Mery He Shop2938011 Store / tablet/case - cover peeling off

1 Aliexpress, United States

The case Tablet/Case came when I saw it the sides were peeling off. Contacted Vendor Mery He Shop2938011 Store - this person did not give me honest answers and when the Seller protection ran out they still ask me to wait, up to this Present date 6/3/2019 Seller has no interest in refunding me my money. I have been buying from Alibaba/Aliexpress since 2014 and before. This is the second time a Vendor has STOLEN from me. When I contacted CUSTOMER service they always give us the Customer seconds to respond. I tried to snapshot communications but the time runs out. This my order info. [protected] View Detail Order time: 18:41 Dec. 05 2018 - I can send information of conversation wither Seller. On their site Alibaba/Aliexpress have submitted pics. for them to see but customer service stills ask for it, its there even today. 6/3/19. To add insult to injury the site is not allowing me to Snap shot the first page of our conversation, its stating not available.

Jun 03, 2019

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