Michaels Storesbad customer service, racial profiling.

I am regular visitor at art stores, as we often need art supplies for my two daughters who like art and craft. I visited Michael's store at 145 E Hills Blvd SE Ste 50, Calgary, AB T2A 6Z8 on October 6th, 2019 between 6.00 to 6.20. I was accompanied by my mother (a senior citizen) and my 7 year old daughter.
While we were looking at the aisles in the store, we started noticed this one store employee stalking us aisle to aisle, she would walk in the aisle and pass us. It happened multiple times. She had very unwelcoming attitude, while seeing us 10 times in different aisle, neither she greeted us nor she asked us, if she can help us or ask us what were are looking for, or how has been our day. zero customer service welcome. It started hitting us that we are very un welcomed in the store and this employee is not trusting us. Then while we were in the acrylic paint aisle, this employee who was following us all the time, came and shouted rudely at me that, "do not place the stuff at wrong places, I have to pick and arrange them ", while pointing at white tubing, which i did not ever misplaced or even touched.
I went to the front counter cashier and told her about my experience of this staff member staking us in the store, and is rude, and we felt threatened, may be she is treating us poorly because we look different(racial profiling), i asked if I can convey my concerns to the store manager. The cashier paged, and behold this employee in question was the store manager 'Amanda". I told her that I have a complaint and that is against her, I explained her, how we felt unwelcomed, stalked and suspected because we look different(visible minorty), She was confortational and said this is my job and I am accusing this because she look different.
I told her I am old enough to feel and analyse the situation and there was no positive or good energy that way she was treating us and suspecting us. She said she is not in the store to read people's energy.
It spoiled our evening, a senior citizen and child were made to feel so bad as well.
I can't believe a store manager has values like that, cant believe how she treats the front line staff at the store. Will never visit this store location again.
Micheal is a great store, cant believe they have store managers who racially profile people, are non welcoming, zero customer service skills, are rude and head strong.

Oct 06, 2019

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