MyPrepaidCenter.comvisa persona gift card


I ordered Three (3) $500 Visa Persona Gift Cards on Nov 1, 2016 from a rewards website. The cards are procured from and administered by A month has gone by and the cards still have not arrived. The company (Meta Bank) apparently only sends their cards out via regular US mail, and does not provide any tracking options for customers. After calling the awards site several times, they told me they were emailing to confirm that new cards would be sent out to me, but that again, these new cards would be sent regular mail. I wanted to have these cards accessible for the holidays, and fell that it's very unprofessional that won't spend a few extra dollars to send me the cards with a 2 -Day delivery service or Priority Mail, after having to wait a month and counting for them to arrive. I will now have to wait potentially another month, meaning I will not be able to use these cards for the holidays as intended. For anyone looking for prepaid gift cards, I would definitely not recommend using or any product administered by Meta Bank.

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