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Lg Tvbad quality

I bought an lg 32 inch lcd tv exactly 2 years ago. and yesterday I turned on the tv only to see a that the screen is not working. and this tv is only two years old! and they dnt come cheap either!

So thank you lg, because samsung now has a new customer. I will never buy another lg product of any sort ever again. for a tv to last only 2 years is simply not good enough. you spend money on these things and you expect them to last you a long time. especially if you buying (well so I thought) an lg product!


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    kishore May 20, 2009

    lg remote is not working properly

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  • Lg
    lg really sucks Apr 19, 2010

    My LG 42pc3d has broken for the second time in 3 years. No picture just sound needs a new y sus board. Its a lemon lots of problems with LG TV's and other products. just do a search. Do yourself a favour and buy another brand. Customer service is horrid!

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  • Lo
    LordHammer Dec 10, 2010

    LG Infinia 60PK950 60-inch 1080p Plasma HDTV (Electronics)
    I had this TV and loved it for 90 days and than the problems have started. Right now I have been with out TV for a about 60 days. LG customer service is a disaster...horrible they just read scripts, lie to you and even hang up on you when you catch them in a lie. In all fairness to Amazon I purchased through Magnolia or Best Buy. So right now BB will not help other than sending geek squad to "fix it" LOL yeah right most of those guys are pimple faced kids who I would not trust hooking up my TV let alone testing and replacing circuit boards. LG has sent 3 repair people out to my house to fix it.

    GUY number 1

    I thought great he made and evening appointment quickly and seemed to be on the ball. Than he came to my

    Took 2 hours of messing around to tell me my Y sustain board is broke and needs to be replaced. After waiting a week for parts he replaced Y sustain board and it did not fix the issue. He plays around for another 2 hours and than says I need to bring my 60 inch tv to his shop...Excuse me I am not bringing it anywhere your supposed to fix it in my home. Secondly if it breaks on the way there or in your shop I will be out a $2200 TV.

    Call LG back and after being on hold for an hour finally get a completely disinterested customer service rep who was reading from one of those lovely little scripts and tells me that they can send someone else out who is highly recommended or I can wait 2 weeks for LG service itself. 2 weeks????? I mean come on already at this point you should be replacing my TV it is brand new...oh but wait LG does not consider a 80 day old TV brand new, they act like it is my old POS i need fixed.

    I mean come on LG this is your flagship model Plasma TV at the time I purchased it. IT was a $3000 TV and I got Best buy to match Amazon Price for $2200, not some Walmart special that is substandard and uses cheap parts.

    They than proceed to tell me that they will only at their choosing replace the TV when they feel they have exhausted all other options. And than I will get a refurb TV at that!!! Add to this insult the fact they can replace it with a "like model" (which means it can be a 50 inch cheaper model) and I should be happy about it. WT[censored] So frustrated as all hell I book the next repair clowns that come out in 5 days.

    Guy number 2

    Comes out to my house looks at the TV and can not figure out if the TV is even on or not...what a [censor]. I have to help him understand how I know the TV is actually on. He than pulls out the volt meter (oh no flash backs of the fool above who used the volt meter for 2 hours) and says he finds the problem in about 5 minutes. Cool he says the last guy was on track with the Y sustain but it is actually the buffer board that plugs into the Y sustain that was causing the problem. Allright now were getting somewhere. Wait another week for Dumb LG to ship parts, than another 4 days for company to have free opening for fixing TV. after waiting all day since they only will give you an 8 hour window, they showed up the last hour they could have...real nice.

    So he replaces the board we get giddy with excitement and boom nothing happens. I mean it's like a standup comic who bombs the puch line right as the rim shot is given. He looks for more problems cant find any after an hour and says he is going to recommend to LG that it be replaced.

    I wait 2 days and call LG and repair guy recommend that it be replaced was never recieved at LG even though reapir company says they did. LG makes up some lie about repair service being allergic to animals in my house and that they could not fix the TV due to the animals. WHAT!!! ARE YOU F ING KIDDING ME!!! THIS IS SOME BS JOKE RIGHT??? But no they were quite serious. So after debating and hour with the lower Juan Wilson (I am sure not his real name, keep in mind I wait 43 miutes to reach Juan so now almost 2 hours) I finally get the answer I am looking for, I need to speak to the Executive service team (the people above the standard schmoe who will not help me). Oh and how convient they left 30 minutes ago. Rage consumes me and I dream of driving up to LG headquaters and throwing the TV threw the CEO's window and it hits him on the head causing him to see the "light"...but alais I come back down to earth is a 60 inch TV after all, I am big and strong but not sure how far I could throw the TV. Hang up and realize I have to wait until monday this is now friday night.

    Call on monday morning at work and get the 28 minute wait..hey were improving on customer service times now...whohooo

    I get someone who they put on the phone who barely speaks english. I am not racist but come on LG Why in gods name would you put someone on the phone with a US citizen who can not speak in complete english sentences?????? They end up hanging up on me as I tried to get them to understand the issue for 30 minutes...put me on hold after telling me they finally understood the issues...OMG really...

    Another call to LG and another 50 minute wait this time (hope your like your 800 number bill LG ...jagoffs) I get someone in atlanta that was nice (getting excited maybe they will finally be the one to help me) she gets me in queue for exceutive service team (good lord, another 15 min wait). I get the executive service team and of course they have attitude right away (look if you dont want to do the fing job I am sure there is people out there who are unemployed who would love the chance lady) and she gives the standard company lines and scripts and proceeds to lie to me and tells me she cant book and direct LG tech since there are none in my area...but wait two other people told me their were...she's BS me and I caught her in a lie and I call her on it. She gets flustered and shuts down. She is pretty much telling me I should feel lucky if they will even fix the TV at all, this after I spent $2200 on a $3K TV.

    After some interesting debating again, she will not do anything but book more repair fools to come out.

    Repair Guy 3 comes out and says Z sustain board is problem and he has seen this issue with LG before and even tells me that LG has had many problems with Z boards and how the cheap chinese part is to blame. Sounds like my kind of guy..but hey come on I am skeptical...I have heard this answer before.

    Another week wait for parts and another 4 days for open repair appointment. Guy comes out with part and big surpise ...part no workie...

    Now I am stuck in LG hell wanting to send a 4th repair company out...I just want an FING TV that works and get what I paid for...

    Not sure where this will end up or if I am out my $2200 bucks...but this should be enough warning to help others not make the same mistake I did...

    Funny thing is I work for a cellphone company and we carry LG phones..only after speaking with others in the company and sharing my story do I hear about how bad LG phones are as well. Shoot sounds like LG has a common theme going...lets Screw the customer to make some money. Sure fire way to go out of business in my book but hey whatever.

    So please no matter what you do keep your money and buy something else but LG.

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  • Ne
    Neverlg Mar 17, 2011

    I purchased an lg tv model 47 le5400 12/26/10.
    On 3/10/11 the tv breaks down no sound or picture but when powered on lg insignia illuminates so I know voltage isn't the problem. I do service on alot of high end appliances such as subzero, wolf, Bosch etc...
    I kinda know how these things work. I call lg and their customer service skills are piss poor. They have your money now and we the consumer are stuck with crap. They set up an appt. For the guy to come out and look at it and let me tell he didn't even know how to turn it on. He also stated he had a service manual at his shop, but he didn't think to bring it and he would need to take it to his shop b/c he wanted to call tech line. He had a cell phone and I had two that he could've used but he refused to call from my home. Called lg and explained the situation but they don't care. I will never have another lg product

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  • Vi
    vincentagcat Jan 03, 2012

    I will be going to SAMSUNG also. On my" LG TV The Power Standby Indicator sits and flashes on and off and can not be switched off even when plug pulled and replugged. It has taken up to 12 hrs. to get TV turned on. ( All over a $3.50 capacitor)

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