Marriott Internationalfamily package

N Aug 11, 2017

I have been planning this trip 10.aug 17- 17.aug.17 since june. I have email the hotel serval time to make sure that it would not be any misunderstanding. Finally we come yesterday, today when we had the breakfast we were told that we have not included breakfast for adults only kids.

We went to front desk and spoke with the same lady that had sent me email in june. Rebacca Rivera at Marriott Sea world Rennisance Orlando.

I said when i sent the email i spsific ask for a package for our familiy. Instead of helping me she give me a lecture that all is my fault i had misunderstood her email. I star to cry, i have travelled all the way from Oslo to have a nice holiday, and i met a lady who was so rud. I will not recomend this hotel. Insted of helping she was making me feel like a fool!!!

We had to pay over $100 to make her change the misunderstanding.

I want to complain on her behavior and service. We will sure not stay at Marriott again.

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