Maytagdryer is a lemon!


Piece Of Junk!
Product/Service: Maytag Dryer
9/30/2008 Yelm WA

I purchased a Maytag dryer in October of 2005. Since then the drum has come apart. Maytag replaced the drum in January of 2008. Since then it has been burning my clothing. I called Harold's Appliance in Lacey, Washington. They never said we don't' do warranty work on Maytag's because they don't pay us. They came out and looked at the dryer and then told my daughter, "We don't do Maytag warranty work anymore because they don't pay us". Harold's Appliance then charged my daughter $90.00 for the trip out. Harold's Appliance told me I would have to call A & E to get it repaired (the drum is pulling apart again).

I called A & E (Maytag) and they said they won't do anything about it as they already repaired it once. I said, "The repair wasn't done right or I wouldn't be having to call you again". Maytag said they won't do anything about it so here I am with a piece of crap dryer, a $90.00 service call (again) and a company that won't stand behind their product.

I will never buy another Maytag product and will take every opportunity to let others know of their shoddy work and warranties.

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