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ordering problems

I placed and order for a 30-day trial of Meaningful Beauty products after seeing and info- mercial on television. The products I received were great!
They really made a difference on my winter-dry, aging skin. THe problem was that when I received my next pre-ordered shipment, two of the main products were different than those I'd used in the trial (the day and night fluid were different products). When I called to check into the problem, I was told that I had been sent the "luxery items by mistake" in my 30-day trial, and that the products I'd received in my recent shipment are what I was supposed to have gotten before. It didn't matter that the "luxery" items were what sold me on the products, and that the products were "all the same". The second set of products are not acting the "same" way on my skin. I am very frustrated!!! Not much help from customer service people. This is the last time I trust "tusted Guthy-Renker" with an order from me! My advice is not to try Meanigful Beauty products. Or if you do, be ready for a huge run-around if you have problems getting more product!

cashed check did not send product

Meaningful Beauty solicited me by sending their advertising in a separate order from another company. I...

return all products/no reimburstment

I order the orginal product as the 29.95 which is the intial package with shipping and handling added. In the...

delivery of product

I purchased Meaningful Beauty through Guthy-Renker back in July of 2009. I am on a 3-month program, (which some of the product barely lasts 3 months.) My first shipment (after initial shipment) was 5 to 6 weeks late, after I made a phone call. I got a partial refund. I was epecting my next shipment the end of February, beginning of March, so I called to check. It's not even being shipped out unitl March 3rd, although I got 2 conflicting stories on that. It was supposed to be shipped on February 18th. I've called and complained to no avail, asked to speak to a supervisor, none available.
The bottom line is I am supposed to receive this product every 3 months, and am paying for it every 3 months through automatic withdrawal, but I receive it every 4 months. I love the product, hate the service. Is there any way to buy this product other than through Guthy-Renker? If it's late one more time, I am calling the BBB.

  • Gr
    G-R Customer Service Feb 26, 2010

    Hi Michelle,

    We're sorry you're having such a frustrating experience. I'd like to get you connected to someone in our corporate customer service team who can look at your account and help you. Can you email us your contact information to customerservice(at) with a link to the above post? If you can provide either your account number or full name and zip code, someone will get back to you with a solution.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Meaningful Beauty Customer Service

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THEY LIE...A LOT! I called to order the 30 day size of Meaningful Beauty and when it arrived one of the item...

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dishonest charges

I ordered the 29.95 special from the TV and was sent a confirmation for 108.00. I called and was told they did not have my customer information and could not cancel my order. I have sent many e-mails which they responded with there is nothing they can do. I called my Visa company to dispute the bill and was told I will have to cancel my card to keep the charges from being charged ongoing. I now have to pay shipping both ways and may get a credit. This is a scam! Run Run Crooks I am supprised Cindy Crawford would want to be a part of this.

  • Ja
    jacky c Jan 29, 2010

    I ordered Meaningful Beauty in September of last year after seeing Cindy Crawford on the infomercial. I - too - was told $29.95 plus shipping/handling. When I called in the order, I was asked if I wanted some other product added. I said "yes". The total bill with shipping and handling came up to $46.00. WELL...I received the order - with an invoice for an additional $73.00!!! This makes the order well over $100!!! When I called to complain...I was told that I was receiving a 3 month shipment!!! Well the devil are they doing!!! A $29.95 advertised cost is now well over $100!!! They are scammers!!! Watch out! AND I TOO am surprised at Cindy Crawford for this very deceptive advertising ploy. I will never order or recommend this product again!!!

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  • Lm
    lmk1201 Feb 20, 2010

    The exact thing happened to me. I rewatched the commercial the other day and in very small print it says "for a one month supply", but they automatically send you containers that are a in 3 month supply. They told me I could return the crap for a full refund, but I had by then given it all away to different gal pals. I didn't like it so I thought maybe someone else could use it. To me it was little different then smearing suntan lotion on my face. I can get a bottle of suntan lotion for less than $10.00. Anyway, it wasn't that the product was not what I hoped, it's the surprise cost of $119.90 when I was told it would $29.95 plus shipping!

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dissatisfied with product

their product burnt my skin, I called and complained they said to wait a few days and try it again I wa...

rip off billing practices

This company is a total rip-off. after looking at the commercials and going onto their website. I checked to see the cost of one single order with shipping. it was $29.00 plus shipping. I looked all over for any extra charges and didnt see any at all. I thought because of the price, I would try it. I did not know they considered the order a sign up for a CLUB. I did not want nor did I order a sign up for a club. I did not see that I had to call them to cancel any future shipments nor did I expect any. I received the merchandise, the product was so so and I thought that was the end of it. about a month later I received a a package in the mail that I knew was more product. I did even open the box and sent it back refused and wrote cancel, do not send any more shipments. about a day later I was charged almost $50.00 on my debit card which my bank paid even though there was not enough money in account to cover it. then because I had made severalsmall debit card purchases that day the billing came through I was charged over $270.00 in overdraft fees. I was furious. I call the company and they told me I had to send them a cancelation to stop shipments and they would not refund the charge to the account until they verified they had received back the extra shipment. I called my bank and they told me they would not reverse the charges until meaningful beauty did the reversal. and I had to wait until they did. Finally after almost a month I got the credit and my bank then credited me my overdraft fees. But I had to put over $300.00 in my account to cover charges while this mess was in limbo. I then had to cancel my debit card and get a new one to prevent other charges on my account from that company.

I then got a letter from the company stateing that all cancelations had to be in writing otherwise they would continue to bill me and continue to ship this unwanted product. althought it all stopped after I cancelled the debit card so they could not charge against it again. What a damn nightmare this company caused me. DONT ORDER A THING FROM THESE PEOPLE> THEY ARE TRUE BILLING SCAMMERS>

  • Gl
    glamourfabulicious Jan 27, 2010

    They dont tell you that you are being charged these fees when you speak to a customer service representative. You are told in the commercial that you are locked in at $29.95! The customer service representative just said to me that I misunderstood the commercial! Not only is it an affront to my nature as a human being, but it is even more insulting to say that what they guarantee, we as consumers dont understand. They talk you into buying a couple more products at about $6 or $7 dollars which you think are in addition to the $29.95 you already paid, but the bill is $119that has to be paid in increments of $36.95 over the course of three months. Then when you want to cancel your order, you have to send the remaining products back if you want to get a $0 balance or you have to pay the rest of the $119.00. Either way they scam you for your money on a product that really doesnt do what it claims. This was my first and last time buying skincare from TV. I did it because I trusted Cindy Crawford's name. What a lie that was! I am deeply disappointed that Cindy Crawford would be so proud of this product. But what does she care! She is making millions off of people who trust her name. It is a joke much like the mole on her face! I am so disgusted with this! I wanted to do something nice for myself. I havent always been able to afford good skin care products and have often resorted to using my teenager's acne products and putting lotion on my face. This was something I wanted to do to finally treat myself to something nice that I deserve. I hope the word gets around and this company goes out of business. She and Guthy Renker are a bunch of lying, theives! I will never be able to look at her with the respect I used to have for her and will switch from using her rip-off product to using Oil of Olay Rengenerist. At least its a name I can trust!

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  • Je
    jenski56 Mar 05, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    glamour fabulicious:

    Essentially, the same thing happened to me. I owed them 49 and some change and mailed them a check for that amount. In the mean time they took out $ 149.00 electronically from my bank . I called the billing dept. and was told I would receive a $50 credit the next billing cycle. Well, I found out today that I was charged $56!!! So, I ended up paying $300 for 2 shipments. I cancelled my account today. I know I won't see a penny of that money. This company is nothing but a rip off.


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They are scam!!! They charged me twice on the same day. I didnt give authorization for the second charge. I...

continued shipments and charge after returning product

I rec and paid for my inital shipment of Meaningful Beauty products. I did not care for their product so I cancelled my autoship. I rec another shipment which I clearly marked on outside of box CANCELLED DO NOT SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS. I again rec another shipment and again returned as well as called. They cont to sent bills which I cont to discared. I began to rec notices from a collection agency which told me that the company had no record of rec my return and I was responsible for the 119.00 charge. Today I called Meaningful Beauty and after explaining my situation my call was "dropped" I called again and was treated very rudely by a representative who refused to give me her name. She did tell me they rec my return and would return it to me. And admitted they knowingly had the product in hand and were using a colection agency to force me to pay for something they knew I did not have. Is that legal???

  • Ed
    eduff87 Feb 17, 2010

    Its called a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! You probably returned it outside of that, and that's not MB's problem. You shouldn't disregard notices to the point that they're collecting for it

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file a complaint w/ the ftc online if you've been ripped off!

I have found that the Federal Trade Commissioner is extremely helpful with consumer issues/complaints.<br />
I was interested in purchasing this product until I read the negative reviews concerning fees billed. <br />
I advise anyone who has been ripped off to Google the FTC & file a complaint online immediately. <br />
I was seconds from purchasing a weightloss item online where I had to enter my personal information to continue. After following through their process I changed my mind prior to entering a credit card. Although I closed all of the windows and did NOT continue, their system saved my information (phone #). They called and text my cell phone several times a day even after I requested them to remove my number from their list. They would try to get smart & then would hang-up on me & call right back until I filed the complaint. I have yet to receive a call from ANY telemarketer since the complaint was filed. I did not hear back from the FTC but I know they had to of actioned on my complaint otherwise the company would still be harassing me.

  • Ja
    Jang Feb 20, 2010

    I had not paid for my second shipment because I had changed banks. Because of a family tragedy I did not send it back within the 60 days and when I did I just wrote return to sender on the container and sent it back. I am still being billed for it and even tho I spoke to a person who said they did receive it; now they are telling me they can find no record of it being returned and have turned me into collection. I would advise anyone who returns their product to put a tracer on it so you don's end up paying for something you no longer have...Jan

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  • Re
    Renewalker May 13, 2010

    Average product with price scam
    First time I ordered I was charged $35 for a one month supply 15ml. I was told this monthly charge will be applied for a three month supply. So I was charged $95 and the product are all 30ml. The customer service maintain 30ml is for three months and 15 ml is first month. But their advertisement maintains that you will never be charged more than $35 for a monthly supply and sent over 3 months supply. Shouldn't they be providing 45ml?
    Any way too much to bother for a an average product that is sometimes burning and itchy. Many products on the market provide better result. Cindy needs to go back selling furniture for rooms to go and stop this price scam with that French guy. I see a lawsuit.

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order never received

I ordered the Meaningful Beauty skin care line several months ago, but have yet to receive it. At the time I placed my order, I was offered a vitamin supplement, which I accepted. However, now months later, I have yet to receive the skincare and keep receiving shipments of the vitamins. When I attempted to contact the company via e-mail to return the vitamins and cancel my order, it took quite a bit of work to even find a customer service number, let alone any address or how to go about cancelling an order. I am being led to believe this is nothing but a money scam.

refund of charges

I placed my order on July 10th and eagerly waited for it to arrive. My product shipped out on the 13th and with rapid delivery I received my product @ the 17th. After using the product I can tell you it has some nice features, however the cleanser isn’t quite as cleansing as I like. It left makeup on my towel, so I don’t know that it really got everything. I also started having an allergic reaction in my eye area where small bumps started forming and my eyes itched and discharged a little. After adjusting my usage a little bit, I decided this product is not for me. And decided to make a call to their customer service department to cancel their 30 day auto delivery and get my guaranteed refund back.

So, I made the call today, (August 12th)… First I waited for what seemed like forever to get anyone to answer the call. (I am finding that this is typical when you are trying to cancel a subscription to something, so I wasn’t real surprised.) A customer account representative then picked up the call and I proceeded to tell her I would like to cancel my account. She gave her apologies that I didn’t like the product and asked me why (as, I assume, she was trained to do) I proceeded to tell her about my experience with the allergic reaction and the cleanser. She then tried her best to convince me that “the fruit extract is only in 4 of 5 of the products” and maybe I should try them all separately… I politely declined and told her I would still like to cancel.

She began the cancelation by first telling me that a new shipment was already in route to my house and that there was nothing she could do to stop it. “No problem”, I will ship it back as soon as I get it and will need to be refunded for the charge and shipping as it was before the 30 days as specified on their site. I also asked for my refund for the introductory set per their 60 day guarantee. (of course, she didn’t offer that information – I had to ask for it).Well, this is not their policy… “I’m sorry ma’am, but we cannot refund the shipping cost.” She proceeded to tell me that not only did they give me 30 days, but they also gave me an extra 10 days in order to receive the product the first time. (If you are doing the calculation, 30 days from my order date, July 10 is August 19nd) She then let it slip that their real policy is actually after 3 weeks, they send out the next shipment. I debated with her the difference between 30 days and 3 weeks… getting no where in the process.

I asked to speak to someone who could do something to fix this issue. She passed me on to another person (who I assume was her supervisor). I then debated the issue of the guarantee and the return with her. I explained that I called within the first 30 days to find that you have already shipped the next shipment of products… what gives? After some debate, she finally said “well you should have called us 2 weeks before we shipped.” WHAT???? Are you freaking kidding me? I said, “Well according to your policy online, it says 30 days, not call 2 weeks before I think you are shipping.” She then proceed to tell me that my invoice (that I didn’t have with me) said the date they would ship the next set. Of course, she didn’t have THAT information to look up…she couldn’t tell me the date they gave me or what my invoice said…but was adamant that it was just the way they do business and there was nothing that could be done. It was not their error.

I then asked her “do you know what your website says?”

She then proceeded to pull up the website…I was put on hold so she could review the website… After a long pause, she then returned to the call to tell me that the shipping costs would be refunded next week (I hadn’t even been charged for the product yet) and they were crediting my account for the 1st set (per the guarantee). My account would also be refunded once they received the 2nd shipment back from me.

  • Ol
    OldBill Oct 29, 2009

    Every time you view an infomercial for anything, no matter how tempting the offer or straightforward the pitch, the FIRST thing you should do is go on the internet, type in the name of their product or website, then put the words "don't buy" in front of that, or the word “scam” or "rip-off" behind that.

    That will get you past the first three pages of phony websites, constructed to blindside you with glowing comments and testimonials. You will then get to pages like this one, and get a real eyeful of what that company is all about, and eventually learn what virtually all infomercials are all about.

    Their objective is remarkably simple. They want nothing more nor less than to pry your credit card number away of you. This gives them license to get into your pocket and steal as much as they can, as fast as they can - before you are put through some very frustrating and time-consuming steps to cut them off.

    And know also that, as things stand now, you have almost no hope of recovering what they've already taken.

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customer service

Hello, I purchased the meaningful beauty products after seeing the infomercial. My complaint/review is the...

unauthorized charges

GRC Meaningful Beauty charged my debit card $119.90 on 04/06/2009 for wrinkle cream. I am way past worrying...

bait and switch

I called the Meaningful Beauty 1-800 number to order the starter kit valued at $30 (or so), plus 2 free gifts. When I talked to the customer service representative she convinced me to add on 2 additional products. What she did not tell me was that when I added the 2 additional products I no longer qualified for the introductory kit. When I received my merchandise in the mail (almost 3 weeks later) I received, and was charged, for the first 90-day supply ($109). When I called to complain I was told that they would ship the introductory kit plus 2 free items at no charge. When I called to follow-up 2 weeks later I was told that, "No, they were not going to send me the intro kit and no charge. When I order the additional items that automatically upgraded me to the 90 day supply". Complaining got me no where. A message was relayed back to me that the supervisor said, in short "sorry"! I plan to file a formal complaint with the governor's office for deceptive advertising and theft. The really sad part is that the product is ok, but I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER purchase another item from them due to their unethical customer service practices.

  • Ja
    jacky c Jan 29, 2010

    I absolutely agree!!! It is bait and switch. It happened to me also. The very same thing!!! What a shame that Cindy Crawford is a part of this!!! I - too - will NEVER EVER ORDER OR RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE!!! I agree - it seems - not too bad...but the deception in term of cost can not be ignored.

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  • De
    DeanaDopp Feb 23, 2010

    I agree!!! this happened to me, I also was told I would recieve the products in 5 to 7 bus. days after waiting almost 2 weeks I phoned customer service and was told my shipment had not been shipped it was on back order !!! HA !! so i ask the rep if i could just cancel my order she then became very rude to me and said it would take 5 to 7 bus. days to refund my money on my card. IM still waiting for the funds to be put back on my card.!!!

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harassment & rip off & lies

I ordered Meaningful Beauty in 2008 over the phone & they charged my credit card at the same time. I returned it 14 days later, within the 60 day period. I got confirmation of that return. I never got credited so I disputed it with my bank, showed them proof that MB got it back and gave them a copy of my statement with the charge circled. My bank reversed the charge. MB harassed me by email and mail. They admitted receiving it back but said they never charged me for it to begin with. I told them it was charged to my account and my statement proved it. Further, my bank could not have reversed a charged that was not made. They sent me to collection anyway and I am continually harassed. Bad company to have any dealings with. STAY CLEAR AWAY.

  • Ba
    babibear4life May 14, 2009

    word of advise to everyone that is being harassed by collectors DEAL WITH IT!!! If you dont pay YOUR BILLS then you will be harassed if you put down numbers of friends and family they will be harassed...There is only one way they will get those numbers and is by you... SO PAY YOUR BILLS, DONT BARROW MONEY AND THEN YOU WONT BE Harassed... AND if some took money out in ur name then it is called fraud and you have to contact the POLICE... SO STOP [censor]In CAUSE YOU DIDNT PAY UR BILLS

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  • Ci
    cindyj Dec 29, 2009

    Same exact thing happened to me. I ordered the trial and paid up front for that, then immediately cancelled any and all further shipments. After being reassured that I cancelled my "membership" and would no longer receive any products after the up-front trial, I mysteriously received a whole new shipment the following month. A shipment which I did not order. So, I returned it to MB with delivery confirmation (within the 60 days) and MB insisted they never received it even though the United States Post Office confirmed shipment and that MB had in fact, received the return. This went on for months they claimed that it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to process a return. Finally they insisted that the 60 day return policy was over anyways, so I still owed them $119.99. After about 6 months of dealing with them over a product I never ordered, faxing, calling, dealing with collections, proving that they did in fact receive my return within the 60 days through my shipment confirmation number, even though they denied it, I threatened a law suite. This is when they finally took me off their collections list. It was 6 months of frustration, being shuffled around between departments, nothing being followed up on, and them being complete incompetent, misleading jack-offs. DON'T get involved with them. The products certainly aren't worth it but the frustrations, time and headache they will cause you is definitely not worth it and will age you an extra 10 years, if anything!

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  • Ki
    Kimmer51 Apr 11, 2010

    I have been having the same problems with Meaningful Ripoff. I went online and filed a complaint with the FTC. I think this is the only way to stop this company, if they get enough complaints through the FTC they will have to do something about it. It doesn't matter where you live as I am from Canada and I could still file a complaint. Go to:

    We need to stop this company from ripping people off and harassing them. Phoning the company doesn't get us anywhere as they are all scammers.

    Thanks and good luck.

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  • Ot
    Otty Aug 31, 2010

    Thanks for all the comments, I was going to order the product and thought I would check out the comments first, glad I did, will continue to use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock on my face, neck and arms, it's a beautiful product and is inexpensive. Sometimes we get sucked in by these models and actors, they get rich at our expense and get their lifts and retouching done so we think we can get the same results. What goes around comes around they should be ashamed of themselves. Otty

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deceptive advetising and marketing

This is the complaint I filed with the Federal Trade Commission this evening:

Meaningful Beauty: With Cindy Crawford
I viewed this product (Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford) on TV. I was going to purchase it for my wife. When I called to order- all of my personal information was taken, then I was told that this is a 'club'- a subscription system, and that I would receive product every month. I said (four times) that I do not want to 'subscribe'- I only want the advertised product- at the advertised price. Each time I was told that I could not purchase this product at the price advertised (29.95) without the 'club' or subscription.
I asked to speak with a supervisor. I also told him that I wanted to purchase the advertised product, without the subscription- I was told I could not. This went on for a few 'rounds' also- whereas I informed 'Frank' that I did not want the product, and then hung up. Remember: this is after I had given all of my personal information- including my credit card- as I was lead to believe we had a agreement for a product, and a price.

I must believe that this is fraudulent advertising and marketing. Nothing in the television ad says that to purchase this product- one must join a club or be forced to accept a subscription. This is also a 'first' time for me to believe that I was purchasing an item, at a set price- to have given all of my information, and then to be told that 'I was agreeing to a subscription service'- something I would not have done.

Please help to stop this deceptive marketing.
Thank you !
Richard L. Taylor

  • El
    EleniZ Dec 30, 2009

    I agree with this complaint! Just this morning (12/30) I called to order for just the trial and went through the exact same thing with "Mary" . I mentioned that the ad was very misleading. After her trying to talk me into everything including the Toner and something else, I said please destroy the information you took from me and cancel. What got me was that the next order was going to be for a 3 month supply and you pay $29.95 PER MONTH! She was NICE enough to say they would break the payments up! :-( .. Thought I'd try something new but I'll just stick with my Alpha-Hydrox... been doing quiet good for over 10 years! (my 45th class reuinon proved it!)

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  • Sk
    Skyegirl Jan 30, 2010

    I also agree! Stupidly I called and went through the same drill...very deceptive to take down all of this personal information including credit card number and then have the club thing mentioned afterwards!
    I feel duped. She told me she deleted all of my information and I certainly hope so. I trust the other people commenting did not have anything charged to their account after that?

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  • Ed
    eduff87 Feb 17, 2010

    Are you kidding me?!?! It says it on the infomercial like 8 times that along with the order you get the club membership. Don't get mad at the people who "wont let you" do it as a one time order, they can't do it any other way!!!

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  • Ta
    tamdio Feb 21, 2010

    I agree about the misleading ad on TV, but the products are awesome! 2 years ago I ordered from the TV ad. I received the products and was very pleased. Then, I started having overdrafts from my bank account. I cancelled and everything got back in order. 2 yrs later, I decided to give it another try, because I LOVE what MB did for my complexion. I was more educated and informed about the "billing". I'm a very happy customer now.
    I had someone from work tell me that my skin has been looking great. Also, people have mentioned that I don't have any wrinkles...I do drink A LOT of water. I swear I am not from MB, I'm just a single 38 yr old who works in New Orleans and lives in Slidell. I absolutely love MB. If all you have to complain about is the way your card is charged and not the products, then I'm sorry. I knew exactly what I was getting while on the phone with the cust. serv. rep. She answered all my questions, slowly. I completely understood that my card would be charged monthly...Small price for having amazing skin. Complexion speaks for itself. I've never had anyone compliment me on my complexion the way this woman did before using Meaningful Beauty. Don't let the infomercial scare you. It's a great product.

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  • An
    Anamandy Mar 01, 2011

    The meaningful beauty commercials are annoying. I’m no longer watching any channel that puts on one of their extended commercials in the middle of a program. The new Oprah network is notorious for this. What’s the matter, Oprah doesn’t have enough money?

    If you want to use a great product that’s only made with two ingredients and that’s great for your skin use Aqualin. 1 tube last a year and because it’s only made with demineralized water and vegetable glycerine it can’t go rancid, like all the other chemical crap on the market. I’m 60 years old and people think I’m in my 30s. I’ve been using the product for over twenty years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever used in my life. And best yet, it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. At one time I idiotically spent up to $100 bucks for a moisturizer that would wind up iritating my skin and go rancid way before it was used up. I no longer have that problem and best yet, it keeps my skin clear of dry patches and redness. Get the light formula, it absorbs more easily into the skin. You can get it here –

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  • Te
    Terrence1974 Aug 21, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Women will buy anything, I'm a man and I sold worthless makeup and other beauty products that didn't work to women. Women stop buying everything you see on tv. Celebrities don't really use that stuff, they are getting paid good money to endorse products

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dishonest company!

I purchased Meaningful Beauty in July of 08. As advertised, I purchased this product for $29.95/month + $9.99 shipping. I received my first shipment in July and was given an expected delivery date for my next delivery of October 6, 2008. As of November 8, 2008, I had not yet received my order. I received a notice from Meaningful Beauty informing me that they could not fill their orders and could not provide me with a date when they would be able to honor my purchase. Meaningful Beauty charged my credit card two more installments, and I never received any further shipments. I contacted my credit card company and reversed the charges. Today, I opened my mail and found a collections letter from Meaningful Beauty asking for payment for the items I never received. This company is APPAULING and they should be ashamed of themselves. I wonder if Cindy Crawford is aware of the fact that this company is taking advantage of hard working people.

  • Ex
    ExHottie Feb 15, 2010

    Sadly, I doubt if Cindy Crawford or Valerie Bertinelli care if it's a scam.

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  • He
    HeatherEvans Jul 06, 2010

    I'm not sure that this will help, but I ordered the supposively (90 day) supply and of course most of the products didnt last 60 days. So I decided to cancel the next shipment and I was told that If i return even the empty bottles that I can receive a full refund. After reading some of the complaints on here, I decided to call back and make sure that they fully canceled the order, and I asked for the operators name and I.d. # which he gave me an extension #, I then proceeded to ask for a confirmation # for the cancelation and the operator said that they do not have confirmation #'s, that they will send me a cancelation letter in the mail that I should receive within the next week or so. If I receive one than I defintely have the proof for any unauthorized charges if any happens to show up on my card. If not, then I will be giving the operator (Joe-Ext. 6408) another phone call, and will keep calling until the "so called" cancelation letter shows up in my mailbox. I hope this helps anyone having problems getting proof of the cancelations. Good Luck to all of you and Im so very sorry for all the B.S. that these companies are putting everyone through.

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poor customer service and unauthorized charges

I ordered the MB package advertised on the infomercial. I liked some of the products, some not so much. I decided to contact the customer service and set up a way to just order at my own convenience. Over the past number of months they have charged my account without authorization, sent me items when I had asked numerous times to not receive them until I order and have talked with people on the phone who slur their words and sound so totally unprofessional. It got to the point where I requested to speak to a CS Manager or supervisor. I was told they'd tell me the same thing but I still requested to speak to a manager. After being on hold for almost 5 minutes the same CS rep came back and said that her supervisor told her that's all they could do. I asked again to speak with the supervisor and they would not let me. I then immediately cancelled my account. To spend so much money on products and to be treated the way I was is absolutely unacceptable.

This company is terrible to deal with and it's really disappointing that Cindy Crawford would allow her product to be sold in such a shady and unprofessional manner.


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    mannysdaman Apr 22, 2010

    They have absolutely horrible customer service. I canceled an order in February since they said there is a delay in shipping out but they sent it out anyway. I sent it back to them and here it is April 22nd and I am still waiting for a refund. Sent them an email 10 days ago and have not received a reply. I don't do business with companies that have horrible, disrespectful customer service and this company takes the cake.

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    Heather789 Jun 11, 2010

    In February I ordered MB. About a month later I got the wrong order. I returned it via UPS Ground, unopened, to a PO Box, which was the only address the MB customer service agent would provide to me, and then I ordered the correct products again. When I called to check the status of my return and refund, THAT agent said it would be a problem that I sent it back to a PO Box, and I should have sent it to their physical address. VERY frusrating! I am still waiting for my refund from the original order and still waiting for the correct order to arrive. It has been over 2 months.

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  • Ad
    adrianaskher Sep 30, 2010

    I had the same thing happened to me. I ordered this product for my mom. They made unauthorized charges to my account after I had told them to stop. The customer service was horrible. After the lady explained that I had agreed to this in the past she kept saying is there anything else I can help you with you ? Meaning she wanted to hang up already she said it 3 times. I felt rushed and unsatisfied so she gave me a discount on it but I didn't want a discount I wanted the charges dropped. Thats all she did for me this happened about 10 minutes ago.

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