Mr Price Clothing in Beacon Bay East London / dirty item on the shelf

1 Mr Price clothing Beacon Bay East london, South Africa

I went to Mr Price to get myself a hoodie on the 29 0f May the time was 13:55:49, and i was assisted by Anathi Sijora and the store manager is Tania Scharneck...i got it but it was the last one on the shelf(my size that means SS)i asked if they have another one at the back because that one was dirty and the cashier said its the last one, i said want but its dirty and i really need even if they can mark it down for me i will buy it wheres its dirty.she told me that theres nothing they can do its either im taking it or leaving it, because is us customers that dirten the item they wont be able to marked it down for me and they call the store manager and the store manager told me the same thing and she even said if i can take photo the stain wont appear on the photo, and she took out her cellphone and took a photo. At there back of my mind was asking my self was is she trying to imply?????.i ended up buying it cause was in need of it .i fail understand that why Mr price is selling dirty items to customers because it was folded neatly on the shelf and the person whose responsible for that section should have noticed it and done something about not be on shelf for selling...that means they dont value their customers but to sell them dirty staff..even if customer is insisting for marked they got guts to tell me its take it or leave Woooow, that came to me as huge shock but not valueing for their customers but making money...customer satisfaction they dont care...On top of that i felt so disrespected when my colleagues went there for shopping few minutes later, Staff members where talking about me to my colleagues and they were not aware off there incident and they asked what happend while i was at Mr a person who work in the same environment that means retail i fail to understand everything...Maybe its how Mr price operates or Mr P policies. If its like that then Consumer Protection Act needs to be followed. Ill even try call the Customer service just be sastfied about this ...feel free to drop me an email on [protected]

May 29, 2019

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