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Meaningful Beautyscam!!!


They are scam!!! They charged me twice on the same day. I didnt give authorization for the second charge. I called to speak with a supervisor I was told that they cannot see my acct and i cannot stop the shipping and the supervisor didnt give me her last name so I can report her. First name is Melisa... They are insisted on telling me there wasnt a second charge on my acct. I can see it on my statement. It is exactly same name GRC*MEANINGFUL BEAUTY and two different charges. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM...


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    neverbuyanythingfromtv Mar 28, 2010

    Thank you everyone! I was so close to purchasing this product, I don't usally buy anything which shown on TV, cause most of the time it's garbage, but this time i was almost convinced on this meaniful beauty. My Husband told me it's garbage. it's a good thing I read all this complaints.

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    BE WARE5524 May 20, 2010

    I also was charged twice with in seconds of each other on the same day I placed the order. I specifically told the rep one time shipment only & confirmed my address 3 times and they still got the info wrong I received the order a month late. The rep said verbally I had 90days to call back to cancel. Low and behold 30 days later a larger shipment was sent out and they charged my credit card again 2 payments. When I called for my refund they said it shows being credited however my bank statement shows nothing credited from them. She also informed me when we order it enrolled me in a membership which means we will constantly receive orders from them. I was NEVER informed in the beginning of this. I told the rep to CANCEL anything stating of a membership she said no problem I asked for the cancellation to be sent to my e-mail they said its AGAINST POLICY to send it via e-mail.

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    SheilaSF Aug 20, 2010

    Same scam. Beware of Guthy Renker. Unauthorized charges on credit card. Called them. "can't see your account, call back". Finally, they could "see the account, but we cannot stop the shipment." asked that account be cancelled and confirmation emailed "sorry we cannot send email" Yet they send me order confirmation by email! My only option was to cancel the credit card to stop additional charges. Still disputing charges on a product NOT sent or received. Stay away, stay away, stay away from this fraudulent company!

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  • Hi
    HIP MOM Jun 07, 2011

    Thank you so much everyone! I was thisclose to buying this product until I read all these reviews about multiple charges on the credit card, etc. A beautiful wrinkle-free face IS NOT worth all that!!!

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    Born to dook! Jun 07, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Thank u for the warnings! I was also considering ordering this, but I remembered a similar thing happening to me years ago for another skin care product-I can't remember the name of it but it was the same scam! By ordering it to try it, I unknowingly signed up for auto-shipment at an ungodly expensive price! I did eventually find that info on the website in VERY tiny writing, conveniently tucked in with a bunch of other crap we usually don't read closely. I didn't have as much trouble canceling the thing as u have had with this product, thank goodness but these companies just keep getting more & more clever ways to suck people in & screw them over. If I remember correctly, the stuff I ordered eventually had a class action lawsuit against the company for scamming people. Don't know whatever happened with it, bcuz I was just happy to get my name off the auto-shipment & being billed every month. I won't be ordering this after reading the complaints on it. Thank u again & I truly hope u all get your problems taken care of & get your $ back. This is just not right. I'm glad this site is here & people r taking the time to warn others bcuz we certainly can't count on companies running a legit & honest business!

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    Workshardformymoney Jun 13, 2011
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    I liked the products. But I don't like the way it's ran. My payments have never been on the same time of the month. This month was the last straw. They took my payment 2 weeks early. And when I called to complain, the customer service said, the payments are every 28 days. I told him how do you get 28 days from May 17 to June 6. Not 28 days on my calendar. The payment was pending & items wasn't even shipped and I called them told them I was done, stop payment and they wouldn't do it. They still took the payment and the shipping date has changed 3 times. You can't even check on your account on their website of your payments and what you have paid and what you owe. I don't like it... I believe their thieves... Because why wouldn't you let your customers see what they owe and have paid for, if you don't have anything to hide!!!

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  • Ch
    Chris kastanis Dec 30, 2013

    Scam. Charged twice said it was a per authorization charge which I never heard of and
    Said they couldn't remove it

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