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Reviews and Complaints

Resolved automotive service issues

Reference to the former complaint posted: there is some discrepancy with the actual dates of service submitted. It's imperative that the information be documented accurately and this was my typographical error.

It should be noted this experience began on Dec. 8, 2008 and Dec. 12, 2008 when the Jeep failed to start. Assistance was provided by Auto Rescue [protected] and the battery was replaced. For a couple of days the truck seemed okay. Dec. 17, 2008 the vehicle was towed to the original dealership where it had been purchased, and subsequently a series of tows and service appointments have occurred since. After each service order I was advised by the Service Department that the vehicle would start "every" time while in their care. That was not the case once the vehicle was returned.('picked up and drove home consecutively) myself each time with promise that the problem had been resolved.

Dec. 8, 2008 Standard oil check and new battery. 8211 mi.

Dec. 12, 2008 Drove to dealership no service. 8279 mi.

Dec. [protected] Replaced module, receiver immobilizer, switched oil pressure. 8460 mi.

Jan. 5-13, 2009 Replaced totally integrated Power module. 8495 mi.

Jan. 19-22, 2009 Unable to duplicate customer's complaint. 8607 mi.

Jan. 26, 2009 Failure to start, roadside tow service enroute(contacting the dealership today) 8681 mi.

The previous documentation is the actual time the vehicle was serviced (duration) and doesn't record the number of times or dates the vehicle failed to start. Intermittent starts and stops have been consistent and truly an inconvenience.

There have been a series of 30(thirty)

or more business telephone calls to my residential and mobile telephones from personnel at Braeger Chrysler beginning with the General Sales managers, technicians in the Service Department, the salesperson on the showroom floor and the Financial manager, who both facilitated the original purchase 1 year

ago: Jan. 9, 2008.

What's more frustrating the vehicle had not reached its 1 year anniversary before it began having problems. It was purchased in full; no lien, to date holds 8681 mi. and currently STILL under the Basic Limited Warranty which is 36, 000 miles or 3 years(which ever occurs first)

My decision to pursue Legal Counsel-

(consultation) no binding contract with an Attorney was determined by the vague explanation in the Supplemental booklet received at the time of purchase regarding my options(recourse) since the laws vary from state to state. The Federal Warranty Guidelines and specifics that govern "lemon laws" in the State of Wisconsin were carefully explained and my questions answered from a legal perspective.

After careful consideration given the series of events it is my understanding Braeger Chrysler without equivocation negotiate a new contract, offer another vehicle new or of equal value; or simply return my money.

Respectfully, I do believe that their Service Department has made the adjustments: replacement parts that were applicable, and the dealership has been cooperative. Yet, this is NOT indicative of "good business" practice if Braeger Chrysler Jeep continues to make excuses for manufacturer responsibility and ignore the inevitable!

Again, my request is simple: a new, reliable mode of transportation or return the amount spent for the vehicle purchased.