New Smyrna Beach Chrysler Dodgebait, switch and lie


I was lied to. Yes, I am 84 yrs old, but I was going to get a new car to last my few years left on this earth. The salesmen took me for a ride and yes, took advantage of me. I told them what I could afford and what my payments had to be. AFTER signing, which they do not point anything out to you, I find my payments are not what we said and there was added things I said NO to. Warranty, fees, my payment and the bank was not what we agreed upon. I told them I did not want this car. I brought it to them, put the keys on the counter, and the mean man behind the counter said, "It is YOUR car, get it off this property or I will have it towed and you will pay storage fees!" I was trembling I was so upset. I just cannot believe a business would be run like this. Liars and taking advantage of a little "old lady" like me! I am 4'11", a little woman, like I said 84, but I still work. This is a horrible business and I will tell anyone and everyone that will listen to me.
Francis L. Davin

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