Chrysler Dodge Jeep salesfraud


When I purchased a 2006 Dodge Caravan from Maple Ridge Chrysler for $17, 600. on April 2, 2008, they proved to be devious, dishonest and untrustworthy. Prior to the sale, they were over friendly, driving me to and from their lot, offering me hotdogs, coffee and even paying for my lunch. But BEWARE: To facilitate a tough sale, they pledged, "SATISFACTION OR YOU CAN RETURN THE CAR, UP TO ONE MONTH." Freeway speeds produced abnormal road noise, and the upholstery reeked with cigarette smoke, so I returned the car. The dealership was not concerned about the problem, but they were very happy to find me another car. But here is the rub: They steeply depreciated my Dodge Caravan to $13, 000, a 27% loss. They stood to make a huge profit on the initial sale, on the devalued return car, and on the exchange car. This is a very profitable scam. I backed away from this deception. They called me at home several times during the next week pleading with me to complete the sale, and even offered to cancel the exorbitant documentation fee. Another unethical procedure, was to pad the invoice with unwanted or unknown fees such as extended warrantee, nitrogen fee for the tires, exorbitant documentation fee and a $299."go green" fee which I believe is illegal. Moreover, they tried to skip out on BCAA protesting the vehicle before sale. They reneged on advertised gifts (trip to Mexico and a barbeque grill), as well as a car wash, engine shampoo and spot painting scratches. The general manager had a bazaar way of responding to my complaints. He changed the subject, offered me hot dogs and coffee, then ran off to a meeting. Moreover, he and the CEO would not reply to my letters. This dealership has been in business only 3 years, but has had 16 complaints lodged with the BBB of BC. So, BEWARE!


  • Ha Jan 21, 2009

    we just purchased a dodge journey '09...they told us it was a hail storm special. they then proceeded to promise us some extra money to consolidate a loan, so they 'snuck' it into our financing. they got approval on the financing, but didn't give us the money. $9, 000 to be exact. we tried to get out of the contract, since we have only owned the vehicle for 3 months and it is falling apart. the vehicle we paid $34, 000 for is now only worth $13, 500. they are very unprofessional, they refuse to help, and they are EXTREMELY deceptive. you should NOT EVER deal with them...they will rob you blind. we didn't agree to the 'go green' fee either, or agree to the warranties they added, but they just appeared on our financing statement. they also promised us a lower interest rate and then jacked it up last moment. i will never ever deal with them again. been burnt by the sleeze-bags.

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  • Mi
    mikebur73 Jun 30, 2009

    I too am a victim of Maple Ridge Chrysler.We traded our 2005 Sunfire in to get a 2009 Dodge Caliber.They gave us $4500 for the Sunfire and saw it on there lot for $12, 000 after they put their price on it.The Finance person Mike Crippin who's in charge of financing rushed me to sign a bunch of documents not giving me time to read the documents.Then i got a call saying that i needed to sign a few more things and that they made a mistake on the paperwork and they saved me some money.After i drove the car home i had second thoughts about this deal and wanted to get out of this deal.They told me because i drove it and put 200KMs that it was no longer new and i can only trade to something cheaper.A few lessons to be learned #1 get your own financing!! #2 Sell your trade in Vehicle first #3 Read EVERYTHING before you sign and bring your calculator and add all the numbers and question any fee your unsure of #4 Educate yourself about Car dealers and Salesman so your ready for ANY tactic they may try to pull on you.Its time we stand up and educate ourselves and everyone around us about these dishonest and greedy people.

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  • Ju
    justanotherscam Sep 03, 2009

    I have also been "PLAYED" by maple ridge chrysler, i financed a vehicle, they would not trade my old vehicle in, i had to go back to sign papers and give more information approx 10 times aswell as standing there waiting for about an hour at a time..the salesman put on the contract that i had given 1600 dollars down as a down payment, which he said would speed up the financing?..then i get a call today with this dirtbag asking me when i will have the 1600...ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!..i clearly stated that i had NO MONEY DOWN!! i also did not agree to this at all...I PLEAD TO EVERYONE IN BC..DO NOT BUY, LEASE, FINANCE OR EVEN STEP FOOT ON THAT LOT..THE PLACE IS FILLED WITH SCAM/CON ARTIST ### OF THE EARTH DIRTBAGS WHO HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR HUMAN BEINGS WHATSOEVER!!..I AM SOOOO ANGRY ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION...I MYSELF WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT IF I KNEW SOMEONE WAS NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO FEED THEIR FAMILY BECAUSE IM A ### CON ARTIST WHO LOVES PAPER...PAPER...PAPER MONEY!!! LETS BRING THEM DOWN!!

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  • Mi
    mikebur73 Sep 09, 2009

    I wish i could do something but unfortunately i can not do a whole lot as a family member just started to work there on the day i purchased a vehicle there and they threatened to fire him if i made to much "noise".In conclusion to my previous comment i ended up getting a 2009 Pontiac Vibe an EX Rental for about the same which is a Toyota Matrix with the Pontiac badge a better car than the Caliber.Now my payments work out to be $232 Biweekly for 84 months.Now it still haunts me whenever i hear that Steve on those annoying Maple Ridge Chrysler commercials which i know is pure Bull S#*T.All the same scams to get the next sucker in the door.Like i say its one of life's very expensive lessons.Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

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  • Jp
    JPF33 Jun 08, 2010

    We too just recently have had similiar experiences with MRC, numerous phone calls, promises that don't come through. We originially told them that we wanted to trade in 2 newer 2008 trucks and get 1 brand new truck and 1 used truck and wanted the payments to be around $750 per month, they told us that would be no problem. After about 3 weeks of going back and forth with them as they were not offering us what we had discussed and actually we were no longer taking there calls as we were sick of it by then, they finally came up with an agreement that we could live with! Also during this time as a pressure tactic (I'M SURE) they advised that they had already sold my truck(which I had owned since Oct 2007 and it didn't even have 20, 000kms, now selling mid May 2010 they were hot for it)and that if we didn't act quickly they would lose the sale...well too bad it's not your truck to sell!So we go ahead wIth it and tell them to get all the paperwork ready so that we do not have to sit there for 3 hours, yup that was all taken care of, no problem. WELL we were there for about 4.5 hrs and during that time the numbers changed the cash back changed, the Tono cover that was suppose to come with the truck wasn't in and would be in the following week. At this point they are now trying to get our insurances switched over and of course they get mine done but not my husbands as ICBC closes at 10PM, and was told that he would have to come back the following day, he was so pissed he walked out, he left his new truck there(parked in the breezeway with no keys) and took his old truck home. I finally leave with my new truck aprox 10:45pm and had been there since 6:30. We were offered add'l gifts for all our troubles. Big Deal!But here it is 3 weeks later and we are still dealing with them as the Tono cover that was suppose to be in the following week now has to be custom made as there isn't one in all of canada, still don't have it. Now I find out from my previous bank that they still have not rec'd the payout cheque and of course they tried to take a regular payment June 2, as I Know this does not normally take 12 days to process, it is now June 8 and they still have not rec'd it. Well they told me it went out June 2, only to find out today June 8 that there has somehow been a mistake and they are not sure how it happened but the cheque has never left MRC, so we now have daily intrest on top of that. Oh I still don't have my Tono Cover either! I Removed everything off my truck that says or has MRC on it as we will not advertise for such losers! NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN. JUST A NIGHTMARE! DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH MRC!!!

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  • Br
    Bryana Jul 31, 2010

    My husband and I went in just 3 days ago to look into purchasing a car from M.R. Chrysler. They took our old car and offered $3000 for it. We thought it was a good deal, until financing came up. They told us we had 0 down, although, before told us we could use the $3000 as a down payment. Instead, they took $3000 off the purchase price of the new vehicle. That day they told us our financing had gone through and everything was fine. Until the next day...
    They illegally took my banking information from our previous insurance and placed it on the new insurance, therefor taking insurance payments from my account without my authorization. Seeing asthough I am no way involved with the purchase of the new car, it is strictly my husbands name on it, taking the insurance payments from my account was down right illegal. We are currently battling through tons of paper work trying to figure out and resolve this. All we want is our old car back and it looks asthough that is going to be a battle all of it's own.
    I strongly advice against EVER using M.R. Chrysler as they are scam artists, manipulative, and decieving.
    I will update once all is figured out.

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  • It
    italkstock Aug 15, 2011

    Well today I tried to buy out my own vehicle lease as it is maturing. I am dealing with Marine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd.
    Nowhere in my contract does it say that i have to pay for a "safety inspection" Bull crap. Also they want to charge me a $595.00 documentation fee for buying my own vehicle??? That was never disclosed. They are all ###! Total ###! Never again...actually when I do buy a new vehicle right before i sign ill say ok...take another 4000 off for all the BS you are going to bone me for later!

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  • Wh
    Whistleblower911 Aug 23, 2011

    Crooked company, ### vehicles like a 2009 Patriot, high pressure sales tactic, shallow sales staff and insincere managers. Terrible reputation as a dealer in Vancouver area and smacked with $10k fine for advertising deception by Vehicle Sales Authority. I lost $12, 000.00 value on this garbage vehicle and would not buy another car from them if my life depended on it...scam artists with inferior products. Do yourself a huge favor, buy a Ford or GM better product than the laughable Jeep Patriot. Too many people hate this dealership and I echo the same sentiments as others here on this website. I hope the dealership goes bankrupt and their service department is incompetent and poorly operated as they are inept in fixing automatic transmissions and Jeep Canada is a shady organization. Want a lemon vehicle, buy a Jeep!!!

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  • An
    AngryandUpsetatMRC Aug 29, 2011

    We just moved to BC from Alberta and unfortunatley dealt with MRC before doing any research on them... We too got screwed around. It's a long story and I just typed it all to the Better Business Bureau, so I don't feel like re-typing. (not in the best of moods). Basically they made us a deal, then a few days later couldn't figure out how they made that deal, so they ended up sneaking some hidden charges into our financing and then tried to get us to pay cash for the same charges they hid in our financing. They threatened us with "high paid lawyers" (I quote) and that they would put a lien on our vehicle. We are still dealing with them, and honestly, I just want my Chevrolet that we traded in back!!! *sigh... you live you learn I guess. If you don't have to deal with this aweful place, DON'T! They are crooks, and they tell lie on top of lie. I hope this complaint stops at least one person from getting screwed over by MRC. Hopefully more!

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  • Ch
    Champ999 Feb 17, 2012

    Everyone here sound like a bunch of computer geeks and you might have been power fu*ked from the place before and now you are seeing what kind of position you are in and buy the way look around yourselfs (if your are able to buy it there must be profit in it) your getting powerf *cked everywhere you go the guy the cleans your cloths, the new bed or couch you just bought and or even the person that doesn't help you pick out a gift for someone there is good, med, and poor service everywhere. Something to think about also is the ### job you bunch of baby's do garbage men, maids, firefighters, teachers, and stay at home mothers and fathers...and it seems you always here about the bad news and never the good news. Ps half of you people the make 50 to 70 k a year hahahaha cant pay your bill anyway and couldn't get financed anyway

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  • Mi
    Mike Podhany Feb 26, 2012

    I've always takin my 2007 dodge ram for servicing there, the fist time i took my truck there they did a transmission flush, changes all gaskets, did oil change with regular 20-50 oil, the next time i went for my 5, 000klm oil change, without asking me they changes my oil with synthetic oil and charged me over 100.00, for the change without mt permission, i thought it was a sneeky dirty trick to get an extra 45.00 dollars out of me, , , how low can you get, , hey sevice dude! Check the previous invoices and work orders before ya rip any buddy else off!! When i confronted them there was no anwser or response, im so done there!!! Hey John! U suck!!

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  • Bi
    Bill Higgs Mar 11, 2014

    I wont buy anything from them only because I hate there loud and obnoxious adds on CKNW. I that is how they think people respond to advertising there is no wonder in my mind that they have the kind of complaints that they have.

    Ill turn off the radio when the adds come on I hate them so much.

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  • Po
    Powerwagon2010 Jan 03, 2015

    Most Horrible Experience EVER ! DONT GO THERE ! LYING<CHEATING>### OF THE EARTH ! Save yourselves a huge headache and NEVER set foot on MAPLE RIDGE CHRYSLER"S LOT !!!

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