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I take my son to McDonald's after football practice every week but upon arriving I order my sons happy meal but with no yogart because he can't eat dairy other McDonald's will give him the small bag of fries and no yogart. This day I go in and the employee told me that the store manager said that I can't change the meal that I have to take the yogart and pay extra for fries. Now for the sake of a small fry they have lost my business for life. It is a medial reason my son don't get yogart not choice I think it is disgraciful that a store can continue to be in business and just not care about their consumers. (The employee agreed with me)


  • chocturtle Jul 28, 2012

    This author had posted a complaint that had the same issue, seems like all Mcdonalds are doing that now.

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  • Ba
    bazzaa Jul 28, 2012

    Tasha should get a clue a read I said after practice not supper if you are too lazy to fully read a message fully don't comment

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  • *littleshorty* Jul 28, 2012

    Tasha, why don't you learn how to behave appropriately before you preach about spelling and grammar.

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