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J Sep 15, 2018 Review updated:

Went to McDonald's. Constitution ave Colorado springs CO. I do not eat McDonald's often and remember how good a big Mac is. I asked for NO lettuce extra pickle. ONE PICKLE SLICE. like COME ON. And fries?? Freezing cold, and literally my medium fry you could t even see the fries from the open side of container. The "diet Coke" we both got is watered down and is not carbonated. Like come on McDonald's we pay you 16 for a meal to enjoy and I am disappointed. HORRIBLE excuse. Why come to your restaurant when what we get is basically half of what we ordered and we pay over double the price we paid several years ago?? I would honestly like an honest response. It's agitating. Thank you



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    9wood Sep 15, 2018

    wouldn't expect them to respond ( possible)

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