Mcdonaldsyour new broccoli & cheese soup recipe

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My daughter & I use to buy it All the time! My daughter surprised me with a bowl for her & I and right through the bag I smelled a strong odor of garlic! Repulsive!!! She ate hers & I didn't. She got sick. We thought it might have been a bad batch. So, a few weeks later I got a bowl. I still smelled the garlic through the bag, I tried it. I got sick! I called & complained & was told that it wasn't their fault. Campbell's changed their recipe because McDonalds campaign for going healthy. They also said their broccoli & cheese soup use to be their #1 seller in the winter. Now the majority of their customers complain about it & want their money back! Please tell Campbell's to change their recipe back!
Broccoli & Cheese
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    Jessica Williamson Dec 18, 2019

    I used to love the broccoli and cheese soup from McDonald's! I would sometimes get 2 at a time! Now its yellow instead of white, and frankly it's disgusting! Please change it back!!!😭

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