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Service off

I paid my bill within the hour they came around 1 pm and disconnected my services by 2 it was paid I call and report payment they told me 24 hours! I'm furious I explain to them I have a newborn baby in the house a week old a 16 month old and with this Coronavirus services should be put back on immediately especially paying right away. I had place a stop service for 3/30 I have a deposit of 541 and I thought they'll take it from there since I didn't transfer services well now it's been 6 hours and yet no power I pass by two FPL trucks just sitting there smoking a cigarette. This is insane and unprofessional and a horrible company

The mounting of surveillance equipment , by a neighbor, onto a FPL power Pole

My immediate neighbor to my east at 132 SE 25th Ave., 33435, has mounted a surveillance camera onto the FPL power line pole on my southeast corner and their southwest corner, the pole stands on the easement. The camera is screwed into the pole and is approximately seven feet above ground level and is directed at the back of my home. It does not appear that any agency can do anything about this since it's on FPL equipment and must be reported to FPL. I am located in Boynton Beach at 124 SE 25th Ave., 33435. East of Seacrest Blvd. and across from Bethesda Hospital East. My phone number is [protected].
Note, I did send a letter to FPL's Boynton address and it was received and signed for on 2/14/2020. There was no response.

Dolores Grzincic

getting charged twice a month

I been charged twice a month for my electricity and it's the second time that is happened. I get my regular bill beginning of the month after I pay it 3 days later I get a final notice email and another bill the second time they add the first amount plus the next month amount. It comes up to a ridiculous price in total of around $300. I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment. Every time I try to call there's no representative available. So you just obligated to pay it if not you left without lights even after u just paid your bill : (fpl how such a huge company doesn't have one human being available totalk to?

whoever they contracted with

My dads address is 1060 sw 55 ave margate florida 33068!!! They had some [censored]s they sub work out to and the contractor was outside digging when viola our cable television, internet service and my father's telephone all took a big _hit!!! So now I have to sit in the house with absolutely no home entertainment all night long, and the cable company xfinity xfinity will be here tomorrow to investigate but that's no guarantee our television or anything else will be fixed by tomorrow after a long day working!!! Why do we have to be inconvenienced so because fpl and whoever they decide to contract work out to are totally inexperienced, an equipped to do a simple job? Realy raving revengeful and rightfully so!!!

unreliable quality of services.

SInce the last quarter of 2019, i've experienced a more than normal outages in the energy supply. Majority attributed to maintenance in the line. 80% last than 10 minutes. I...

florida power and light

597295 Numerous power outages and interrupts back in September. FPL refuses to confirm that I called them about power interrupts that caused the digital panel on my stove to fail...

I paid my bill for january, but fpl says I did not pay the bill.

My name is Marianne Ritter. I live at 671 N Dixie Ave Lot #33, Titusville, Fl. My account number is [protected]. My account is listed as currently past due. However, I paid this bill on January 10, and I have my bank statements to prove the payment went through. My power is going to be shut off if I cannot get this resolved. I have been trying to get in touch with a representative from FPL, but have had no luck. Please correct this. This is an error on FPL.

additional deposit

My name is Btandi Orr. My FPL account number is [protected]. I am a 38 year old woman with lupus and kidney failure. I am disabled and do not vcd work. I'm the first to admit that I takecadvantagr of payment arrangements when they are offered, but I pay my bill. I'm worried about the current balance so I log on my account to see they have billed me another deposit for 184. I can barely keep up with the regular electricity bill and to see that another deposit was billed when I'm already barely making it is very upsetting. This is at the worst time. I dont even know how I'm paying the actual bill and you the see the account is struggling so you add more money. I just do not understand how a company can be do heartless. I cant be without electricity because of my illness so I do any and everything to pay, but this by far has completely baffled me that now it is expected of me to come up with an additional deposit on top of the bill. I think that is heartless and the public should know how you treat your struggling customers. Its downright disgusting. If anyone should want to reach out. My cell is [protected]. Thanks for your time.

turning on power

I tried to turn on service at the address 4709 pinewood ave west palm beach fpl 33407 and when they didn't turn on the power I called fpl trouble Hot line they say the power wa...

proper repair service of falling lines/power lines continually failing (falling down)

From: American Latin Market Inc. 401 W. Boynton Beach, Blvd Boynton Beach Fla. 33435 Phone: [protected] Fax: [protected] Owner/Manager: Richard Abdin/Karim Abdin The purpose...


597295 We have indoor and outdoor coverage on our plumbing. We had very low water pressure and was told we needed a new line from the City to our home. The work was done in October it i...

fpl truck cracked the concrete in my driveway

FPL has been replacing telephone poles in my neighborhood for months.
When they replaced the pole in my yard, my concrete driveway cracked near the corner edge.
They put down their mats for the truck to back over, but the crack still occurred .
It happened a couple of weeks ago. I would like them to fix it.
My account is Maureen G Emswiler
account # [protected]
4262 Turtle Mound Rd
Melbourne, FL 32934
email- [protected]

Cable laid behind [protected] nw 42nd ave. 33066 created flooding problems

Approximately two weeks ago FPL laid new cable behind building [protected] NW 42nd Ave. Coconut Creek. Ditches were dug from the west entrance to the east entrance and around the a/c unit of 2731. Due to flooding GRI hired contractors to install a french ditch to control the flooding in the area weeks ago and this was effective. However, the ditches dug by FPL impacted the area and now we have water flooding in four of the six units. The FPL ditch diminish the effectives of the ditches we dug that included gravel. Our association spent over $9, 000.00 to correct this problem and FPL made it worst. This needs to be fixed immediately.

I am President of the Golden Raintree I Board. I need to speak with the Site Supervisor for this project. I can be contacted at [protected] or 954.969.8316. Your immediate attention to this is appreciated.

[Resolved] subcontracting work not completed...

We had a power outage at my residence of 2037 Pompeii CT in Weston, FL and the FPL crew came out and fixed the problem leaving the new cable that needed to be buried at a later date by Viking Utility. On Nov. 28, 2019, Viking Utility arrived to bury the cable and had to dig up the yard in the process, which was expected. The field Supervisor on that day promised the landscaping to be repaired by the following Monday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. On Monday, the Field Supervisor was out to take care of a situation that arose from their repairs with my neighbor and I again asked him about the landscaping, in which he replied: "either today or tomorrow (Tues) latest." It is now Wednesday and I just contacted Viking Utility directly and they promised to call me back with more info, but have not replied. I tried calling the FPL contact I was given, [Should you have any questions regarding these repairs, please call Linda Christian at [protected] and refer to work request WR9136986.], but this person has not yet responded either, leaving me to make this complaint. Being a week now, a Home Owners Association member advised me that if this landscaping isn't fixed soon, there could be fines and I don't feel that I should have to be responsible for any fines related to this, since Viking Utility promised to repair the landscaping that they dug up, but didn't. See photos attached.

Jeffrey Rauscher
2037 Pompeii CT
Weston, FL 33327



subcontracting work not completed...
subcontracting work not completed...

  • Updated by Joecool1971 · Dec 05, 2019

    Viking Utility contacted me after I made the complaint and had a crew out the next day and did a great job! Photo of the finished job attached...

  • Resolution Statement

    Viking Utility contacted me after I made the complaint and had a crew out the next day to fix the problem. The crew was excellent and did a great job!


We have had Fpl for 5 years now. No complaints until now. We transferred service to our new address in Palm Coast, Fl. We have lived here for over 1 year now. We have had several struggles and yes it has been paid late. Fpl decides to request a deposit of 419.00 for residential on top of the 235.00 electric bill. That's almost 700.
00 they want for december. Again, have paid late but has been paid! Also we have FPL for business and they tack on a $333.00 deposit request for that one also. Are you kidding FPL? Your intentions is to leave us more broken and without electricity? You should have asked for deposits before letting us open an account! Not over year on one and 3 months on the other. How dare you to this to us! We will have no electricity and No Christmas! Thanks FPL!

power outages

I live at 2735 colorado street, sarasota, florida 34237. There is a transformer at my neighbor's house (the house is one house from the corner of colorado and briggs. Thi...

installing a new transformer

A couple of weeks ago, FPL arrived to install a transformer and some other gizmo on a pole on the edge of my property. Instead of blocking the road, I guess, they drove their bucket truck onto my property and parked there to do their work. Unfortunately, the truck ran over the water line that runs from my well to the house, cracking it and leading to water issues that have just been recently resolved by a local plumber. He asked me who drove a "heavy ass truck" over the spot, and once I explained, he excavated under the tire tracks and found the cracked pipe. I only wish FPL workers had knocked at my door before they began the work as a common courtesy. I could have easily guided them around the plumbing to a safe spot to work, without the subsequent damage. I am now paying a plumbing bill that I had no fault in creating!


They are quickly to shut power off I paid it in 15-20 mins from it being disconnected and they saying I have to wait 4 hours First Lady now 24 hours second lady I have two babies in the house the house is extremely hot within the hour they will take your money but won't rush to get your services back on! I called them immediately the guy was down the street you going to tell me he couldn't turn back and turn it on! I have spoken to two representatives and ask to speak to a manager this is beyond ridiculous ! Supervisor seems not to understand what I am saying this beyond on call for!

tree cutting

On Thursday 10/24/19 FPL sent a truck with the license plate # 65028-PC and truck # 2190197 with 2 Spanish men to cut the trees off the power lines. My mother home was the first yard they started cutting trees. However they left with out removing the parts of the tree they cut from the yard- Even though I asked to remove tree parts. They claim someone would come the next day. I called on Thursday to complain because the men removed all the other tree's from everyone else yard but my mother's yard. On Friday 10/25/19 I called again b/C the trees were not remove when FPL came through the neighborhood because no one told them they had to remove them from the yard. I was told on Friday it could take up to Tuesday the following week to have the trees removed. Which is an inconvenience b/c someone has to be home to open gate because my mother is a disabled elderly woman. When they could have pulled the trees when the gate was unlocked and open. I told the supervisor on Friday 10/25/19 everyday I am inconvenience b/c I have to ride, open a gate and wait. I will be calling FPL, my commissioner or mayor and channel 7 news and show video of how FPL left cut trees hanging on new fence and in yard while the worker stood around listening to music instead of removing cut trees from my mother yard.

tree cutting

deposit refund check stolen

July 2019 I contacted FPL concerning my refund check for my deposit. I was told the check had been cashed already and "sorry this happened to you." I demanded to speak to someone from the fraud department and was told they don't have a fraud department. After finally speaking to someone who claimed she could help I was supposed to be mailed a copy of the cashed check an affidavit so FPL could investigate. I received a copy of the cashed check but no affidavit. I called again and again they said they will mail it out. Called more times. Same thing. August 23, 2019 I called again. Kept calling to check on status and told "give it more time." I called today, October 24, 2019 and asked for an email I could submit my request to because I was advised by the Sheriff's office to get it in writing. FPL representative Arias told me "no email exists for this." I was told they sent the affidavit and it had been retuned by the post office due to INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS. I asked her to repeat the address it was sent to and was told "we cannot provide that information." I told her this was an unacceptable answer and wanted an email contact. Then without me asking she said another affidavit would be mailed out today. It is unbelievable that a utility company can violate our trust like this.

  • Updated by Blue4242 · Oct 24, 2019

    Your complaint against Florida Power & Light Company has been submitted to the Florida Public Service Commission and assigned TRACKING NUMBER: 160078.

    Please refer to this number if you need to contact us in the future regarding this complaint."

jennifer in the collections and final bill dept

On 10/24/2019 Ms Jennifer "Supervisor" called me to discuss an 11 year old past due bill. Jennifer was rude, condescending, arrogant just over all a horrible customer service experience. This young lady needs to be retrained and learn how to be empathetic and listen to customers instead of rudely cutting them off. I was like every customer just venting a little after getting sucker punched by an 11 year old $350 bill from FPL. I was not rude nor did I raise my voice, still this young lady proceeded to cut me off and basically did not care or want to listen. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE FPL. I know that this will have no effect because as she said you are a privately owned company and basically without words told me you can do whatever you want and I had no other choice or rights.

Florida Power And Lightflorida power and light worker

On Tuesday at approx 2:30- 3 pm a person fromFPL walked into my front door without knocking or announcing he was entering my house when realizing he was in the wrong place no acknowledgement was given that he was mistakenly in the wrong house he just shut the door and went down to where he was supposed to go I went outside and noticed an FPL car the number on the car is 2548 I then waited for him to come back out which was approximately an hour later approached him and asked him why he didn't say anything when he mistakenly came into my apartment he said he planned on talking to me after he was done with the work that he was doing in at the next door neighbors if I did not approach him I believe he would not have came to this apartment and said anything to me however he is on camera if need be to find out who he is I do have pictures of his car that he was driving and I think that some kind of reprimanding is due because this is for his safety not only for my safety please contact me add to my email [protected] for any more information that you might need thank you

florida power and light worker
florida power and light worker

new construction service

I placed an order for service connection an meter installation for our new residential construction 22 days ago, on Oct. 1st, and we are still waiting! I've left messages and sent e-mails to Rachel Newmark, the person who they list as in charge of this tasks, and she hasn't even replied to say she is busy! This is very frustrating, unprofessional, unbelievable! The only person who is in touch with me is April Madison, and the only thing she's been doing is sending messages and waiting on "getting answers" from the people in the field...! They cannot even let us know when the works are scheduled after 22 days! When I called customer service and opened the new account, the person that took the order had said to me that service will be connected within 24 and 72 hours, what a joke! This is seriously damaging our project. Is there ANYONE at FPL that can take responsibility for this issue?


This company is horrible, they charge whatever they want on your bill.. We should have other companies in Florida for electricity not only one company that would charge what they want and then give you no option... Get rid of FPL please, they are too abusive.. Please we need other electricity companies in Miami, to bring this ridiculous prices down...

loud buzzing light pole

The pole for electrical wires on the corner of Cherokee Ranch Drive and 10th Street in Holly Hill has been emitting an extremely loud buzzing noise for the past three weeks. Every...

neighbors trees

597295 There are trees in my neighbors yard that are growing through the power lines. The support cable is no longer attached to the power cables. Which are now sagging onto the lower...

terrible customer service by smug supervisor francis

I wasted an hour on the phone trying to get an update on my service request. Only to end up talking to a real jerk.. Supervisor francis.. Asked to speak to his superior and was told that they don't speak on the phone... That he was the supervisor and I couldn't speak to anyone else..
Fpl called and told me they would be out "shortly" at 9:26 am for my ticket #238 and at 3:30 pm when I call for an update I have to deal with a jerk... Terrible customer service... Terrible company..

fpl trucks have destroyed the lawn and swale and a flower be at your property

Paul J Stewart
8516 Gallberry Circle
Pt. St. Lucie, FL 34952
ON 9/25/2019 FPL contractor trucks Xtreme installed a power pole in the back of our property. We were told when they deliverd the pole that they would lay down protection for a machine that would carry the pole to the back of the property.
This morning they laid down 4x8 sheets of hard black plastic and drove their RC tracked vehicle and pole to the back of the property. They then drove 2 very large crane/bucket trucks over the same area, however, the 4 foot wide plastic decking did not accomodate the approximately 10 foot wide duel wheel trucks. The ground on both tire tracks sufficiently compressed the swale between propertiess that we have made along with french drains to keep water from entering the foundations.
I have quite a few photos to support the damage.
we complied to all the vendors concerns and folded down our bermuda shutters and ensure a path for them.
We ar appalled at the lack of concern for private property and the lack of skill to operate their machinery.
I am asking that FPL arrange to bring our property back to the state before this incident,
sincerely Paul and Anita Stewart [protected]

customer service

i called F PL on Sept 19, regarding my bill. I could not grt throught the phone maze.

The systwm is impossible to navigate, you go in circles. The I V R system doesnt not corectly take your info, sending you to the wrong place. Starting thr phone maze again!

I am tried of paying huge bills, for one person. For the amount they are charging,
I should be able to get to a customer service rep. Thia has been an ongoing issue.

If by chance to get to a rep, they just follow a script. They want to get rid of you as qucik as possible.

damage to property not addressed., rude employees, and calls not returned

Last Friday, the 13th, FP&L knocks on my door and says my neighbor's power is out and could they come on my property to access the power pole. Sure, no problem, just please stay out of the garden area. I left them to it, then happened to look outside, and where are they? Right in the middle of the garden, and one guy is actually sitting on my fence! I asked them about it and got a bunch of snot about how I must not want my neighbor to have their power back. Ok, whatever, just hurry up and go...

Then, when the guy was carrying his ladder out, he knocked it into a $100 orchid, a gift from family. It fell from the top of the shed and smashed. He looked back, but didn't stop. I ran out the front door and said, HEY, what about my orchid? He says to just let him put the ladder up and he'd come look at it. Fine. So I wait, and I wait. Then I went back out again, and the SOB had driven off!

So I called right away and spent a half an hour navigating menus until I got a person. They were sympathetic and said I had to speak with the complaint department and they would call me back promptly. I was also given a number to call the department directly "But you won't need it.". By Monday, no one had called, so I used the number. There was no way I could find to talk to a person. I ended up leaving a message for a "supervisor." So here it is, Wednesday the 18, and still no call back.

This is completely outrageous. My property was destroyed, and my day was disrupted, just because I wanted to be nice. I will say right now, no one from FP&L is ever setting foot on my property again, unless I call them myself. I guess it's just ok for your employees to treat their customers like dirt.

mountain of debris left in my backyard

Horrible customer service contact today with reprsentative rude and demeaning. Right after Dorian passed FPL came into my yard and cut down almost every tree and then left it. I called the city of Ormond Beach and they said FPL was responsible for getting the debris to the street for pick up. Last week I called FPL and was told FPL would come and move the debris to the street. Today I was told thay would not send anyone to help get the debris to the street. Some of the tree trunks are as big as I am. I'm 70 years old and can't affod pay someone to remove the debris to the street. Be wary of letting FPL into your yard b/c they leave a mess!


I would like to file a complaint. I had a $74 balance from the previous residence. I wanted to have electricity turned on in my new place. They were asking for a $617 deposit stating that they required a two month average cost of utilities . My electric bill is only $120 a month. I paid some of it and now they have shut me off because I can't pay the deposit there is no way any human person can pay a deposit of that much money.

Unethical behavior

FPL removed meter for for unit 917 in Winston Tower 300 building 2 weeks ago in a middle of the hottest month in Florida. They removed it without any courtesy calls to notifying...

deposit offers no hope for fixed income

They want a 460 dollar deposit to start services for someone who never had their service before. They offer no waivers for the elderly or those on a fixed income..That is a ridiculous price to charge people who are living on social security. I know it's a buisness but it just seems morally and ethically wrong. Noone else charges that much just to start service
If you cant afford it then they shut you. Not right to do to a elderly person in the Florida heat just because they dont have 463 dollars to pay a ridiculous deposit. It should be capped at 100 dollars deposit like most electric company

tree trimming

597295 We hired this contractor Wilson JEANVIL [protected]) to trim tree limbs that were growing over the top of the house but fell victim to fraud. We had agreed on the price of...

continuous power disruptions

Any one contacting FPL is wasting there time. The one star rating they received is proof positive that NO ONE CARES. I called Thursday regarding power disruptions that are becoming more frequent. The FPL rep reads from a script and hopes you will hang up and accept their excuses.
So I pressed further and then she said FPL would investigate and call me back within 5 days. I received a call Friday Night at 8:30 PM. The message said if I am having any more problems I should call back. Saturday morning I called back. They had NO NOTES about what they investigated and closed the ticket. Meaning: They did NOTHING and that's all folk's.

The power supplied by FPL is no better than a 3rd world country. I have spoken to dozens of people where I live in Vero Beach who all are experiencing the same outage issues. Friday when I went to the gym, zero wind, zero rain and the power went out FIVE TIMES.

FPL is providing a sub standard product and when your A/C blows up they do not accept responsibility. FPL has no problems, they are a monopoly. Any problems that are caused by sub standard FPL power are strictly yours. No help is coming.

tree trimming/ killing the trees

My name is Rosa Pasarin. I spoke a very long time ago with NIcholas Sardina from FPL and with Vladimir from Lewis tree service co- post hurricane Irma about some trees that were cut incorrectly by FPL after the hurricane.
I had mentioned to them that 3 trees- one being a large palm tree was cut so much that FPL pretty much killed it. I knew it was dying because you CAN NOT cut the center of a palm tree. That is basic arborist knowledge. Once that happens the palm tree ends up dying.
When I talked to them about this they advised me to wait and see if it would die in case of some chance that it would survive. I knew it would die but they forced me into no other choice.

So, now many months later.. it is in fact dead. Aside from having a large dead palm tree on the outside corner of my house.. my real preoccupation is that it will fall...and will either fall on my house or worse yet on a pedestrian on the sidewalk or a car driving by. It is right on the corner of a very busy intersection.
There is also a daycare with very small children across the street who walk through there every morning and afternoon.
The dead trees are big and a liability and I have been trying to prevent a possible catastrophe for the city. I think it is time someone started to pay attention.

My question is: what will FPL do about this since it was FPL that decided to cut my trees incorrectly? There are also 2 other trees next to my palm tree that died because they were simply overcut. I cannot afford to stump and cut 3 trees of this size and I shouldn't have to since I didn't do the damage. Not only that they can endanger passer-by's. I'm pretty sure that FPL nor the city ​would want that.
The excessive cutting was completely unnecessary. You will see that the trees were overcut and were't that near the lines.

And this is not the first time this happens. They also did it a year ago to another palm tree of mine but I never reported it b/c it was smaller. I still cost me pretty much to dispose of it due to FPL's fault. Again, the excessive cutting was completely unnecessary.

Please let me know what I can do.
I'm also contacting the city as I have waited pretty long now for this to be resolved.

thank you so much,
Rosa Pasarin

the corner where the trees are is:
2901 S.W 37 Ave.
Miami, FL 33133

frequent power interruption

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been an FPL customer for many years, and never have I had the unique problem that I hope to solve with this email.

1. Every time that there is a Hurricane (as low as Cat 1) we lose power right away and are the last set of houses to receive power back. At first I thought that this was no big deal, and that the fact that my area is the last to receive power back was just coincidence. The most recent example of this was Hurricane Irma in 2017.

2. On December 31st 2018, out of nowhere the power went out in my area and came back before midnight.

3. Earlier this week (7/23), we lost power at approx 4:40PM. due to some rain, and did not get power back until 11:30PM; we had to dispose of some food in the refrigerator because of it outage.

In all 3 instances, the area marked on the attached/pasted image is the only area affected. Houses across the street or surroundings, either did not lose power at all (for situation 2 & 3) or had power restored days after the Hurricane (situation 1), but our strip was again the odd ball and we received power weeks after.

It seems that the only constant to either lose power often or have it restored late is the area where I live, which marked on the image pasted below (also attached); I am hoping that this email will be read by someone who could take action and resolve whatever issue is associated with my area, and our power service is as reliable as it is for those in our surrounding areas.

Thank you,
-An FPL Customer

frequent power interruption

complaint about power outage

My mother's power went out on july 23, 2019 at 3:00 pm and they have sent many crews and it is 1:00 am and nothing has been done to restore her power!!! The only answer I get i...

loss of sales because fpl do not notify works in the area.

597295 Last friday 12/07/2019 our electrical service was interrupted because a fpl contractor needed to perform some works of voltage test or replace a voltage transformer. But as a...