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Meaningful Beautyharassment & rip off & lies

I ordered Meaningful Beauty in 2008 over the phone & they charged my credit card at the same time. I returned it 14 days later, within the 60 day period. I got confirmation of that return. I never got credited so I disputed it with my bank, showed them proof that MB got it back and gave them a copy of my statement with the charge circled. My bank reversed the charge. MB harassed me by email and mail. They admitted receiving it back but said they never charged me for it to begin with. I told them it was charged to my account and my statement proved it. Further, my bank could not have reversed a charged that was not made. They sent me to collection anyway and I am continually harassed. Bad company to have any dealings with. STAY CLEAR AWAY.


  • Ba
    babibear4life May 14, 2009

    word of advise to everyone that is being harassed by collectors DEAL WITH IT!!! If you dont pay YOUR BILLS then you will be harassed if you put down numbers of friends and family they will be harassed...There is only one way they will get those numbers and is by you... SO PAY YOUR BILLS, DONT BARROW MONEY AND THEN YOU WONT BE Harassed... AND if some took money out in ur name then it is called fraud and you have to contact the POLICE... SO STOP [censor]In CAUSE YOU DIDNT PAY UR BILLS

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  • Ci
    cindyj Dec 29, 2009

    Same exact thing happened to me. I ordered the trial and paid up front for that, then immediately cancelled any and all further shipments. After being reassured that I cancelled my "membership" and would no longer receive any products after the up-front trial, I mysteriously received a whole new shipment the following month. A shipment which I did not order. So, I returned it to MB with delivery confirmation (within the 60 days) and MB insisted they never received it even though the United States Post Office confirmed shipment and that MB had in fact, received the return. This went on for months they claimed that it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to process a return. Finally they insisted that the 60 day return policy was over anyways, so I still owed them $119.99. After about 6 months of dealing with them over a product I never ordered, faxing, calling, dealing with collections, proving that they did in fact receive my return within the 60 days through my shipment confirmation number, even though they denied it, I threatened a law suite. This is when they finally took me off their collections list. It was 6 months of frustration, being shuffled around between departments, nothing being followed up on, and them being complete incompetent, misleading jack-offs. DON'T get involved with them. The products certainly aren't worth it but the frustrations, time and headache they will cause you is definitely not worth it and will age you an extra 10 years, if anything!

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  • Ki
    Kimmer51 Apr 11, 2010

    I have been having the same problems with Meaningful Ripoff. I went online and filed a complaint with the FTC. I think this is the only way to stop this company, if they get enough complaints through the FTC they will have to do something about it. It doesn't matter where you live as I am from Canada and I could still file a complaint. Go to:

    We need to stop this company from ripping people off and harassing them. Phoning the company doesn't get us anywhere as they are all scammers.

    Thanks and good luck.

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  • Ot
    Otty Aug 31, 2010

    Thanks for all the comments, I was going to order the product and thought I would check out the comments first, glad I did, will continue to use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock on my face, neck and arms, it's a beautiful product and is inexpensive. Sometimes we get sucked in by these models and actors, they get rich at our expense and get their lifts and retouching done so we think we can get the same results. What goes around comes around they should be ashamed of themselves. Otty

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