’t sent a bill.
In December of 2008 I received a -letter-, not a bill from Nicor stating that they had to turn off the gas, exchange the meter and have it tested for accuracy then restore service and conduct a safety inspection, this would take place before April of 2009. In February of 2009 Nicor gas came out and removed the meter and shut off my service without restoring them. At the time my daughter had recently been born and was premature, it was very cold outside and there was no warning or no time to prepare for living without gas.
After calling Nicor repeatedly and being told that there is nothing that can be done unless I make a payment in full of an amount that they were unable to give me because of an inaccurate meter. I was then sent two bills a bill for $5605.62 and another for $4, 385.51. I didn’t know what to do so I was told to contact the Illinois Commerce Commission to get help and file a complaint. I received a letter from ICC saying that they spoke to Nicor and my issue was resolved or satisfactorily explained, which was untrue. I then returned to LIHEAP with the new bills to apply for help and I was to pay service charges to be awarded. I was approved for payment in April of 2009 which left the bill around $2900.
I contacted Nicor in May of 2009 to receive the bill for the current amount owed after payments had been made so that I can make payments on my account when I was then told that the bill is now in excess of $6000. I asked why was the bill was higher if payments have been made after the service was shut off and was told that they made arrangements to the account that they took back. As I explained the situation to the representative I was treated as if it was my fault the meter was broke.
Now I am in risk of being homeless because of this bill. Please help or guide me in the right direction to resolve this problem. I have received a 5 day notice because the housing authority has stopped payments to the landlord. How can my family and I be penalized for a mistake on their behalf? How can they not bill me for two years and tell me something is wrong with the meter and expect me to pay two years in full or no service that is ridiculous and they need to be put to a stop. I have read of many others experiencing the same issues as myself. Now the bill is so out of hand no one wants to assist me. I have contacted all types of agencies that claim to offer homeless prevention programs and other programs that say they can’t help. I don’t know which way to go or who to contact that will help. Please assist me!!!

Tenant gas bill put in lanlords name

Ok heres it is. I have had enough I have 20+ rental properties and Nicor has chosen to charge me the ga...

Over charging

After fighting with them constantly about over charging me they came and replaced my meter when they KNEW I wouldn't be home to take my own reading and of course they claim that I owe them another $2100. I have lived in this house for 2 and a half years and have never used more than 241 therms in a month but once they took the meter somehow in the last 7 months I have been going through over 1000 therms a month.

They will rip you off every chance they get. Don't EVER trust the bill you get from them ALWAYS go read your own meter when you get your bill

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    Dave Nov 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looking at my gas usage graph, there are highly abnormal spikes in therms used. I live in a 2 bedroom ranch with my wife. We had new windows installed shortly after we moved in, the home is insulated very well, and our thermostat is never above 68 degrees.
    According to my original Nicor Gas statement from 10-28-06,
    An actual meter reading was not accomplished when service was started. Also, 11-3-06 the meter reading was estimated. I would think when a new customer starts service an actual meter reading is mandatory. The gas billing started out fairly normal until 2-6-07 to 4-4-07 when the therms used, spiked to 717.19 with a charge amounting to $666.56 for 56 days of usage. Prior to that, 12-6-06 to 2-6-07, the bill was only $170.37.
    We were set up on the budget plan at $65.00 per month. We did not receive any other additional statements after 10-28-06. Were were not informed of the abnormal gas usage until June of this year! The customer service agent told us Nicor needs to re-evaluate our budget plan payment. What took so long?
    Why were we not informed earlier?
    Also the billing address is incorrect. The correct address is 108 S. 3000 West rd. Kankakee Il. 60901 The address Nicor has is 108s 3009 West Rd, Kankakee. I tried to correct this error many times and the agents tell me that our street 3000 West Rd. Does not show up on their computers. A Service Technician was scheduled to come out to our house and inspect the meter and valve in July. The technician never showed because he could not find the address. We were never informed of this problem until I contacted the service department and asked what the Technician's findings were. Nicor has our home phone number, cell phone number, and email address. On Tuesday, 10-28-08,
    I smelled gas at the meter. I called Nicor at 8 am and was told a Technician would arrive within the hour. The technician arrived at 10:30 am! 2 1/2 hours...LATER
    I also asked for actual meter readings at the time the the gas usage was extremely abnormal, 2-7-08 to 4-7-08 $523.22, 12-6-08 to 2-7-08 $533.52, the customer service agent told me those readings were unavailable, and could not confirm when actual meter readings were done.
    Furthermore, additional billing was added to our bill from 11-4-05 to 9-21-06. We closed on our home 10-22-06!
    I was notified yesterday 10-30-08 via voice mail that we will be disconnected. I called a Customer Care Specialist once again and was told a disconnect notice was sent in the mail on 10-7-08.
    I asked what address it was sent to, and the CCS stated the billing address, 108 S. 3009 West Rd. I told her the address is incorrect, and asked, why is hasn't been changed? She then stated that the notice was emailed. We have not received any such email. Is it common practice for Nicor employees to openly lie to customers?
    Please HELP! We do not have $594.87 to keep our gas turned on. Our total bill is currently at $2400.00! This is not correct!

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  • Pa
    patricia boyles Nov 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My gas bill was 677.00.I was charge for gas line comfort guard for 4.95.I told nicor that, I wanted that
    removed from my bill but they are still charging me for that and another thing. I don't have a gas stove. I only have electric stove.Why is my bill 677.00.This doesn't make any darn sense to me.

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  • Li
    lilj720 Apr 10, 2010

    I have had it up to my ears with nicor . They are trying to stick me with a bill from another address and was threaten to cut me off for non payment and I am not responsible for those charges but yet I have to pay for them . I faxed over documents showing I lived at a different address and a police report I had filed about 3 years ago. They say they now need a statement from the police with the result of investigtion but the investigation is still pending because they have not found the guy yet .. UGgggghhhh . I hate them this is has going on since I moved into my new home in Nov 09 .

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My gas was shut off today. When I called instead of the past amount from last month being 444.17, the...

Misleading/Overcharging Billing

Nicor Advanced Energy sends misleading bills so that the consumer has no idea what they are paying and to whom. After several months of consistant bills of $80, the December bill was $300. The bill was based off an estimated read, so we requested an actual. We were told by the operator to wait until new read to pay bill. After read, we got a bill for usage since estimated read. We asked for bill showing last actual to current actual to verify. When we received that bill, it was paid in full and received on 10Mar09. On 17Mar09, letter sent saying we still owed $250 by 28Mar09 or service cut off. On same day, received new bill saying only $90 past due and that another estimated read was performed, adding $350 to the bill. Bills do not show past billing, only current, you have no idea where billing is coming from, where it gets paid to: no way to directly link usage to amount paid. Also, charged $100 late fee for unpaid balance after operator said to wait. When asking to cancel, told it is $20 per month until end of contract. We have a brand new house that was constructed to be energy efficient and we know we are paying too much. From $80/month to $300/month, and we are trapped unless we pay $140.

  • Ku
    kunlze Apr 10, 2009

    You should report this company to the attorney general’s office. I have a similar complaint against them too!
    Please spread the word

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  • Ji
    jim meischner Jun 29, 2009

    charging 180 dollars for wrong account number but still went to nicor company

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  • Da
    dan havel Aug 24, 2009

    I totally agree, my situation is that i moved from my home last nov, the thermostat was set at 55 allwinter long. i called nicor advcd energy for a refund. the man informed me that i wasnt eligible for one due to the locked in amount of 150.83. i informed him that the house has been empty and that i wasnt using anything near the amount of 150.83. i informed him that if he went and bought groceries, paid for them and walked out of the market without them, would he satisfied? why should i be paying for something i havent recvd? he talked in circles stating it wasnt the same. just another case of senior citizen rip offs. i plan on filing my case with the attoney generals office. i was further informed that if i cancell it would cost me 300.00. my contract with these yahoos expires sept 23 09

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Loechl Mar 23, 2010

    I have had 2 occasions of mis-billing. Payments should be taken out of my bank, and the bill clearly states this. Then I received a statement saying I was delinquent, had a late pay fee and owed for 2 months. After waiting on the phone to talk to some one (where I heard the message, dont hang up, you are important to us repeatedly) I was told I had stopped using the bank for payments. Wrong! I paid over the phone, using a credit card. Then my bank statement came through, and Nicor had deducted my bill 3 times. I did insist they send me a check, and not apply the amount to future bills, which they did. But this latest bill, had included the past due amount which had been waived. In talking to the nice gal who fielded my questions, she came up with a different way of accounting for my bill, and insisted the extra money tacked on the bill made sense. I think it should not be too hard to send out a bill that made sense to the person paying it. I don't like the idea of paying a bill on faith that the consultant 'd numbers are right, and mine are not. Is this too much to ask, or too difficult to accomplish?

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Unauthorized billing

I moved into my apartment in September of 2007. My first gas bill was very high. I called Nicor to make a complaint they told me it was not their problem but the landlords responsibility to make sure furnaces, installation etc were up to date.

Each month during the cold months since September of 2007 I made a complaint to Nicor. I told them that no matter if I was out of town the whole month with my gas turned completely off I continued to get heating bills for two to three hundred dollars.

Last month my heating bill was over $300. I was home only four days and had the heat off the other days. I called Nicor who again blamed my landlord and refused to come out and take a look. My landlord again called a heating company who updated any parts, filters and a new water heater. I stayed at a friends house from the time I got that bill. My next bill was over $236. I this time called Nicor and said I must have a gas leak knowing they would come out and take a look.

The service tech checked the pipes and confirmed I indeed was paying for someone else's meter. I again called Nicor. They responded by telling me that I need to continue to pay these bills or they will report to the credit bureaus. They also stated they could not give me a date as to when they would be out to confirm the meters were indeed switched. As though their own tech's information or test was not enough.

I asked them to terminate my service and I am told the reimbursement check when ever I get it will not be exactly the difference but charged at the rate today not two years ago when I was only heating my house to 62° and 54° during the day.

I will update when I get the check. I do know my neighbor paid $65 on her last bill that I should have got while I am stuck paying $236.54 or I will be reported to the credit bureau.

Over estimating usage

Nicor Gas only makes actual meter readings every other month. In between the actual readings they make an...

Missleading Information

Nicor Advanced Energy poses as the answer to the rising cost of home heating. However they are a part of Nicor Inc. During the transistion from one program to the next, you will be billed for usage plus fees and when you try to pay, your money is not allacated as you perscribe but is paid to Nicor Gas for whatever balance owed. Nicor Advanced Energy whom you are making payments to turns the money of to Nicor Gas and cancells you for nonpayment and adds on more fees for cancelation of contract. Even though this is all part of Nicor Inc.

  • Gu
    Guy Schmidt Jan 27, 2010

    I cannot believe that Nicor would put their name, their ethics and their corporate integrity on such a shoddy rip-off.

    This is not capitalism, this is clear theft by deception. No less

    I compared the last 4 years of therms/cost for my townhouse from Nicor (parent) and the therm/cost from this shoddy little store front called "NAE" that they have set up on the side. For "protection" from the rising cost of energy, I would have paid an additional $125.00/year, every year for 4 years.

    Protection from what? Spending that money on something I really needed.

    The scam is in the verbage. They use words and phrases like "protection" and "peace of mind" to lead you into believing that you are somehow in better control of costs.

    Don't believe it for a second.

    Their "locked" rates are set so high that costs would have to literally explode before your "protection" materializes, and don't even expect to keep that locked-in rate next contract year if energy costs begin to rise. Also note that their "delivery" rates are higher than the parent. Same pipes, same meter, same gas... you simply pay more to get it on your NAE bill.

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  • Ri
    Rich Hutchison Oct 13, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is a total rip off . I told you would only receive one bill but that was not the case. I had a friend that informed me that you would get a bill from NAH and from Nicor gas. Sure enough, I got a call from NAH and I asked them that question and the person on the phone lied. How do I know this you may ask. My neighbor fell for their scam and was sent two bills. One from NHA and one from nicor gas. This company is a scam from the get go. This is what happens when deregulation was allowed for utility companies.

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Billing and meter reading

I have been going back and forth with Nicor. In September our bill was higher than usual and was an actual...

Rip off towards Senior Citizens

This company is misleading senior citizens into believing that they are a part of Nicor gas (which they are not). Telling them they will put their heating bills on a budget and will cover all furnace repairs, etc. Senior citizens do not understand why they are getting billed double from Nicor. This is something our senior citizens can’t afford to begin with. When they call in to ask questions, they hang up on them. Trying to help senior citizens in this situation, to get this issue resolved. Nicor Advanced Energy is taking money from them without a written contract and telling them that they are obligated to pay and the only way out of it is that they have to pay a significant amount or keep the contract for a year. Can someone help me resolve this situation for our senior citizens?

unfair billing

I am still fighting a year old battle with Nicor Gas to no avail. The dispute centers around our pool heater...

scaming on bill payments

They est. my bill for a long time by over 200 units. Now they say we owe them a deposit. I have never been late in three years. They adjusted the bill and keeping what they owe me for deposit. I paid one 3 years ago. When I asked to speak to their supervisor they refused.I've read the same complaint from other people. Instead of crediting the over estimate they keep it for a deposit . Thats is unfair to us who pay our bills. They have been over estimated my bill for three years. Every spring I have been getting a bill with credit on it. This year I believe because it is so large of an amount they are stiffing me out of my money thats is owed.

Nicor Gas Bill

I got my bill this month for $1485.00. What the [censored] I had to wait the weekend and called early Monday, to...