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Meaningful Beauty / unauthorized credit card charges

Michele Chatelle on May 23, 2017
I called their customer service dept on 2/11/17 to cancel my account and remove all my credit card information. I returned the kit they had mailed me and they refunded my charge less shipping and handling. On 5/23/17, I saw my credit card they had charged $177.59 on 5/22/17. I called and...

Meaningful Beauty / Returns

Jennifer Baumler on Apr 3, 2017
Cust# 6507346 Received product 11/2016. Called and cancelled auto ship. Asked for return address, was told it was in the box with return documentation. There is no return address to send product to. I have called every month since then to get a return address. I finally get ahold of a c...

Meaningful Beauty / Billing

Reviewer46586 on Aug 21, 2015
Meaningful beauty is absolutely the worst company to deal with. I called multiple times to cancel shipment and they still kept coming. When I spoke with billing I was told to send it back and they will credit my account. So you would think that is the end. Wren. I received a letter from a...

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty / Unauthorized Charges

CynthiaV on Mar 19, 2015
As a new Meaningful Beauty customer I received my package weeks after paying for it. Then I received a charge, I waited for a delivery. Disappointed I never received my package but I did receive another charge today for $49.99 even tho they said it would always be $39.99 they lied!...

Meaningful Beauty / Auto Ship Fraud

MC@beyondannoyed$$ on Feb 16, 2015
After seeing the amazing infomercials I finally decided to try the introductory kit. When ordering it was NOT obvious to me that I was electing a recurring auto ship 'membership'. I am sure it's in the fine print but a reputable company would make it obvious and force you to...

Meaningfulbeauty.com / Don't buy their crap and you won't get money back

Screwloose on Jan 15, 2015
I ordered two products from the company www.meaningfulbeauty.com. I tried them, but my skin burnt, it was red and itching. I stopped to use it and contacted the rep. I showed some pics and told that their products didn’t fit me. I asked if it was possible to get money back, but the...

Meaningfulbeauty.com / I haven't received 2 more packages and I can't stop the subscription

Daky on Jan 15, 2015
I subscribed for the plan of skin care products, which offered the company www.meaningfulbeauty.com. It was real scam, ‘coz I paid money for the 3 months subscription, but these jerks delivered only one package. After that they stopped to reply and impossible to cancel this fake...

Meaningful Beauty / Scam! Never got product and threatening collections

Jennifer Martin1 on Jan 12, 2015
Not once but twice has meaningful beauty not sent my product but I paid for it just so they would cancel and then they started charging again and I called and called and weote them only for them to tell me that I had to pay and then they would resend. I told them I don't want the...

Meaningful Beauty / Bad costumer service

geepot on Jul 21, 2014
I've been using meaningful beauty products (not the make-up) and I am satisfied for 6 years. Unfortunately, it does not come in a package. Customer service is so bad. When ordering online, it takes 10 business days to ship your order. Therefore, I called the 800 number to place my...

Meaningful Beauty / never received still charging

mzaz86442 on Jul 20, 2014
DO NOT PURCHASE Meaningful beauty. I ordered in June which I never received. I called them to cancel my order where I had already paid $49.95. They deducted $49.95 out of my account on AGAIN on July 15 and I still HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY ORDER. Do not buy from this company. They scam you. I...

Meaningful Beauty / Threatening collection

Ruth M. E. on Jun 30, 2014
Shipped product NOT ordered in January, charged my cc that I disputed; product was returned and I sent email to stop further shipments and issue credit; they shipped again in April - again NOT ordered, charged my cc, I disputed and I emailed them again, telling them that I was returning...

Meaningful Beauty / Dirty business

M AL on Jun 27, 2014
Dirty Business First of when you order products from Guthy Renker they don't tell you that comes from 3 different companies. When I had to call to cancel I had to call dozens of different numbers, was ridiculous. Customer service was super rude and unhelpful. The first shipment wa...

Meaningful Beauty / Unauthorized charges on my cc

Grelis on Jun 23, 2014
The offer the cosmetics at a price on tv, but you really need to read the small letters because by the time you finish your creams you will be paing for a way better product, beside that i hate the way the lay to you when you call and ask them to cancel the account because you don't...

Meaningful Beauty / charges after cancellation

margo rosa on Jun 14, 2014
I cancelled membership, however, before the end of the trial I received another kit, I paid for shipping charges. I have since cancelled this account some time ago and now received a bill for $14, 95. I do not owe this bill and request that you remove the charge. It's been at least 2...

Meaningful Beauty / Re-curing charges

GingerE6 on May 12, 2014
I ordered Meaningful Beauty in December of 2013. After waiting a very long time for it to arrive I was greatly disappointed in the product. I cancelled all remaining deliveries as of April 23, 2014. I received confirmation from the post office that my return was received by Meaningful...

Meaningful Beauty / Wrongful Charges

K C Gauldine on Mar 6, 2014
After many frustrating communications with Meaningful Beauty and Guthy-Renker, and support from my credit card company I received an e-mail on November 23, 2013 from Guthy-Renker stating that my account was closed as requested in September and that all unauthorized charges were removed...

Meaningful Beauty / face products

rosa zapata on Dec 30, 2013
I was told they were only charging me 29.99 with free shipping and that I can cancel if I am not happy with poduct. Now I got a e-mail telling me they are charging me 119.85. They are freuds. Do not order, for they lie. When I called to cancel they told me to call after 72 hours, but they...

Meaningful Beauty 30 day products / Overcharge Fraud

Olivialey on Oct 30, 2013
First the sales rep stated that I will have 30 days to try the products for myself and my mom for $39.95 each... I did not receive my kit, but my mother received hers and discovered that they took the complete total of 163.34 and charged all the tax, $13.49 against a $39.95 charge. Instead...

Meaningfulbeauty / poor customer serevice

Dorothy65 on Jul 26, 2013
Only the masque is a OK product. The day & night creams are too oily, and causes breakout. The neck cream are sticky. The eye cream makes no difference. Their accounts is bad but the customer services is even worst. I had returned the 2nd shipment the same day via Purolator, got a...

Meaningful Beauty / Scam and lie

Millennium on Apr 17, 2013
After watching the ad on Tv, I decided to send my sister the package for around 40$ for a one time only deal. They said I had to call back to cancel recurrent orders. I did it, however they sent a 130 dollars product again without any permission. I called to pay the deal, but this guy...

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