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Went thru drive thru 4/7/2022 @ 12:30 to get a mixed ice, I was told by the drive thru attendant that I couldn't get a mixed ice but I can pull up to the window. I pulled up the window and he told me again that I can not get a ice mixed, I then asked for a manager, then he said F**K you lady I told you that you could not get a mixed ice and if you got a problem with F**k you again. The team lead was coming to the window and witness him cussing me out and she was like oh wow, and said how can I help you, I told her what happened and she said okay we will speak with him. I was like do you not understand that he just cussed me out two times and refused me service cause I asked for a mix ice, she didn't seem like she cared at all, so I asked for that manager phone number and name of the employee and hers. She gave me the information and then said okay, have a nice day. She was not concerned or cared about how I had been treated and nor did she offer for me to get my ice, I was so pissed and unhappy with this location, I will never go back there again, so I am going to report them cause this behavior is unacceptable.

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