Marriott Internationalunauthorized charges


The Marriott in August, Ga. charged our credit card for an extra day, when we only stayed one night, claiming smoking in the room cost $250.00!!! We were not informed of this at check-in, as we would have chosen another hotel in Augusta. As we were gathering our things in the morning...we found a small card on a desk we never had approached during the stated the "cleaning fee" on we spent over an hour cleaning the room, checking for any even scrap of paper, ashes, matches...even down to emptying the trash ourselves and cleaning the counter tops. The bill had been slipped under our door while we were sleeping and was for the room rate of 246.00...exorbitant for sure.

Then when the credit card bill arrived, they had added an additional $250.00, saying we departed on the 19th instead of the 18th. A follow-up phone conversation with the manager accomplished nothing, and he stated they had "pictures". Pictures of what??? Us asleep in a hotel room?? Our rumpled bed after sleeping in it??? I was appalled and still am, by this type of service. I encourage everyone to avoid the rip-off king of hotels...Marriott.

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