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consumer abuse!

I have an LG Dryer model # DLG5932S. We continue to have an issue with the dryer not drying clothe...

faulty new piece delivered.. & no feedback to us regarding replacement..

I purchased new Branch of LG Freeze GL181 from Twinkle Electronics, Sector 20, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Dhanji - Tel [protected] on 24th Feb 08. & after 2 hours its connect so facing problem their is no cooling.

After complaining to LG customer Care they send patel engg for checking he said the freeze could send to service center, after repairing it will usable to use & it is faulty freeze.

Then I talked with Twinkle Electronics & shock that he not taking any responsibilty that saying the freeze will give/repair by LG only. We can't do anything.

When I talked to patel boss Mr. Gajanan, LG Repair & Maintain Dept, Shree Electronics, c/10, Shah Complex-II, Sanpada - 400 705, Tel.6100909, [protected] he trying continusly avoiding calls from me & their is no RESPONSE.


Mangesh S

service on a washer dryer

We have a 2-in-1 washer/dryer (w/d) that required service back in early December 2007. We purchased the appliance from Best Buy and bought an extended warranty on the appliance. Even though we bought the appliance from Best Buy, the company responsible for service repair is Metro Factory Service. When the w/d didn't work last December, we placed a call for service but the company couldn't send a technician out until January 7, 2008. The technician came to check the appliance and said that a "sensor part" was not working and that he would have to order the part from the manufacturer and it takes about five (5) working days to get the part. Once he gets the part he will come in the following week (week of January 14th) to fix the problem. I called the company the week of January 14th to see when they will send the technician to fix the w/d. They said the part is not in and they will notify us once they have the part. I called again the week of January 21st to see if the part was in from the manufacturer. The company assigned a technician for service on January 24th. This time we got a new technician who said that the problem was misdiagnosed by the first technician and that it’s not the "sensor part" but the "pump" that's not working. He said he would order the "pump" and once he has the pump he will be able to fix the problem. I got a call from Metro Factory Service on February 8th saying that they can send a technician on February 29th to provide the service. I asked if we could get the service earlier than that as it was already over two months since we were out of a working washer/dryer.
The customer service lady said the earliest they can send someone out is on February 22nd. I got a call from Metro Factory Service on February 21st that due to the bad weather conditions, they would have to cancel the service and reschedule for February 28th. I got a call again today (February 27th) from Metro Factory Service saying that there's no "technician" in the area until next week and that we have to reschedule the service appointment for March 5th.

At this point I am not sure if Metro Factory Service is serious about providing service.

We paid up-front for extended warranty when we bought the appliance. And we have not received an appropriate service in time. The problem was misdiagnosed in the first place by company's technician. The company has caused us a lot of hard-ship. I have placed numerous calls and have not heard from a manager representative of the company. The only people I have heard from are customer service people who called to cancel or reschedule the appointment. I have tried to reach the management (Ms. Stella, Manager) and left numerous messages with her staff as well as on her voice-mail but have not heard from her.

We are requesting a full investigation on the company and request that we receive full refund on the appliance plus compensation for all the hard ship we have endured in the last three months.

  • Ja
    Janet P. Daddi Mar 11, 2008

    Although I have not had the service call yet from this company, they did promise to come to check a new appliance a washing machine that is not even a month old because I feel it is not spinning correctly. It is a Whirlpool, Estate machine. Now I called and stayed in all day today 3/11/08 and called a couple of times to see if they were coming and they said they were. It is now 7:00 in the evening and I can not believe how people can lie. I am a senior citizen who can not afford the time or bad equipment. Now my next move is to call Whirlpool who suggested I call this company for service and give Whirlpool a piece of my mind for contracting with such horrible vendors.
    They could really care less, but I hate to be lied too with a straight face, just tell people they are to busy for one day and make it another, don't have people hanging all day. I hope this helps the next person who want to call this company for service.

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  • Ke
    kerry chadderton May 08, 2008

    We are having serious problems with this company Metro Factory Service. It has been a month since our original call and our whirlpool washer is still not working. We had to pay up front and it took over 3 weeks just to get the part in. Then we were told it would cost us an additional 135 dollars to take the dryer down(its a stacked set) so they could work on the washer. There customer service stinks, you would think whirlpool would use someone more reliable.

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  • Hu
    Hula May 09, 2008

    We bought the LG Tromm washer and dryer in January of 2008. We have had nothing but problems with both. Despite service calls and many attempts to return to HomeDepot, we have still not resolved the issue. We are trying to return both for a refund. The salesman lied to us, every service call reveals another issue with these machines, and they are nothing but JUNK!!! If you or anyone is considering buying an LG washer and /or dryer I highly suggest you look at any other brand. These machines do not clean, do not dry, and are nothing more than a con.

    0 Votes
  • Pa
    PatrickNJ Jun 23, 2009

    We bought this washer/dryer combo about a year and a half ago and they are garbage. The tub in the dryer cracked in half in just over a year and company will do nothing about it. Its not like something simple happened due to normal wear and tear. The tub is split in half!!! They say because we didnt purchase the extended warrnaty that there is nothing they can do. Totally unconscienable on thier part. From what Ive read, the people who purchased the extended warranties cant get any service either. This company, LG, makes garbage and tries to move it as quickly as possible to people who are not informed about the product. DONT buy anything from this company.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Morris Apr 27, 2011

    I will never ever buy a LG washer or dryer ever again. They are lemons. Horrible . Horrible. They are both a nightmares.

    0 Votes

double door refrigerator lower portion not cooling/moisture/smell

I have a double door fridge and have problem with the lower area. Several complaints have been made but...

my fridge is over freezing, have submitted complaint to seller and nothing has been done about it.

I recently bought an LG 320 Combi Metalic Fridge from Dion in Boksburg, South Africa on the 16the August 2007, but had the fridge delivered to me on the 5th September 2007. At the beginning of December 2007, I noticed that the freezer at the bottom was over freezing and the bottom door could not close completely but the temperature was on 1 degrees . Then I decided to defrost it and it was ok. Then when I switched it back on it would over freeze again, this time I couldn't even open the first two top shelves . Then I reported it to Dion on the 28th December 2007, where I was told I will receive a phone call as to when a Technicain will come and have it checked. Then I phoned again on the 4th January and I was told not to worry, this matter has been reported to LG. I phoned again on the 5th Janaury 2008 and the lady I spoke told me that the matter has been reported to LG and there is nothing she can do about it as it the festive season, technicains are still on holiday. In the meantime, my freezer door is opened and it is frozen. Then on the evening of the 5th January 2008, I decided to defrost the frigde again. It took 2 full days to let the fridge defrost completely. I had to throw away food because it was off. Right now I do not have a fridge and I have no idea how long that is going to take before I can get a technicain to come over and get it checked. I am so, so disappointed with the service I am currently receiving from both LG Technicain and Dion. If this issue is not attended to , this time i am going straight to the Consumer Council and it will be in the front page of a local newspaper. I hope I will receive assitance as soon as possible

Best Regards
Kgomotso Morusi

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callous behaviour of lg staff

----- Original Message -----
From: Rajneesh Madhok
To: [protected]@lgindia.com ; [protected]@lgindia.com ; [protected]@lgindia.com
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 7:21 [protected]@lgindia.com ;
Subject: Re: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Date: Jan 4, 2008
Respected Sir,
Sir, From where you got this couplet. You forget the day when you kicked out me from your office. Lagta hai aapko bhi galat fahmi ho gayi hai aur aap apne aapko proksh roop mein Bhagawan se bhi bada maante ho. Lekin aap Samucha LG nahin balki aap LG ke liye hain. Aur LG ka dawa hai ki woh Grahak ki sewa ke liye hai. Aap Vishwas se bhare hain aur hona bhi chahiye kyon ki Aaap ko LG ne Supreme Commander ki kursi par jo baitha diya hai. Parntu yeh nahin bhoolna chahiye ki Ati (Excess) hamesha buri hoti hai. Aur yeh bhi jo apni jadon (Roots) ko bhoolne ki koshish karte hain samay aane par jadein (Roots) use aahar dena band kar deti hain

Sir, you kicked out to me from your office. Har Kutte ke din badlte hain. That day was your and I was treated like a dog and you shouted at me. I accepted your order as you were the Supreme Commander of the day and being a supreme Commander (God), I accepted your order. I reminded you about your roots.

Aapne jo logon ko dekhne ke liye chashma chadhaya hai woh kuch ulta pulta aap ko dikhata hai. Kyon ki is chashme ka number har insaan ko dekh kar badal jata hai. Kabhi bhi Grahak ka Anadar karne wale Sachche Officer nahin ho sakte.

Aapne kaha ki bharat ek loktantrik desh hai aur yahan par sab ko apni baat kahne ka adhikar hai. Kintu Abhiwayakti ki aajadi ka yeh matlab nahin ke aap kisi ki bhawna par chot pahunchaye jayein aur baad mein security point ka bahana banayein.

Mein koyi Gola barud le kar aap se milne nahin aaya tha, jo security point beech mein aa gaya. Aap ko kaya Z Plus Security mili hai. Jo aap apne staff ki her baat ko Security Point se jaayaz thera rahein hain. LG ka Godown to mana ki security point of view se jayada senstive hai. Aaap ki jaan ko khatra kab se badh gaya.

Sir, I hope that you have a doubt that you are bigger than God even. You are not LG but you are working for LG. And LG says that it is for the service of the customer. You are over confident and it should be as you have got the seat of the Supreme Commander by the Kind Grace of LG. But you should not foget that Excess of Everything is bad. And those people who try to forget about their roots, when the time comes that roots stop to give energy to that person and it become unnoursished.

Sir you kicked me out treating me like a DOG. Time change the fate of Every dog. Tgat day was yours thats why you shouted. I accepted your order treating it as the order of God. But I reminded you about your roots as well.

You are viewing the persons with spectacles, that passes wrong impression to your brain. Because the number of that Glasses changes to see one & other person as per his status. It is sure that the person who misbehave with a customer can never become a Good Officer.

You said that India is a democratic country. It is not like that you continue to play with the sentiments of everybody and lastly declare it valid on security Point of View. LG's Godown can be sensitive on Security Point of View. But is it that LG is more worried about your security.

I had not come with arms and ammunition to see you, then where the point of security exists. Whether you have got Z-Plus security. That you consider right every point of your staff due to security reasons.

Yours truly,

----- Original Message -----
From: [protected]@lgindia.com
To: [protected]@vsnl.net
Cc: [protected]@lgindia.com
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 9:12 AM
Subject: Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Dear mr rajneesh

It is extremely unfortunate that this happened to one of our estemeed customer & that too in Our office
let me enquire about the whole issue & would revert back to you soon on this
we sincerely appoligse for the same
For us customer is the king & this behaviour is surely uncalled for
If possible pl let me know the convenient time when we could serve you at your door step with all the queries related to this product

As for as my caste is concerned this is good that you reminded me that even after coutries independence for the last 60 years Sachdeva'a are still considered to be refugees
any way i strongly beleive "HAM SUB EK HI BHAGWAN KI AULAAD HAI"

Surinder sachdeva
----- Forwarded by Surinder S Sachdeva/JAL/LGE/IN on 01/04/2008 08:43 AM -----
Ashok Chugh

01/03/2008 11:01 PM

To: Surinder S Sachdeva/JAL/LGE/[protected]@LGINDIA
Subject: Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Feelings very bad in forwarding such mail to you, but cant help without bringing it to your knowledge.

Ashok Chugh
CS - Punjab
----- Forwarded by Ashok Chugh/LUD/LGE/IN on 03/01/2008 10:59 PM -----
Rajneesh Madhok <[protected]@vsnl.net>
Sent by: [protected]@vsnl.net
03/01/2008 09:00 PM
To [protected]@lgindia.com
Subject Fw: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

----- Original Message -----
From: Rajneesh Madhok
To: [protected]@vsnl.com
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 8:41 PM
Subject: Callous Rude, discourteous behaviour of LG officials

Ph: [protected] (O), 268210 (R)
Mobile : [protected],
E-mail: [protected]@vsnl.net
Tele-fax: [protected]


RM/12/1/441 Date: Jan 3, 2008

Respected Sir/Madam,
I went to LG office /Area Depot Village Khajurla, Near Phagwara to make a query regarding LG26LX7R LCD Screen. I hope this is the number, mostly the dealers specify it as 7R. As there was a difference in the price in the market of Rs. 6,000/- for the same product, I went there to enquire about the matter and wanted to purchase the product. As the market is quoting the price starting from Rs. 27,000, with variation to Rs. 28,500/-, 29,500/- Rs 30,500/-, 31,500/- & again Rs. 32,500/-. As there is difference of more than 20% for the same product in the same town. I became curious to know the fact. In this process how I became the victim of callous, rude, discourteous behaviour of officials of LG. The tale begins as under:
1. On 1st Jan 2008, I went to LG Office at Khajurla to make the query with the concerned Manager. Firstly the Security Guard was reluctant to reply anything. Any how he told me that today is off-day so no staff member is there.
2. On 1st Jan the company's depot was also closed.
3. On 2nd Jan again I went to Company's depot first. The official directed me to contact to the Office. Then I went to Khajurla office of LG Company.
4. Ond 2nd Jan, I requested to the Security Guard that I want to see the Manager. He said why & Who are you? I said that I am a customer and want to purchase an LCD Tv, so I have come to get the query. He said go to the market and get the knowledge from the dealers. On my insitences somehow he permitted me to go to office.
5. Then I met with receptionist and said that I want to see the Manager. She enquired Why? & Who I am. I repeated my purpose that I want to purchase the LCD and told her that I am a customer. She said "No". You are not allowed. I requested her again and told her that previously I have purchased One Tv, One Refrigerator, One A.C. and the concerned Manager had arranged the deal. She said O.K. I just talk to the Manager. She went inside and came back and said the Manager? Who Manager? I said Mr. Sachdeva. She said O.K. She went inside and told me that the Manager will not meet you. Then I handed my Visiting Card to her that Specified that I am Distt. President of Bahujan Samaj Party (Khatri Wing). Then again she went in and said the Manager will not meet you.
6. After a few minutes an official came out Mr. Ashutosh Sharma [protected], He enquired the subject. I said I want to see Mr. Sachdeva. He enquired the reason. I told him the purpose. As he moved inside to enquire from Mr. Sahdeva as I tried to accompany him. He said Go outside. As I had just put a step inside the office I was made to Go Outside. I came out, after a few minutes the person named Mr. Ashutosh Sharma came out and said that you can not see Mr. Sachdeva. I requested him to arrange for the LCD. He told me that there is no Sales Personnel in the office at present. I shall make you a call shortly. After the expiry of 36 hours no one has called me.

1. I must not forget to mention that the officials of LG are absolutely callous, rude & discourteous.
2. Is it that Sales Manager & the staff has been employed with a lesson of rude behaviour.
3. L.G. is dealing with the consumer durable products which have service Orientation. IS IT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE?
4. Whether the need is only from customer side & Sales Officers and LG officials are least bothered to manage customer.
5. Whether we the customers are not more than a mud that has no existence. It is Punjabi couplet "Roori de wi din badlde hun". That the dust (After harvesting wheat crop) changes its time. As when it gets the help of the wind it reaches to the head who press it regularly.
6. Why LG officials ARE FURIOUS. Is it because the cusomer came from lower caste & had not asked permission to enter in his office. Though Mr. Sachdeva belongs to a caste which is prominently called "Refugee" or "Jhangi" in our community & I belong to a prestigious caste Khatri with Doaba based ancestors. Our ancestors have never sold cowdung cakes as Mr. Sachdeva's community had been selling.
7. Though I never met Mr. Sahdeva, he must be living in inferiority complex. As this community had been deprived off from sitting nearby. That's why he tries to behave like this.
8. I had not gone to get any sort of the alm from Mr. Sachdeva. Now I understand why our forefathers hate this Aroras (Sachdeva Caste people) because they people don't have etiquettes to move in society.

The Sale & Purchase is the secondary point. The first point which all the advanced countries officials favour. That they people regard the Customer and don't misbehave with the customers like LG Officials.

I hope that the LG officials will investigate the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Rajneesh Madhok)

my refrigerator is getting cracks. it is in the warranty period

My Fridge is getting cracks inside when i tried to call the person from LG they told me you will have to pay $4000.00 extra for the replacement. Also he told me u can do anything you want to we dont care. We will not replace the fridge. His name is Manoj Maheswari. The fridge is in the warranty period. If u can please help me.

nasty smell!

Purchased an LG dishwasher. After 3 service calls they replaced it!! The one they replaced quit working after...

terrible customer service!

I bought the 250cc sharp shooter. At 1st I called them and told them that I want to pay by credit card. They said, if the order is over 500$ that they will charge me a fee. So, I paid by E-check. I bought the 6 month warranty with it. $1700. Took 3-4 weeks to receive it. I went and picked it up from the terminal because they were taking WAY too long. I put it together, and what they say that it would only take an hour, took 4. The ATV would then idle to fast, or not at all. When I got it, there were NO back brakes, the front BARLEY worked. Called them and told them that it had no back brake pad. They said thats no covered. A month later, the chain broke. I called, and told them that the chain broke and I need a new one. They said ok, we'll order it, let me have an email address and we will send a confirm, we need $10 for shipping.

Which they did charge me for. Never got it. 2 weeks later I called them a again, saying that it won't idle, seems like it wants to back fire and that I haven't received my chain. 'oh, its on back order'. 'You have to adjust the carb, after break in.' Which I did. Then a month later, I called again, and asked where is my chain was, 'well I see that it was ordered, let me order it again. give me an email address.' Still haven't got it. I again called 2 weeks later. 'oh, well the guy that worked in parts got fired for lieing to customers. saying he order parts and didn't.'

I told them that I need a crab because it not running right. 'oh ok, let me have your email and i'll order it'. Which then he was suppose to order the chain and the carb. Still NOTHING. Called back a week ago after taking the ATV to the beach. (which EVERYTHING RUSTED ON IT) asked them where is my chain and carb is? 'Well, I see that it was ordered back in aug.' I then told them. OK Well I need a petcock, carb, chain, back brake pads because they never came with it, the front brakes doesn't work any more, it leaking gas everywhere, the muffler rusted, the frame is rusting. If I don't get my parts in a week, I will be calling my lawyer.

'Ok, we will get them ordered. let me have you email, we will send a confirm' 'oh by the way, did you ever send a picture of it?' I told them, no, and I'm not going to send a pic, its to much hassle, now send me my parts... 'ok sir'. I then called back 20 mins later just to confirm that they had it on the file. Which they said yes. I called a lawyer anyway to talk to him, the lawyer gave me some crap of, 'well, do you have warranty info in writing?' I said it on the web site. 'well when you get it, call me back.' which then I never heard from him again.

I tired calling LG to ask where is the warranty info, they said, that they don't have any written info. I told that lady that answers that I want something in writing. She of course replied, 'well to bad.' Now, here I am with 1 month left on the warranty and I still have yet to receive any part from them. I do plan to call another lawyer and talk to him about sewing them... I plan to try on 2 things. Ether getting them shut down, and possible jail time for false advertising or refunds for people that want them.

  • Ph
    Phil huy Jan 07, 2008

    Sound like a bad company. I google this company out because I ordered x scooters and they all arrived broken. The first round of calling for exchange and refund was not successful due to they transfer me around and around without getting to the right person. The second round of calling also not successful cause they said they are so busy at this time, please call back in half hour. This is not a good sign of customer support.

    I will try to call them again to see if I get anywhere... so far, customer service is not good at all.

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  • Mi
    MikeMackin Jan 07, 2008

    I ordered a bike from these guys, and it was great. The unit took about 2 weeks to arrive and Then when it got here, it was the easiest thing to put together. If you cant put together something that they sell, you shouldn't be buying one in the first place. They do not sell X Scooters and That has nothing to do with this company. Customer service is hard to come by, and this company definetly has EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE when I call up. I WOULD RECOMMEND LG WHOLESALE TO EVERYONE AS THEY ARE A GREAT COMPANY!

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  • Ho
    Howard Godwin Feb 29, 2008











    21765 S. CENTER AVE. NEW LENOX, IL, 60451 Toll Free 866-710-6096

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  • Ta
    Tabitha Cruz Apr 12, 2008

    LG Global Owner drives a $100, 000 Audi and laughs at all of your complaints. He is also dating a 17 year old girl.

    0 Votes
  • Th
    Thuy Jun 18, 2008

    I totally agree with this person! LG does not keep their words! When you get info to sue, let me know...I like to do the same!

    0 Votes
  • Fi
    Fischer Jul 02, 2008

    "Mikemackin" is a schil for LG. He published his phony response
    to make LG look acceptable. They are NOT!
    Just go to their website...what a con-artist JOKE!
    Price goes up in 3 hours from time you've visited the site...Followed by, "Makes Us an Offer"...and then: Price CHEAPER if you use Check...DAAAaa, you can't "Reverse Fraudulent Charges" on a Check!!!

    You're buying chinese...isn't THAT, a big enough gamble for you stupid americans, as it is?? Why add more risk by buying from Scheister - Card sharks?? You are idiots, all!

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    jo' mama Jul 18, 2008

    Enough of the American jokes you flockin' free loaders. It's high time for you weak ### fence jumpers, just off the boaters and tax dodgers to get your ### off of medicaid before a 4 pound slug flying at the speed of sound finds your ###.
    Stop buying these Chinese ATV's, solar powered minibikes and electric wave runners and enroll your ### in an English as a second language class.
    It's high time to throw up a 100 foot electric fence around this country and give every registered voter a border patrol badge.
    "You buying chinese...isn't DAT, a big nough gamble for you stupid americans, as it is?? Why add more wisk by buying from Scheister - Card sharks?? You all idiots, all!
    Oh, okay Charwee, go dig another tunnel, ###.

    0 Votes

fraud service

This is an advisory to all LG TV users. Their service in India is
a fraud operation. They charge a large sum for first visit and then
disappear without repairing. Given reason : awaiting replacement
for faulty part.

There is not direct contact and their call centre will only give robotic
answers. This happened to me for five weeks.

Contacting LG Electronics Corporation, S. Korea was no help
either. The company redirects you to Indian subsidiary.

Finally a local repairman procured the part in two days and repaired
the TV.

  • Jn
    J.N.Shrivastava Mar 07, 2010

    I am residing at CH-14 Jhingurda Project, P.O. Jhingurda, Dist. Singrauli (M.P.).Your service Mechanic who is residing at Waidhan, has taken some parts of my TV long back, but till now he has not returned the same after repairing.
    You are there fore requested to instruct him to return the same.I believe that your after sale service is very poor and your people are not co operating the customers.
    My ph.no. 07805272566, 09425176727.

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stains ruining all my clothes

I bought this machine 6 months ago from a lady leaving to go overseas therefore I have no idea which store it was bought from or if still under guarantee

Bottom line the machine is ruining all my clothes and bed linen and towels.

I have already thrown many away and at the end of my tether

I have cleaned the machine. I have done a load with no clothes in and some amonia and still no joy - its just ruined another of my expensive towels and ive had enough
what can be done

I also feel I should be compensated for loss of clothing bedding towels etc

My cell number is [protected] Your urgent response would be appreciated

  • Pa
    Patrick McGahey Dec 19, 2007

    We had the same problem, with an LG toploader apparently fabric softner is the main culprit. After phoning around we were quoted R400 by LG and R250 from an independant repair shop. Decided to tackle the job myself, took out the drum and found black gunge on the drum and inside the tank, cleaned with high pressure spray assembled and seems to be fine. no normal rinsing with hot water or chemicals will remove this dirt it has to be scrubbed or sprayed. We suggest using a decent washing powder eg. SA 8 from Amway- the best washing powder in the world which will keep your machine clean once it has been cleaned.

    Hope this helps.

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  • He
    Helen Smith Nov 17, 2008

    Being a single 50 year old female, to do what was suggested in the above comment, a little difficult for me. Surely there must be some kind of other method one could do with out striping the machine, i to have lost clothes, linen and towels due to this thick black gunge that sticks to the machine. I have tried to clean the machine with coarse salt and hot water and i do use Bio Classic Products, as i was told to use only that as it does not build up soap residue, well not true.
    Please help.

    Yours Truly
    Helen Smith

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empty promises and no freaking tv

Recently I had the pleasure of purchasing a new TV, an LG unit. One month and two days after purchase the power supply blew (LG's service centre diagnosis). Long story short, a new part was ordered, but the wrong part was ordered (cue the circus music). I was then promised a new unit as replacement and that it would be shipped to me in Grahamstown. One month later the replacement unit was authorized. I waited...and time passed slowly. After finally deciding of not dealing with the proxy I called LG headoffice in the Big Smoke of Gauteng who then proceeded to give me the run around and finally after contiunous hounding I was given a tracking number, note a tracking number that means a unit was dispatched. Upon calling the "ringlin brothers" in PE, I was told that they would follow up on the tracking number and it was tracked down to their receiving department. It was in PE, I smiled I cried. But alas HQ forgot to include some key documents and it was not shipped, the unit then seemingly disappeared. Because suddenly there was no unit for shipping and someone at head office still had to send it. WTF WTF man! More phone calls to LG PE and LG JoBurg and two weeks later the phantom TV was dispatched again. Finally the unit is in PE and LG are disputing the fact that they promised to send the TV to me. Now this is probably going to go nowhere and I have a better chance of squeezing myself into the clowncar at LG PE and actually driving and delivering the TV to myself than actually getting an answer out of them. So one wonders, do the uber efficient LG head honcho's in South Korea know what a bad reputation there South African division is giving them. If I lived anywhere else I'd probably have had the TV delivered by the CEO himself but until that time arrives I will continue to deal with clowns, empty promises and no freaking TV. Thank you LG, Samsung just got a new client.

  • Cr
    Crunchie May 26, 2011

    Need simple answer from LG where I can have portable dvd player model DP461D repaired with posable cracked screen, not to pay R230.00 for on line tecnition to tell me the screen is broken. Please LG make your site user friendly, or is your products not repairable by deviating answers on reliable repair unit. Bought this unit for my grand daugter on the stength of your adverts some time ago bring your LG broken units for rapid repair. Did not save the detail as I thought this is what service is all about. All I want is service centre adress or contact detail.

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  • Ha
    HANS RAADGEVER Jul 06, 2011

    SENT YOUR EMAIL TO [email protected] PLEASE

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  • Le
    Leeandre May 04, 2013

    My aunt lost her Manual for her new washing machine, which she just bought recentley its. A Semi-automatic washing machine. Model : p1860RWP serial number 008twhx03489! Is it possible for yourl to send us a manual! Please get back to me ASAP

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  • Ra


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  • Ni
    Nicolene1 Nov 21, 2014

    I bought an LG washing machine (F1403YD5) about 4 years ago now. The door rubber got damaged and I contacted the Lg repair centre to replace the rubber.
    After the technician replaced the rubber, the machine made a hell of a noise whilst spinning. LG informed me tbat the shocks of the then 3 and a half year old machine needed replacement. This was as a result of overloading, which is impossible if you are single and only manage to ever fill half a load. They then replaced the shocks. Thereafter the machine could not spin clockwise. Another technician came to fix the second problem created by LGs repair centre. He told me the old shocks were okay and never needed replacement. Thereafter the machine made the same noise as after the rubber was replaced. I was then told by LG that they would send the machine to their engineer to have a look at the problem and fix it. The machine returned 2 weeks later with the same problem, now only at the higher spin cycles. This was early-mid September 2014.
    Since then, my boyfriend and I have contacted LG almost every day with no response. Either the lady handling our complaint is in training, or out, or they will call you back (which they never do). This has been going on for almost 2 months (today is 21 Nov 2014).
    At this point, the only solution I see is to never buy an LG product again and continue the struggle to get a hold of them...
    This is the worst service I have ever received in 26 years!

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  • Bo
    Bongiwe Dawn Tshabalala Jan 04, 2017

    Good day

    My name is Bongiwe Dawn Tshabalala. My mother and her neighbour bough a LG TV. The TV's are having are having the same problem, the screen just went off and there is no volume at all. Both TV's had the same problem as it started with the grey screen. We are not happy with the LG products as the guranteed is finished and the TV"s are having the same problem. My mother is staying in Free State. My mother's contact details: 0724056145

    Kind Regards
    Bongiwe Dawn Tshabalala (0725362962/0792794174)

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lg cannot replace my home theater remote??

I bought New LG television & home theater from Big bazaar in month of May 2007. I reported 2 problems to them. Firstly, My dvd home theater was not givin 5.1 output and the home theater Remote was non-functional. They sent an engg, who was fairly new to the JOB, didnt know how to connect the cables, later they sent another experienced ENGG who fixed my issue with the connection and later he informed since LG home theater remote is non funtional it has to be replaced. All this happened during Mid week of October,2007. Since LG remote was out of stock, LG informed me that i can get a replacement from the dealer - Big bazaar. when i enquired about the remote in big bazaar they informed that they will replace it only if LG can send them an authorization email, they can replace the remote. But LG refused to send any email. Every time i call LG care # report the issue, they close my case stating that they have refered me to the dealer- Big bazaar where as they would have promised me a call back after an hour or so. Finally , i spoke to Murali- manager- LGservices, who informed that they will send replacement by tuesday or atleast let me know an eta. I am still waiting for a call from them. Its almost more than 3 weeks that i am running around for a home theater remote replacement. Why cant some one take Ownership of my case and get this resolved? the product is less than 7 months why cant LG replace the remote? I never received such a pathetic customer service from any manufacturer. WHEN WILL I GET MY REMOTE REPLACED?

  • Sh
    sharleen Nov 14, 2007

    Very poor service by LG. Why cant they replace after all a home theater remote??

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no sound

Hi !

Would like to mention that we bought a 29 inches TV from Razzle Dazzle ,Yojana Vihar in Aril 2007 .The TV was functioning fine , but after 5 months , Setember , it started showing some trouble , as there was no sound even after 45 mins of switching on the TV !!The tech guy came 2-3 times , informed us that some ic was to be changed but till date there is no action , as such TV is without any sound !!

Its really strange that LG is so focussed on selling but really not taking care of customers !!

irregularty in service during warranty period‏

This is to inform you that I Sanjeev Ghosh, Kolkata had purchased a LG Desktop PC Model XDT,Sl. No.702NLCP000379 From Prapoli Infonet PVT. Ltd., 110, College streetkolkata-12, on 27/07/2007, from 5th of October i having problem with thepower switch so i bothered to call at LG service center number andexplained the fact, i know a bit of hardware as well as software so iexplained them specifically that the problem is with the power switch, itwas 13th of October at 9/9.30 in the morning i got the complain number A1300040, at 10.am i got a call from the LG service center Prosys Infosolution and again i had explained them my problem, then at 12noon service Engineer Mr Arjit Dhar called me up at my cell number and asked about theproblem again i explained him the whole fact he said he will come to myhouse at 2.pm, so i took Half day leave from my office and came back home but this engineer came to my house at 5.15pm, then he switched on mycomputer and again switched off that once and gave me a paper to sign inwhich it was mentioned " I am satisfied with the service and purduct isworking perfectly" then i saw in the upper part of that service note sheet it was mention switch is not working need to replace, i argued with him that why i will sign when the work is not done, i asked him to give his snr.'s number, now i spoke to Mr Prabhakar Barik and explaied him what his engineer has done, he said directly he can do nothing more then that if youwant to complain to any body you can do it then, i spoke to Mr. Pradip Singh he said give me 2, 3 days time i will fix your problem, on is 26th of october iwrote a letter to [protected]@lgindia.com mentioning all the details and got reply from me Ankit Singh as follows "We acknowledge your mail and really appreciate your effort for sharing yourconcerns with us through our web services. Further to your query, we haveforwarded your issue to concerned Branch service incharge and assure youthat an immediate step would be taken in this regard. Please don't hesitate to contact our Branch service incharge Mr. .................. if you need any more information on his mobile number 98300****4. "
then i bother to call the branch incharge on 26 at 11 am , Mr. Abhoy Tewari - Branch service incharge, i called him him on 26th itself at 11am in the morning, he said he will call me but did'nt bother to at last in the evening i bother to call him up to know the status he said he is looking to it and let me know next on 27 in the morning hours no call from his side, then again i bothered to call him up at 1.30pm he said he was having lunch and as soon as he finishes his lunch he would give me a call. 27th whole day gone, 28th whole day gone and today 29th it 12.07pm he didn't bother to let me know the status so i bother to give him call he says yet he is to receive the parts. now my question is have i purchsed a non branded Pc so that i will have to suffer like this ??? or what is the exact problem ??? i don't understand from where this parts of my pc is coming that it is 16th day after complain and service center is yet to receive it ?? to whom i can complain regarding this ?? bcos everyday i have to spent lots of money in calling these Lg guys to know the status. please let me know and explain all the above mentioned points. also let me know the phone numbers of Regional service Incharge and National service incharge with there email ID.
1st complain number A1300040
2nd reminder Complain ID-N7CA2505692
29/10 - 3rd reminder.

dangerous range

I cut my toe on the razor sharp edge of the warming oven. 4 stitches required. Others in family have also been cut by oven. This is not a defect limited to my stove. I have checked several appliance dealers and all have this model with the same defect.

Have not heard from LG since 9/14/07 and they do not return my calls. This model needs to be recalled.

bad service support, technically inferior staff


I bought my LG 1 tonn air conditioner in Delhi, India. Since then every summer, the gas leaks from the AC. In this year itself, it is the third time the gas has leaked inspite of the fact that last time, the company took the airconditioner to their plant to do a overhauling. Within 1 month of that the gas has leaked once again. My house has other brands air cobditioners too...one is hitachi and the other is carrier. However none of the other air conditioners give this problem.

It is disgusting and disppointing that after spending such huge monies, we get technically inferior products and not just that the company does not have good staff to rectify the problem once and for all.

My Local technician says, it is a compressor problem and it shd be changed as the compressor is still under warranty. however the company denies any compressor problem. Could this be a mal practice of the company to avoid changing the compressor and wait till the time it goes out of warranty.

Can somebody guide?

  • Ba
    Balan.P Sep 08, 2007

    We have 2 LG units 01 is 8.5 tons and other 5.5 tons in our office,we had approached LG for servicing the units and was informed that someone would get in touch within 24hours against complaint no 90602016, accordingly we received a call and the technician sent was for single phase units. Later the lead was passed on to someone else called Raghu Phone no 9444049499, who had promised to sent his technicians and demanded Rs.700 towards inspection charges and would give an estimation later. The same was accepted by us and he assured us that he would come for inspection on saturday morning, when we had called him on saturday, he demanded Rs.2000 for inspection charges instead of Rs.700. The reason quoted by him was that the time he spends inspecting my machine he can easily earn rs.5000,sending his technician somewhere else, i had taken up the issue with Mr.Vinod service engineer for LG, who was very kind and assured that the same person (Raghu) would be coming for the inspection at the rates promised by him. However when the person was again contacted he demanded Rs.3000 from Rs.2000 and when asked him why there was a increase again and the promise by the service engineer, he was very rude over the phone and also used abusive language, since i had taken the issue to the service engineer.

    Friends this person was trying make money as we were already in the weekend and had tried to capitalize on the situation. LG Should look into attitude of such people who are working for a reputed organization like LG, where the motto is to serve the customers rather than harassing them.

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pathetic customer service!

Id purchased a new LG refrigerator from a local dealer in Bangalore (Viveks) on assurance that besides excellent device performance, the customer service was equally good. The nightmare started right from the moment it was sent to us

1: The refrigerator landed with a horrible dent due to transportation and mis-handling.

2: The lg executive sent to install the fridge did not know basic english and had very poor communication.

3: Registering a complaint with the LG service center for replacement took the cake.

After numerous calls and assurances that the deceive would be replaced within a week, no action has been taken yet.The local customer service personnel now tells me that the invoice hasn't even reached their department after all the formalities were done 2 weeks back!!!

Very disappointed!!! These people are sitting there to take their customers for a ride!!

  • Sh
    shabreen Dec 11, 2007

    I had same complaint for spar mall on banargatta road.

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  • Jo
    Joy Jan 05, 2009

    I had a terrible experience with systems solutions, where I did the mistake of buying a LG DVD writer and guess what.. no customer service at all. I had to make number of calls to get some help. When I called LG customer service to complain about the dealer I get a response that we dont register any complains here. You will need to visit the service center and get help.

    About System Solution, the lady sitting in the frnot desk promised that the quality of service will be the best. They just installed the drive and left the drivers to be installed by me for which I paid Rs 100. Today when I call them for support they say that all the technicians are busy and cannot be sent for any support. I am seriously considering going to consumer forum.

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  • Ru
    Ruapsi Patel Aug 06, 2009


    I too had a similar incident. We purchased an L G refrigerator from a local dealer in Commercial street who promised better performance and durability when compared to the others. It says that the fridge has 5 yrs of warranty ... but unfortunately it is of NO USE.

    I had a problem where in the timer is non functioning within a year and called customer service. I too faced a similar problem wherein the representative could not speak English (basic). Did not know what is the problem was and which component needs to be replaced? After identifying the problem the components are so very priced that it becomes un affordable to replace after paying a heavy price to the so called NEW REFRIGERATOR!!

    I feel bad that such products and services are and will be affecting the brand name and its reputation. Please think of delivering quality goods to bring in customer satisfaction.

    I am very disappointed with the product and have spread a word of mouth to my friends, families and colleagues about my experience with the product and its service.

    Highly disappointed!!

    Rupasi Patel

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lg products suck and they don't care

I bought this TV from Best Buy on a Saturday in July and it died on Sunday. It turned on, flashed a few times, and shut off. We exchanged it and enjoyed it for 41 days before it died. It took 11 days for the service guy to show up and another 23 days to get the part and return. Of course either they sent or he ordered the wrong part. He said the LG changes their suppliers often so the parts change. His new power supply didn't fit my TV made in May of this year.

LG will consider replacement after the service guy has 30 days from his first visit. They acknowledge that it won't be fixed by then but won't even consider replacing it before the 30th day. At that point the TV will have been broken for as long as it worked.

LG products Suck and they don't care.

  • Se
    Serenity0705 Nov 11, 2011

    I completely agree that LG sucks and they have the worst customer service. I ordered a microwave online and when it arrived the light didn't work and after trying it once it shut off completely. Called LG and they wanted me to take my brand new microwave that I just unpacked to a service center. I was livid, and spoke to and called every number I could find. I bought and paid for a new working microwave not one that doesn't work and needs servicing out of the box. Finally we got them to send me another microwave. This time you can obviously tell the product is not brand new as it should be. There is a ding in the door scratches on it and I had to wipe it down after removing it from the box because there were some sort of smudges all over it. The box itself was beat up. I don't understand how a company can do things like this.

    0 Votes

fraud and cheating!

Here's the deal. On 5/5/06, we purchased a brand new LG (Lucky Goldstar, Korean Piece of C**P) refrigerator. It fit (barely) into our available space, but had water in the door and a bottom freezer. We were briefly happy with our $1400. purchase. At just a few months, the latch on the door broke. We had an authorized repair person come out to fix it. While fixing the latch, he cracked the door and broke the handle. Obviously he didn't know what he was doing.

Just a couple of months later, the fridge part stopped cooling. We called the service number and got a different repair person. The guy came out and said it was the computer part that was malfunctioning. He ordered a new one... Oh, and by the way, you're out of warranty. That'll be $400.00.

I called LG and got them to extend the warranty for 30 days to cover this problem. They did. Turns out the computer panel (2 weeks waiting time) was NOT the problem. It was a different problem. It needed another part (another 2 weeks waiting time). Then that part came in and it malfunctioned again about a week later. He ordered another part (another 2 weeks) and came to replace that one. Now here it is, September, the fridge is exactly 1 year, 4 months, 9 days old and the freezer doesn't work.

Kevin and I just spent time on the phone with a script-reading "stupid-visor" who told us, basically, "tough s**t". We will have to have it repaired and pay for it ourselves. No replacement. Since I don't want to worry that my food is going to go bad again (I've already thrown away $$$$$ in food), I want a new fridge. I thought about selling this one, but Kevin says we really shouldn't let anyone go through these problems. It just wouldn't be right. He wants to take a hammer to it and vent out his frustration.

I'll be sure and post the video of him smashing the fridge on youtube under LG FRIDGE SUCKS, or something like that. Well, I'll put the link here. So that's it, folks. DO NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS! YOU WILL BE SORRY! The Koreans bought out Goldstar (piece of c**p company) and added "lucky" to it to make LG, then try to CON us into thinking it means "life's good" and you get all squishy feeling inside. WRONG! LIFE IS NOT GOOD when you own their products. Please feel free to pass this little story along to whomever you wish. The MORE readers, the better. This company needs to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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