Lgmedsupplylgmedsupply commits fraud!


The First Act of FRAUD is they advertise "FREE Shipping" - well you have to purchase over 100.00 to get it.

Fraud 2 - Then the advertise products they don't ship. example they have this LG-TEC unit they advertise on their web page and you get this product call TwinStim.

Fraud 3 - I purchased over 250.00 didn't get the free shipping not to mention they advertise that if you spend over 250.00 you get a TENS unit worth 299.00. WELL never received the product and when I did a search on the internet I found this product for sale under 30.00 on one web page and as high as 49.00 on three others.

When searching about this company I was shocked to find them posting products on Amazon and when on Amazon they have a company also called Lgmedsupply2 which list same products at a cheaper price. They have listings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Blogs.


This is list on the company webpage in the about us section:

LGMedSupply®, LLC was founded in 1996. LGMedSupply® is a company devoted to improving the quality of life for people in pain. For over 10 years, we have continued to supply Portable TENS Units, EMS Muscle Stimulator Units, Interferential Units, and Portable Ultrasound Units and Pain Relief Products to our customers. Our products are Professional and Affordable. We back our products with a 100% Guarantee and 3 Year Warranty.

LGMedSupply® is proud to service both the Medical Professional and Individual Patient. We are committed to lasting relationships with our customers, which has enabled us to create a reliable and trusted brand name. We continue to build a brand name that is synonymous with customer satisfaction, quality, and trust. We will work relentlessly to improve the life of thousands of patients by listening, understanding needs, and identifying solutions to those needs.

LGMedSupply® offers an extensive line of affordable physical therapy electrotherapy and pain relief products that help patients in pain achieve a higher quality of life. Whether it be a TENS Unit, Electronic Muscle Stimulators, and Ultrasound Units our goal is simple - to help you "Live Good" Our products are In-stock and available for Immediate Shipping. Order Online 24/7 or Call Us at [protected] Today!

Prescriptions: Please fax your prescriptions or have your provider fax prescriptions to our Toll Free Fax Number 24/7 at [protected]. Federal law (USA) restricts electrotherapy devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Fraud - Claimed opened 10 years ago - well the company opened 1.5 years ago according to the BBB. This is a web based company no retail store front and the web page was launched 1.5 years ago along with the purchase of the domain name. According to the BBB in Philadelphia NOT IN NEW JERSEY like they claim to be there are many complaints which go unanswered.

HERE IS THE BIG ONE -BREAKING FDA FEDERAL LAW - In the section above they state a prescription is need to purchase their products. I did not know at the time of my purchase and they sold not only to me but my parents without a script. According to the FDA selling Level II devices (TENS UNITS, MUSCLE SIMULATORS (EMS), any ELECTROTHERAPY requires a written prescription from your doctor to get one unless your the doctor and then you need to provide your medical ID number.

I can go on forever about the breaking for Federal Law, Fraud and other violations. Please I have attached photos to show many more FRAUD taking place. This company should be band from selling anything as they flat out lie about everything and just take your money. Please help me shut down this Fraudulent company!!!


  • Lg
    LGMedSupply Mar 15, 2009

    Please note that this is a "smear campaign" by one of our main competitors that have similiar products . We know that they never did business with us because we do have the LG-TEC, the customers claims to have the Twin Stim.

    We do give FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100, clearly written 3 times on the first page of our site. If you go to LGMedSupply.com, you can't miss it.

    Next, we are in New Jersey, not Philadelphia. We are located and ship in New Jersey. Why is this person telling us where we live? LGMedSupply has 0 complaints.

    We show our competition the upmost respect, by focusing on our business, helping people with pain. We do not focus on our competition and "watch" what they do. We are originators, we do our own thing, and unfortunately competitors follow behind.

    Finally, the Amazon thing. We go under LGMedSupply2 because LGMedSupply was not available. Is the "2" confusing?

    LGMedSupply is an excellent company. Please note this person was anonymous because they are a competitor of ours. Our rating on Amazon is a 98% approval rating in last 30 days. Also you can read the feedback on our website from REAL customers. Every complaint has been handled to the standards of the BBB and we are in prestine standing with them. Desperate Companies take Desperate Measures on other businesses, instead of utilizing their time to make theirs better. Apparently our competitor feels it is easier to throw mud, than repair their own business model. A similar thing happened on amazon with a disgruntled and after we brought this up with Amazon, they took off the false negative comments regarding a product that was NEVER purchased by this competitor.

    LGMedSupply will continue to focus on the quality of life of our patients, and not the deperate acts of one of our competitors.

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  • Ho
    honest Mar 22, 2009

    This company has some real issues. Rather than just address this valid complaint based on the fact that Complaintsboard.com would not post unfounded facts. It is also very bad business to blame a company yet they don't state the name. They were quick to provide what they state are facts, well why not the company, I will tell you why if they stated any company they would be sued for slander. I will offer what I feel go to the heart of who you are dealing with. Look at the owner Larry Schiable. and the company prior to this one and what happen based on his actions with the breaking the law. After looking into what he did in prior companies and his current business etics. This complaint will be the first of many. Ethics and Federal Law, go to this company and buy a TENS Unit or any Electrotherapy device online without a prescription (federal law requires one unless you a lic. Doctor) . So should you purchase one remember the FDA requires one, to sell one without is breaking federal law unless you have been given approval by the FDA to do so, and lgmedsupply does not. Like I said a company is a good as its employees or in this case its owner.

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  • Up
    Upset Shopper Jan 08, 2010

    I cannot find anywhere to leave a complaint about this company. I have tried to get a refund for a product and LGMEDSUPPLY doesn't answer my calls or emails. I have not gotten my money back. They have made it very difficult to review products honestly. This is not a good company to deal with.

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  • Za
    zafara 320- Feb 08, 2010

    This company is horrible to deal with. STAY AWAY. Unethical and slimy and 2 words that jump to mind. Crap products with hidden refund policies and non-existent promises of full warrantees.

    Unless you want to get ripped off, don't buy from this company.

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  • Bu
    bullfighter Aug 02, 2010

    In its response to the complaint above, LGMedSupply says, "Every complaint has been handled to the standards of the BBB and we are in prestine standing with them."

    Really? see the following link:


    The BBB gives them a rating of F!

    And by the way, the word is spelled "pristine."

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  • Un
    unahppycustomer Nov 30, 2010

    Clearly LGmedsupply is a fraud company. They lack good customer service. I bought a unit for $120 then later later returned in its original shipping box as "return to sender" and they still charged me a restocking fee of $40. I have no problem if they charged me the cost to ship it but that was not the case. In the retail world, A restocking fee is usually a fee that is charged when a product is opened or unpacked. I never opened this unit nor the box it came in, so charging a restocking fee is absurd. Larry the owner does not know how to deal with his customers professionally. Stay away and do not buy their products, you will be disappointed.

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  • Bu
    bullfighter Dec 01, 2010

    To be fair, I should have posted that a while back I actually did order some small items from them. It seems that nobody else on the planet sells these particular items. They arrived very quickly and were entirely satisfactory. However, I had problems even ordering: they refused my online payment for unspecified reasons even though my credit is, uh, shall we say pristine. And at that time they never answered their phones; you had to leave a message and wait for them to call you back. Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn't. Come on guys, do you want my business or not? Anyway, I agree with the wariness of other posters regarding this company and will deal with them only when I have to.

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  • Am
    amusedcustomer Jan 06, 2011

    This company tried to pull one over on me. First I ordered a product right before Christmas, but what I got was the wrong thing. I had ordered a LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator System for $99.99 and recieved something with the Twin Stim label on it. The Twin Stim looks like it goes for $69.95. I was sent a replacement (another Twin Stim) and I finally contacted LGMedSupply again. They sent out an order for UPS to pick up the wrong products they had sent, and sent me a replacement. I was happy when I got the right one because the label on the unit said LG-TEC COMBO...but I thought it was a little fishy how similar this LG-Tec Combo looked to the Twin Stim. I stuck my nail under the LG-TEC COMBO label and off it popped! What was underneath? A TWIN STIM label. Wow guys! I am now wondering if they sell different labels instead of different products. I'm not angry, since to me $100 is not worth losing sleep over, but I am however deeply offended that they think I'm such a [censor]. Now they're trying to send me a fourth TWIN STIM and my negative review on Amazon.com was addressed as being unfair because they did nothing wrong. It would be nice if I could just get my money back on my visa and if they could stop sending me labels...err I mean...products. I guess the jokes on them. I work in the horse racing industry where 90% of the people working at various race tracks have had a serious injury at one time or another. I would have been great advertising. I guess its a lesson learned for the both of us. Cheers!

    (I attached a picture of the third unit they sent me with the LG-TEC COMBO label peeled off and sideways over the TWIN STIM label.)

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  • Am
    amusedcustomer Jan 06, 2011

    Whoops I don't know if the pic attached correctly, but either way...pretty surprising.

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  • Ka
    KathyL. Dec 14, 2011

    I order the US Pro 200, a home ultrasound unit, without a prescription. It wasn't disclosed on their website that there were any safety issues as to usage by the average person without medical training or knowledge of the human anatomy.Nor that it was an FDA regulated item requiring a physicians RX. Only after receiving unit and reading manual was this information given. Tried contacting customer service via phone and email to clarify safety, to NO AVAIL, they are simply UNAVAILABLE period! The return label on package was from Austin, Texas, not Cherry Hill, NJ as listed on the website. Now I have a machine I'm afraid to use and reluctant to return via mail without speaking with a "human" representative for fear I won't get my money back. Filed a complaint with the BBB.

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  • Ka
    KathyL. Dec 21, 2011

    Finally received a call back from LG and was issued a refund, plus a check was sent covering my return costs.

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  • Ma
    Marc3345 Feb 14, 2012

    I don't think LGMed is a fraud, I was just very disappointed with the Quad unit, especially since the LG8 TM works great.
    I taught I give the LGMed Quad 4-1 a try. First of all, The screen with the blue backlit and black lettering is almost unreadable. Just the minutes are readable. All other setting are in such small letters on the blue backlit, you can just see something blinking. That's it. True, I just had eye surgery but for that part the LG8 was excellent and no problem to adjust.The Quad, has no real programmed settings like the LG8 ( I needed Mode EMS Asynchronous). you have to setup the Quad for every setting yourself. I had to do it under the magnifying glass. After it was setup it felt a bit softer then the LG8 but it was OK, except, after 6 hours the battery was dead. I taught this was just a old battery, sorry, same happen with a new battery. I send a e-mail and was told the Quad would not last longer then 6 to 9 hrs in EMS mode and 20 minutes in inferential mode. LG8 lasted 4 days in EMS mode on battery.
    I needed the LG8 24/7 for that week and it was great, no back-pain, it worked. I guess the Quad would work too, except you would have to plug it in. (110Volt). Who wants to walk around with a extension cord. I am returning it, unfortunately with a 20% restocking fee. Therefore it is not "worry-free" since you really can't try it without loosing about $50.- as they unfortunately advertise. (Restocking fee plus insured shipping, plus big envelope) I also found out it is only 20% for the first 7 days then it is 25% for 30 days plus everything that they would have to replace. Since I send them a e-mail already in the first week with all the problems I could find, they may give me that "grace" period, at least on the phone he told me 20%. I just mailed it back and will see how much they are going to refund.

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  • Fi
    Finder101 Apr 16, 2012

    I also found out fraud registered trademark LGMedSupply as you do research and it was not registered with www.USPTO.gov by basic search "LGMedSupply", but it claimed LGMedSupply as registered trademark at Amazon.com.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Washburn Apr 29, 2015

    I have ordered several products and have been completely satisfied. I cannot comment on customer service as I have never tried to contact them. I will tell you that I broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle and using the TENS unit 4-6 hours a day for 4 weeks not only helped with pain but also prevented scar tissue in the ankle joint and helped me get full mobility back. I would order other products from them off of my experience.

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  • Li
    Lisette Love Oct 16, 2015

    Every single review on their website is a scam. They do not allow actual people to leave reviews, they allow you to THINK you are leaving a review, and then as soon as you submit it, it disappears, no matter how many times that you try.

    I received my unit, first problem, the sticky pads that come with it are too wide to actually place the main portion onto the clips, they just keep popping off. (TENS massaging unit that claims you can attach unit to adhesive pads directly)
    Well luckily there was a cord that you could use to connect the main portion to the pads with a wire. The unit worked for all of less than five hours total time, then the battery died. Word of wisdom, don't buy one of these machines unless it is rechargeable, and from a different site.
    Then comes in their return policy. You pay 9.95 to have the item shipped back to them, and then they charge a 20-25% "restocking" fee. By the time I deduct that from what I actually paid (you pay for what you get in this case) I would be lucky to get a few dollars back from them and nothing to show for it. It is a waste of money and dies so quickly you are left wondering what you just spent forty dollars on after shipping and buying extra adhesive pads. Oh, and their customer service phone number is a sweet little hoax set up- you call, it tells you to press a number, you press it, it hangs up on you. EVERYTIME. This "business" is a hoax, go to amazon.

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