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Complaints & Reviews

defective handle

Bought a LG GR-621RW fridge 5 years ago. Every 14 months, we have to get a new handle because they keep breaking. Hassle, hassle, hassle. Never buy LG.

  • Me
    melpur Apr 28, 2009

    I also have the same problem with the handle. I have had mine replaced 5 times in the past 6 years. Upon calling LG, they have never given me a difficult time replacing the handle. They always send one out right away. The last one I received was supoosed to have been made with a stronger material. I am hoping that is the last of the broken handles. Other than that, I have had positive customer service experience with LG and they never hassle me for a copy of my receipt unlike some other companies.

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  • Ma
    Matt8 Jul 24, 2010

    I had the same problem as well. I just called LG Customer Support and they said they would send me out a replacement (5-7 business days). Customer service also gave me no hassle.

    Ontario, Canada

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bad service

Bad service of lg service center the people over there are not at all responsible about there duties because...

worst customer service - lg split ac

Hi I hav bought a 1.6ton split AC. And its sensor/display is not working. I had registered a complaint 3...

lg front load washer always of balance

Purchased a front load washer from a store called RC Wiley june 1st washer was delivered june 17th. When...

sump dead/no help from lg

Where do I start? First off my experience with LG corporation has caused me to shout it out loud to avoid...

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after sales service of a. c.

I have bought lg 2 ton split a. C. There has been problem with the compressor and lg after sales service executive advised for change of compressor on warranty and I was assured of replacement in two days on the basis that compressors are readily available with them but it has been 8 days since I have been waiting for the same. I feel companies make all tall claims only to sell their products and they don't know what strength word of mouth has in the next purchase.

lg refrigerator #lfc25760sw

We purchased a LG Refrigerator "French Door Style" model # LFC25760SW from Home Depot on 9/4/06 for $1...

system in standby mode

I have given the complaint regarding my 29" LG TV not functioning in the company authorized service center. They promised me to send the person on dated 07 th June 08. They intimated regular time of coming and making us to wait and never responded. lastly I approached the helpline the team leader has assured me that my problem will be attended with next our, but in vain. when I approached they asked me regarding the complaint number, again i have taken the complaint no S8C60904418. can some executive person can really help me in solving my problem and streamlining the existing services so that no body like me should should suffer.

  • Ra
    radha Aug 20, 2008

    This is Radha akrishna Reddy I Buy a LG 29in Tv Date 04-Feb-08
    TV Cost 14500, this Tv Problem 23-Feb 08(Problem Every 10 min Automatic Switch off, I Complant Customer Care They Send One Engineer (Sai Teja Electronics LG Authorised Sales &Service Center, Kuaatpally, Hyderabad) They Repair But Now Same Problem Rase 19-Aug-2008, I Called Customer Care no one resbonce my phone, I want Replace New TV .

    Thanking You

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their washer and plasma are junk

The lg front loading washer died after four years of regular service. It was filled with black mould and couldn't be fixed. Paid 1, 600 bucks for it. Piece of junk that couldn't be repaired. Same for my lg plasma tv. Bought at the same time the picture is shot. Yellow streaks through the picture. Paid 4, 500 bucks. Lg doesn't give a rats * about customer service. Basically they tell you to shove it. I will never have any lg or korean products in my house after my experience. I didn't realize that they used to be called goldstar which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. I feel like I chump for being sucked in by their re-branding. Avoid their junk like the plague.

  • Lg
    lg Aug 01, 2008

    the issue here is that the filter on the washer is not cleaned it's located on the bottom hand side of the washer .it should be cleaned monthly if not this compartment collects water which if of course left there over let's say 4 years willl grow into mold the info is in owner's manual..

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  • Ta
    taz Oct 18, 2008

    Yes I agree, L G doesn't make or stand behind there product !!
    My washer and dryer 3 yrs old, they are JUNK. They have falled apart, with high repair cost and down time.
    Just don't buy any L G product, be a smart buyer !!!

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very bad service

I bought a LG i-sensor waching machine HS8014, more than one month back. Till now its kept as it is as the response from the LG India has been very bad.
First of all, the machine was delivered 7days after purchase and was told that LG delayed the delivery. Then, when the machine arrived, it had scratches on the front panel and broken lid, I was told that we can mention this on delivery slip and LG people will contact. That happened, but after that at least 4 persons have come to see the machine without any results.
On calling LG customer service we have been given many complaint numbers and many names and numbers of their personnel in Bangalore (Symonds, Mansoor, Rajesh C etc.)but nothing is done. In first place, these persons don't pickup the phone and if they pickup they promise to do the needful, and never communicate back.

It has been a month and around 30-40 calls, still machine cannot be used, making it a classical example of bad customer service, in the times when other companies are moving towards customer delight. Even LG people don't want to communicate anything.

This incident has only reaffirmed that the LG service still remains bad as was, 10 years back, but came in the words of the salesman this time.

  • Mk
    M K SINGH May 16, 2008

    plese give me your call center no. iliving in noida
    i have lg flattron tv . but last four month tv is not working


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  • Ma
    man123 Aug 18, 2009

    LG is also becoming a fraud company. Number provided on website not working. online complaint registration not working. Customer care does not know anything.

    Total dissatisfaction.

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  • An
    Anuraag Apr 10, 2010

    I am a loyal customer of LG for past 15 years. Unfortunately, my brand loyalty towards LG has been miserably dazed. I bought a 42 inch projection TV in September, 2002. In March this year, suddenly the TV conked off. We immediately contacted authorized service centre of LG (complaint number C1031816031 dt 18 Mar 2010). The TV goes automatically into protection mode within few seconds after switching on. The problem was detected in deflection board of the TV. We were told that the part had to be changed and it would take maximum 7 days. On the 10th day, after repeated calls to the service executives, the part was delivered but it did not serve the purpose. We were told that the small unit of the new part was missing. We were made to wait for another 15 days and finally informed that nothing could be done as the specific part was not available.

    Is this the customer satisfaction and support LG stands for? Which is absolutely contrasting to what you advertise every time? This also shows lack of professionalism in providing support to their products. I have lost faith in LG and cannot imagine that a company like LG has actually not kept any provision for spare parts of expensive products like 42 inch projection TV. I don’t understand what I should do now. I find myself helpless in the hands of LG. I am badly stuck. Kindly find a solution to this problem at the earliest.

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poor after sales service


We bought lg split ac from a delear in guntur name: vijay tv & video home (Digital square) guntur.
The unit has 1 year warenty. The inside unit developed a problem. When we called service centre, the agent said that the remote was faulty and wanted us to rectify somewhere else as the trasmitter was not working. We got the remote tested and found it to be working perfectly fine. We called the service center and told them the same. The agent came back and said the reciever in the inside unit was not working and also said the reciever pcb needs to be changed. Its been more than 15 days and no one has turned up insipite of us calling them morning and evening.

This is a demonstration of pathatic after sales service provided by lg india. I would never recommand lg products to anyone.

Lg service sucks and i have started to hate the product.

channel changing automatically in the evening from 7pm to 10pm


Iam Sumi John from Trichur (Kerala). I bought a LG '21' inch Colour Flatron TV two years back. One month before, just after completing opour guarantee period, we noticed an unusual problem in our TV. Every evening from 7pm to 10 pm this TV is not working properly at all. Problem is, when I am watching programm in diferrent channel, automatically channel changeing and going to '0'. Again and again it is happening. This time remort is also not working. I called the service engineer to my house. But he told he didnt find any problem. They took some money and went back. But in the evening evening the same problem happened.
Again called up themand logged another complaint with clearly stating that problem happening in the evening after 7pm. Then we gave the TV to their service centre. Now the TV is with the service centre for the last 3 weeks and they are not making any effort to repair. They are blaiming the cable channels. Tje same problem has happened for another person when i checked www.consumercomplaints.com.(C1703761)
When I contacted him, he told he also experienced the same reply from the service engineers. Then he contacted the regional service centres. And atlast the Tv got repaired. He told the service engineers changed one IC . Please make further proceedings for us. Or I will be forced to take legal action againt your products. Brcause of your negligence, we cant recommend your product to my people.
Hope you will do the needful.

My service centre is in Thrissur([protected])
My mobile number +[protected]



  • Aw
    Awale S V Nov 19, 2014

    I am S V Awale from udgir (maharashtra). I have LG '21' inch Colour Flatron TV. Every evening from 7pm to 10 pm and also whole day this TV is not working properly at all. Problem is, when I am watching program in differrent channel, automatically channel changing and going to '0'. Again and again it is happening. This time remote is also not working. I called the service engineer to my house. But he told he didnt find any problem. They took some money and went back. But in the evening the same problem happened.
    Again called up them and logged another complaint with clearly stating that problem happening in the evening after 7pm.
    They are blaming the cable channels.

    Hope you will do the needful.


    S V Awale

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I purchased the bottom freezer refridgerator with top French doors. Since day one the icemaker didnt work...

cost of repair too high, product not working within two years of purchase

I have got a micro oven on 28/5/06 model no 2331br, apprently it has stopped working and lg service people from sigma services have been quoting the repair price as rs.1500 including the service charge. But a new machine will cost not more than rs.4000.

The product has got spoilt within 2yrs, so I think it was a mistake to buy lg product with having such short product life and the maintainence cost being so high priced.

I really would like you to check the repair cost and revert the cost.

half spilt ac send via transport

atul kumar jain c/o mittal saree center kila bazar hansi hissar haryana
mob no. [protected]

  • Br
    brijesh gangwar Jul 31, 2009

    my WIN AC purchased on date 15-07-09 is not worked properly for a single day while i have lodged complaint also but there is no practical response.

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  • Bu
    bugedconsumer Jun 07, 2010


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  • Wi
    Wildrose Aug 04, 2010

    Tuner was changed on 29 Oct 08, but wrong tuner was put, as such PIP was not working. But till date no action has been taken. You are requested to expediate action.

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  • Be
    Beffit Aug 09, 2010

    The TV switches OFF Automatically. There is no fixed interval for this. I have first made a complaint on Mar 18. A technician from LG Attended the call, claims he has fixed the problem and would not recur.

    On 14 Apr, I have given a second compliant and an other technician has attended. He claims that the first person has not done anything and now he has fixed the problem. But the next day itself the problem resurfaced.

    I have again given a complaint to LG Customer Care. This time no body attended the call for 1 week. At the end of 1 week on Apr 24 2009, they have taken the TV to their Service Center in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

    Now, its 10 days and I do not have a clue where my complaint stands.

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long pending complaint no response by lg

our lcd was not getting on one morning 15/12/2007. it was reported and logged complaint to lg helpline but no response .it was reported to our product purched shop i.e. ganpati home appliance authorised dealer. they sent some service men from dhulia who attened but unable to repair complete and tv screen not getting off while put in standbymode. they told it was required to be repair at .after some on enquire they told during voltage test one IC blownoff and it is minor problem wiil repair soon. after passing four month and reminder several time it is told that your tv is initial and now IC whitch suits to such model are not manufacturing. we got return our tv unattended after four month .kindly guide us or send our complaint to appropriet level .

defective piece

I had purchase the 6in 1 portable music system from Adishwars Bangalore. The dealer in order to hide deep scratches on the front panel had smartly put stickers and passed on the piece . He had the audacity to give a last piece discount of Rs 200 and fleecing me on the defective item. Moreover the User handbook was also not available in the packet. Inspite of reminding, it is yet to be delivered. What service from a premier company called LG. Moreover i have sent complaints to LG care and LG service and also listed the complaint in the company website.
BUt who is listening. Companies want only growth in top line and bottom line.

errotc sounds

I purchase a split Airconditioner45days past.I hear lot of noice in indoor unit when compared to samsung, voltas airconditioner.
also the outdoor unit aalso makes a sound in the night hours such that It makes a self advt that I had purchased airconditioner also a nuisance to my neighbour .

  • Da
    dayraj singh May 05, 2008

    I have been charged $ 2.98 for a google package and so far
    nobody from google pay's any attention to me.
    I am still waiting for my package as promise.

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poor customer service after amking payment

I have ordered an LG-AC on 12th April 2008 at Razzla Dazzle, Hargovind enclave, Vikas Marg-East Delhi, Delhi-India.

I have experienced following problem:

1. Installation team reached at 20.00 hrs while it was promised to reach at 18.00 hrs.
2. No owner's manual and warranty papers were found in the box.
3. Installation team didn't have proper size screws n they had to use nails many times during installation.
4. What customer supposed to do for making the site ready for AC was not explained by dealer at the time of order.
5. Address was communicated wrong by dealer to delivery team as well as installation team causing trouble to everyone.
6. Still my AC is not operational.

I had an brand image of LG in my mind which is hurt now. In future I will not choose to buy any LG products.

lg sucks

I have 200 litres LG intello cool fridge bought 6 months back from Dass electronics, pune. 5 days back it...

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