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I contracted a countertop installation through Lowes specifically because I was sure that if there were any issues, Lowes would take care of them. I was wrong.

I should have seen the red flags when it took several months for the contractor to return my calls about scheduling a measurement appointment. After that, I was able to schedule the installation date. I was told it would be a 1-day project.

For the installation date, they gave an arrival window of 8am to 4pm. I was a little surprised they would give that big of a window given that it was a pretty big "1-day" project, but I made sure my husband was there at 8am (we live 2.5 hours away from the project site). The installers finally arrived at noon and did not leave until 1am! Needless to say, my husband now had to take 2 days off of work instead of just one.

The morning after the install, now being light out, it was clear that the installers did a pretty shoddy job. Not only were there over 30 scratches on the countertops, there were cracks in the corners by the sink cut out and the cook top cut out. One end of our granite backsplash was almost 2 inches short, the seams were horribly done over the cook top... it was a disaster.

As disappointing and frustrating as it was, I still had faith that Lowes would handle it. I contacted their customer service and they scheduled a "fix" to come out. Again, another day off work for my husband. The guy who came out to assess and fix the errors was overwhelmed and told us that he could only fill the scratches today. After contacting Lowes customer service again, they had me send them photos of the work. I called daily to get updates and didn't hear from them for weeks. I finally just heard from them saying they will not be sending the contractors out again and they would not be giving me any discount on the project. She also threw in there that if I didn't pay, they would be sending me to collections. I was just so shocked at this whole response.

I am so disappointed and feel so swindled after this whole ordeal. I literally went with Lowes only because I knew there would not be an issue like this, yet here we are. I've been patronizing Lowe's for years and years and I'm just shocked that it came down to this even when I was willing to work with them on a solution.

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