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My spouse is a Marriott employee and currently works at their new regional sales office called the "ONE" office in New England. It's currently a blizzard outside and has been since late yesterday afternoon. Although many of the higher up employees have chosen to take paid time off to stay home, they are forcing their employees to go into work in hazardous and extremely dangerous conditions (to give you an idea: there have been over a dozen accidents already this morning on just my spouse's route to work). Throughout the day we are supposed to receive more than 24-36 inches of snow and somehow the head of this office believes it's safe to send their employees in.

This has been a continuous tune this winter since the weather has started to become tumultuous. We are getting hit with multiple feet of snow, ice and hail at least once a week and Marriott has only closed their office but once. They are so concerned with not paying additional costs to shut down the office, they are dying to let their employees take the already banked paid time off. But then, how can their employees matter to them? They are putting their lives at risk as well as the lives of anyone else who is on the road to work today. What about the families of their employees? They claim to be based on family values and a family company but yet they may very well be stealing the life of someone precious from their family today by sheer fate of an accident.

My spouse has loved working for Marriott but I have completely jumped off that bandwagon and am encouraging my spouse to wholeheartidly pursue outside the company. Any company that would put their employees lives at risk to save a dime should be sued for negligence and believe me when I saw, I will be the first to bring suit if anything happens to my spouse because of their inhumane need to save a penny.

My advice: NEVER work for Marriott! Your life is at risk!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 11, 2020 7:36 pm EDT
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know u all not going to do nothing to this mgmt at this hotel... they will do it do others... AnnaMaria Among, Ryan Banks, Issac from front desk supervisor and Angel housekeeping Supervisor needs to lose their jobs. now i have to find another job... i know it as happen to other ppl but the scare to call or online to report them... we lost alot of employees while i working there b/c they dont like Ryan Banks... Courtyard North Phoenix,

May 04, 2020 5:26 pm EDT
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my Name is A. Stovall i been with marriott for 20 yrs. i recently went back to the Courtyard North Phoenix. i was accused my rooms being nasty. but i know they was not b/c i took pic of my rooms. i only work two nite since the coronavirus came thru. my Asst general mgr and the mgr have been rude to me. and told i was told old to work. i am not old to work... there ppl older than me working there. ... that is age discrimmation and harrassment. they did not like me. so they got my out... but i just quit instead... also the Supervisor was lying... i work with marriott feb 7, 2000 to may 3, 2020. this place is a horrible place to work... they wanted me to do houseman work i dont know nothing about... so they set me up and say my rooms were bad... i got tired of the tension and there lies. and if they did not like u they tried to get u fired. they have lost alot employees in past. ... and the asst gen mgr lies too. b/c she did not remember when i came in... there was two of us working... they need to check this asst gen mgr and mgr and supervisor. they told i could not see. i have cataract surgery 7 months. i can see perfectly... the mangement needs to go...

Aug 16, 2018 6:56 pm EDT
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MY MOBILE NO.[protected]

Dec 06, 2017 5:40 pm EST
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I work with Marriott more than 6 year with 3 property in a position of leadership.
I very love and proud of our band Marriott that I got many things form Marriott, it's not only the hotel but it's a home a school and university so this's a nice place. I always teach and guide my team to be the best associate that we used and follow the Marriott way. Now I confused with a new policy it's not a Marriott it not same with the trianinwe not flexible to our guest, we not focus on a returning gust also guest voice and gss.
I don't need to type the name of the hotel on this page.
I believe one day everything will be better, however we still love the Marriott.

Best regards

Nov 14, 2016 5:32 pm EST

I, Shweta Singh joined JW Marriott Chandigarh in November 2014 as a Guest Relation executive. Joining Marriott was my dream as it is the world's best place to work .

I was very happy to join JWMC and was enjoying my work which reflected in the social media feedback from the guest and GSS feedback too. I was appreciated twice in the company, once for breaking the record of the rising star collection ever in the history of JWMC and second by my HOD ( Mr Tushar Joshi, Front office Manager ) for my dedicated working. I was so happy to have the best general manager( Mr Rubal Chaudhry) to work with, as he is so supporting and understanding and he really goes by the Marriott policies of PUT PEOPLE FIRST & OPEN DOOR POLICIES. I was always guided, supported by my former FOM( Mr Joshi) and RDM ( Ms Rachita Sood).I enjoyed the first year of my working with JWMC.

Later, I think i did a major mistake as I approached the HR team to move me to reservations department during December 2015 first week, due to my family constraints of being a Single Mother as my husband stays in different city for work and due to a small child i need to devote time for my child too. I could not leave the job because of the financial constraints so i chose to be here with my parents so that my job and child both are taken care off.

I would like to mention here that Working atmosphere of Sales has been gone down with subsequent to joining of Mr. Anang Chaturvedi as DOSM. Long serving people have resigned and moved due to his non cooperative and biased attitude on any behavioural issue from Ms Payal Grewal( Associate Director of Sales). He has been non-cordial and tries to bully his juniors.

First incidence: It happened during the third week of August 2016 that Ms Payal Grewal started abusing me over a phone call around 3 PM and started threatening me for not getting a reservation done as per her terms and conditions (Which are actually against the revenue and sales ethics and we are constantly questioned on that by our revenue team----- details can be shared on the same). I approached the HR at 6 PM and wanted them to intervene in the matter but was surprised on the outcome. After 3 hours of session with the HR, I was casually told to ignore the abuse and learn to tackle such temperamental colleagues at work.

Second Incidence: Ms Grewal misbehaved with me on 07th November, 2016 during the working hours in context of some bookings, which has been a normal practice at the work place. She was screaming out on top her voice with allegation of me approaching the General Manager to do her back biting. Original issue or discrepancy was sidelined during this conversation which was official and it was taken on her ego of me consulting or rather updating Mr Rubal on some of his follow ups. I approached Mr Anang Chaturvedi on the issue and shared all details with him and showed my displeasure on her behaviour. He calmed me down saying that Ms Payal has been under tremendous pressure off late and I should let go of her attitude. I was not convinced with Mr. Anang’s reply. When I told him that even I was under immense pressure as I have been running reservations single-handedly from last couple of months, he did not acknowledge it and ignored. I would like to bring it to your notice that my ex colleague moved on and I had been doing her duties as well.

I have been supporting the department with extra man-hours from my side ensuring no loop holes from my end. I also cleared him on my views on non acceptance of any misbehaviour from anyone and also shared Ms Payal's remarks for myself like "YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT SHWETA"; which was really surprising but did not get any strong STAND from his side apart of him speaking to her - as usual without any outcome.

Ms Payal Grewal again misbehaved with me yesterday i.e 08th November first at 11:34 AM for about 11 Minutes over the call and then later at 11:59 AM for about 8 minutes, which actually did got blown out of proportion for me. It was so frustrating today with giving hindrance to me to work that I straight away approached Ms Ranjana Pal (Dir HR), but regretted my decision since did not get any response from her. I was asked by Ms Pal to wait outside her office for sometime I was in a crying state for 5-7 Minutes outside her office which even did not bothered her and kept her busy with her own work. She saw me crying but i guess it did not interest her to ask why ? I would strongly like to mention here that Ms. Ranjana has a very biased and partial approach for associates highlighting against HOD's conduct. Ms.Payal was supported by Ms.Ranjana and Mr. Anang in an incidence happened couple of days back with another associate. Infact the associate was crubbed down by Ms.Ranjana by imposing her position and ensuring the matter been nullified. Details of same can be cross checked with HR team and that associate too, which shows her partial behaviour, an attitude of being an HOD driven, and also giving leverage to some employees to take undue advantage of their position. Surprisingly, she is heading HR at our property with this attitude and approach.

Hence, I approached Mr Rubal Chaudhry after getting a non-supportive attitude from the Dir HR. It has been a blessing that he has always been approachable for all of us since he puts team ahead of any other thing in this world and understands their concerns and issues no matter how much busy he is. He listened to me understanding my frustration level and assured me on speaking to Mr Anang and Ms. Payal the same day, which I believe he did for sure.

Later I was called by Mr.Anang at 6:30 PM and was asked to wait till late evening for a meeting, which actually started @ 2030 hrs. During our conversation, I was threatened by him. He threatened me for not stepping into Rubal’s office next time with any kind of grievances. He was as usual non supportive today and asked me to listen to what Ms Payal Grewal says as she is the ADOS and has a senior positon.I do not deny the fact that seniors are their to give instructions but I was more converned of her abusive and threatening nature. I was little emotional that time after listening to him on which he said this" MELO DRAMA WONT WORK HERE.". And rather than pointing out behavioural issues of anyone else i should behave myself and and move on. Meeting with Anang can be termed as more as a FRUSTRATING, DEMOTIVATING AND ASTONISHING, as per me. I would like to clarify here that if I had so much behavioral issues within myself, then how come i escaped any ROC, C2C or Warning Letter on my personal file during my 2 years tenure with JW Marriott Chandigarh.

It has been so frustrating day yesterday that after knocking all the doors for the harassment being given to me I want to share the inexperience of non professional attitude of Ms Ranjana, Mr Anang and Ms Payal irrespective of them being my colleagues. I would like to categorize these people’s conduct to be immoral, harassing and humiliating. They have done psychological damage to me. They have hurt my integrity and pulled me down. I have been insulted publicly by them and degraded. In such a scenario I would like to believe that JW Marriott is no longer such an organization which provides a platform to blossom with conducive environment. With all these occurrences, I have been mentally disturbed over these issues.

I would like to reiterate that I do not wish to leave my Job with JW Chandigarh at this moment due to financial reasons but cannot continue to work either in this biased, partial, hostile and inhuman working atmosphere in which we do not respect each other and try to sit up the ladder with so much of partial, pathetic, disgusting and egoistic attitude.I donot know how will i support my family financially and i have small kid also to raise but i donot want to reach to a different state of mind after this harassment. I have not informed anyone of me not coming to work today after yesterday's incidence when i tried reaching HR and MY HOD for resolving the same. I even know that my Hod's and Dir HR will not take this approach of mine by writing this matter to the authorized personnel, possitively and things will go worst after this. But I am so depressed and not in position to face that Harassment by them.

You can go through my professional credentials. I have been honest, dignified and responsible in my dealing. I have been forced to file this complaint due to mental pressure.

Looking forward for a revert on my query and complaint with an advise which will help in taking a decisive step on continuation of my association with the BRAND.

Trust the above is in order. Kindly revert for further clarification I may offer.

Yours Faithfully,

Shweta Singh

Jul 15, 2016 7:17 am EDT

I booked seven nights through Priceline at Marriott Hotel in Lisbon Portugal.

All hotel customers received Breakfast each morning but because I had booked the hotel through Priceline. We were not given breakfast. Internet service or WiFi was not provided and the swimming pool is only there for decoration, no one can go into 60% temperature water, inanother words the pool is not heated. No coffee machine was provided and in 4 days we received 2 bars of soap--This is a very poorly run hotel. 2 Star hotels give better service in Portugal. Our best hotel was a 3 Star hotel (Hotel Casa do Outeiro in Batalha, Portugal and 2 Star hotel Residencial San Marcos, Braga, Portugal. They both gave a wonderful breakfast and free WIFI in every room and complimentary port wine and complete bathroom service every day.

May 09, 2011 7:23 pm EDT

Almost every day we get a phone call from this number [protected] out of Lakeland, FL and after checking the number found out it is from Marriott Vacation packages. We've told them we are not interested in their International Intervol membership & yet they call & call.

Feb 27, 2014 10:15 am EST
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My Name is Nareerat Van Gelder, My Nationality from Thailand with My Experience and My Bachelor Degree Major Hotel Management & Tourism from Bangkok University . I been employee with this company since May 14, 2007 in position Dining Room Attendant and I don't mind to do on that position because I love to have experience and I believe in the future I can move to step up to do something to learn more thing because this company are open for all employee to have opportunity prove them self, but it's not what I for Asian like me . After I been work so many year and I think it's my time and long enough for me to step up and I spoke with my manager her name is Alex Bolspribge in the beginning she let me had training at the cafe of the hotel but just one day a week all together 2 weeks so two days and I have to return back to the same position because they don't have enough dining room attendant employee to help in the restaurant and after then I was asked her again but I got denied and that's is not only first time I had been asked so many times because I had been here so many years with last time on December 2013 I spoke with Jonathan Manager about I would like to be server I been here long enough and I would like to step up to get more experience but he said My English not good enough and then I said why don't you just try and give training because have to get training but he still doesn't want me to step up and still kept me in dinning room attendant position, then I'm feel very disappoint because I love this company, I was believe this company is the big school and always offer the good opportunity and with this country is the best country to give the best and chance for all people from all around the world to live in this country and I'm a citizen of this country and I'm proud to American citizen and proud to work with Marriott but just I don't have luck because I'm from Asia didn't born in this country and my accent it's not like native speaker that's why I can not step up and got denied from Manager who was born in this country and made me feel this is not fair and not right to not let employee to step up and kept me in the bottom of the Department 5 years even last time on Febuary 17, 2014 I was spoke with The Manager Alex Bolspribge about I'm feel unhappy and very disappoint and with rate I got with my Experience it's less with minimum rate, When hired $7.00/ Hours Current pay rate $8.50 / hours started from 01/2014 and I'm a hard worker never have warning, never have problem, my performance every year after review, I always been excellent and professional never let anybody disappoint even always made the guest happy with the best service and got the best memories from Hotel and Restaurant and I always been help others department everything when they need me help ..and Alex asked me what my major from University, I said hotel management and tourism and she still said she understand I would like to do what I study for ...I don't know what to say anymore just told her I decided to gave notice is the best way because I knew I will not have chance from here that's for sure ...and the reason I complaint because I'm very disappointed about not fair because I'm not native speaker, I'm from Asia and doesn't matter how good I am ..I will never ever step up and can see my future here .I'm bad luck and I still have to find others jobs to support my family and my kids and make sure they have food and enough money to pay all my bill and with out insurance we will get hard time especially my kids . Thank you very much for reading my complaint .

Nareerat Van Gelder

Feb 08, 2013 10:39 pm EST
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Good Day,
My Name Syed Sajid Abbas i am asst.Front office manager in Marriott Salalah resort. I would like to express my feelings about Marriott where i spoiled my life. I was terminated by the hotel management on 2nd Jan. 2013. for sharing my user id with other colleague Mr. Abdull Hanan which was approved by the hotel management ( front office manager, DOF, GM ) for 3 months due to lake of staff at the front desk. Mr. hanan was recently promoted as front office supervisor has no user id to check in and check out on 23 rd of December my id was blocked by Mr. Rashid Hotel IT Manager when he found my id was open when i was not on duty. But it was open again with approval of DOF and Front office Manager by the front office manager as he is opera champion and having access to open . I always reminding my manager that sharing the id is against the policy please do the needful and give an user name and password to Mr. Hanan as he is using my id and its not correct but he was ignoring and keep saying don't worry i am responsible if there is any issue will come up. But when issue came they closed there eyes and throw on me everything. There were no proper investigation about the issue. simply they terminated my employment with Marriott. I requested to the GM to do the investigation and do the justice and treat me fairly but he did not even feel to reply on my email. Then i requested investigation from area office they did not reply to me as well . At the end i submit my case in the court. Yesterday 08th Feb. my mother was passed away i wanted to go home i asked them to give my passport so i can travel they refused to give my passport saying that i have to take back my case first. i was not able to go home to see my mother last time. Marriott Salalah is the worst place for me to work. i worked hard for the company i have record worked two shift even 26 hrs continue shift when its busy without any over time or any benefit and in returns i am getting all this shift. i am going to attach the statement from my colleges and i hope for justice and i hope for the fair treatment and i hope for action if Marriott is really caring for there employees. i have worked in crown plaza and Hilton international and i know how the five star companies caring for there employees.My Email address is [email protected] and my telephone number is 00968 [protected] and 00968 [protected] i hope i will get reply and justice. Hoping for fair treatment.
I have given some information to the area office witch is against the Hotel policy and its happening in the property they are cheating openly but they did not take any action i can give the proof what i said.
Thanks and best regards,

Syed Sajid Abbas

Aug 07, 2012 12:53 pm EDT

i am a employee of Renaissance mumbai, India. i am associated with Marriott more then five years. when i joined renaissance i felt that this is the best place to work, from the superior and juniors every one is supportive. its totally friendly atmosphere. i have worked with three general manager but never seen the person like Mr Saied haidari. he is a selfish person. not at all Marriott culture. people used to love to work with renaissance mumbai but now a days no one you can check with any renaissance associate. no promotion, no increment, every thing is cost cutting, no standards, believe me they do a cost cutting for the guest supplies. everyone is frosted, if some one is leaving the job then the post is dissolved. why with the lower management post only, , why not with the HOD. every department have HOD but no lower manager. no vacancy. no promotion even if you perform some of them has promised that they will be promoted but not yet most of them have left the job and joined other places.. if you ask our bosses they says this is the way we have to work if you don't like please resign and go... one of senior chef went and spoke to the GM regarding promotion GM said take as ticker and put it in your head that you have completed seven years in this is loosing the best people. Our GM comes on duty twice in a week how will he know that r u performing or not, Today Renaissance mumbai is the worst place to work... now a days its all about how to make our boss happy not the guest...Make your GM happy your job is secured. that's about Renaissance mumbai convention centre hotel.

Jul 07, 2011 6:44 pm EDT
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I live in a very sunny location where the it drops below 40 degrees only a few times a year, and we never see snow. But when we had a freak ice storm hit our city earlier this year, we all understood it was still off to work with us even though the city mayor was issuing warnings to stay inside. All majors roads were shut down by the police, but still, our employees soldiered in to work. Eventually, Marriott decided to excuse the employees who didn't come into work ---up until 1pm that day, because by then it was 50 degrees and the ice had all melted. It didn't do any good for me since I'd traveled on the ice that morning and gotten to work anyway, but sometimes, that's just life.

Jul 15, 2016 7:17 am EDT
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You problem is actually stated in the first sentence: You booked with priceline. I work for Marriott, and Priceline and the other groups of third-party booking agencies give us nothing but headaches and prevent us very often from being able to offer guests everything our hotels have to offer--as is the case with your breakfast.

Of course, our direct-booking guests are also PAYING for all their little extras...the downside of not booking through a third party is a higher rate. Many Priceline/expedia/etc. guests do not realize just how much more other guests are paying.

Well, and your hotel sounds like it sucks. There's that, too.

May 11, 2011 2:37 am EDT

Sign up for the National Do Not Call list at Chances are this is not Marriott or someone representing Marriott, but a scammer of some sort. By signing up for this you can file a formal complaint against them if they keep calling.

Feb 03, 2011 4:56 am EST
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While I disagree with businesses enforcing employees coming in in dangerous weather conditions, you need to realize that this is not unique to Marriott. I live in Minnesota, and about a month ago we had a blizzard (winds at ridiculous speeds, white-out conditions, two feet of snow, and frost-bite worthy temperatures). Everyone that I know was still expected to come into work and were penalized for not doing so. Do I agree with it? No. But it's just how the working world works sometimes.


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