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D Aug 11, 2018

Date: 11 august 2018
Name: Dina Amr
Place: Cairo, Egypt

I bought a dryer from LG and wanted someone to come to plug it and show use it for the first time

I made the first call on Monday 6th august to set an appointment for the 11th of August (my only day off from work) the company refused to set an appointment and insisted that i must call 48 hours before the date I want
I told them that I will call on wednesady and the also refused and siad i should call on thursday to set an appointment for saturday the 11th

I called on thursday and they said it will be saturday 11 OR sunday 12, when i explained all what happened they said that Friday is their day off and it is not counted

After many negotiations they agreed to come on saturday 11th august between 1 and 2 pm

I was waiting for them on saturday and let me tell you that this is a new house and i am not living there yet so i have to drive 2 hours to arrive there

I arrived and was waiting for them and no one came
I called them five times and every time no one did ANY KIND OF HELP

All what they said is that I have to wait till someone calls me

No time frame!!! I just have to wait from 12 pm till 9 pm
No ONE helped me at all
They just kept saying that the are donig investigations and that some one will call me and no one called

They gave numbers to try to contact and these numbers were unreachable

Even the whatsapp service is awful NO one does any help
Now it is 11 pm and no one called or showed

All what they say is that I have to wait 48 hours
How can they be so careless about time of the client

How can they be so unprofessional and unhelpful

This is the first product I buy from LG and I am afraid it will be the last

If all this happens now, what will they do if the product broke or needed maintenance at some point

My father was about to buy completly new electronic from LG including tv, refrigirator, dryer and washing machine but let me tell you after what happened today i told him NO they are really bad

What happened today will affect your reputation because i am sure that it didn't happen just with me, their way says that this is what they do always

Please take action ... this is so bad for a well know brand like you
How can i recommend your brand if this is what i see when dealing with LG egypt for the first time

The call center number is 19960
My number [protected]
Email: dina .[protected]

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