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terrible service

Hello, I would just like to bring the following events to your attention for further investigation.

Sunday, October 4 2009:
My LG dishwasher model LD-2052SH starts to “arc” and I see sparks and what seems to be flames underneath. I immediately unplug my machine from the wall as I don’t want to risk starting a fire.

Monday, October 5 2009:
I duly call LG SA to inform them of this problem. [protected] spoke to a very polite lady informing me that the product is still under warranty and my call has been logged and that they have a 48Hour service policy. A technician will contact me before then and arrange for the problem to be fixed.

Friday October 9 2009:
I remember that I had to be called by the service department of LG SA and thus make my own call to follow up. I speak to the service / technical dept supervisor who tells me that Stan will call me back and make an arrangement.

Later the day Stan phones me and arranges for him to come to my house at 4pm Monday 12 October. I duly make arrangements with my wife to come home from work early because our machine will be fixed.

Monday October 12 2009:
Stanley arrives a bit late (traffic is hectic I understand) luckily for me to be home and explain what I saw and the action I took. Machine not opened, Stanley says problem is the wash pump. He will arrange for one the following day and replace it in the afternoon.

Tuesday October 13 2009:
Due to the fact the I have my own business and customers to provide a service, I forgot to phone Stan for a afternoon appointment. Later in the evening I remember and arrange for a 3pm meeting the Wednesday.

Wednesday October 14 2009:
I confirm with Stanley that he will come and fix the machine that afternoon. He says that he will be a bit late and to expect him by 6pm. 6:30 pm (Traffic again) Stanley arrives with the wash pump. The machine gets taken apart and problem inspected. The fault was a plug in the wiring harness which caused a short circuit in the electrics and started to burn the wiring and the protective plastic. Pump will be replaced and Stanley feels that he needs to fix the plug that caused the problem.
We arrange for a time early in the morning to meet and fix the pump and the wiring harness. We agree to 10am and I say that I will phone him to meet.

Thursday October 15 2009:
I arrange my whole day according to the 10am meeting to get my machine fixed. On my way to my house I call Stanley to fix the machine and tell him I will see him in an hour which will then be 10am. I wait at my house for an hour. I call Stan who then tells me that he would only be able to be at my house in the afternoon. My wife then makes arrangements to get off work early. Stanley doesn’t not show up. My dishwasher is standing in my kitchen in pieces. My wife and I can hardly move in there let alone cook. Arrangement made for Friday afternoon.

Friday October 16 2009:
I call Stanley and tell him that I’m on my way home at 1:30pm. Stanley tells me that he will be driving back from Balfour and he will then see me in two hours. That will then be 4pm. At 3:30pm I see two missed calls on my phone. The number not known to me but I call back. The technical manager answers and explains that the wiring harness that needs to be replaced is missing because LG has moved offices. Stanley will be sent to come and assemble my dishwasher and wait for the part.

I has now been 15 days since my dishwasher very nearly started a fire in my house.
Between my wife and myself we have arranged our time FOUR (4) times according to the service person’s needs. My machine is still not fixed.
It is Monday again. Week 3 and I have not heard a word about how the problem will be resolved.
We cannot do our washing because the tap feeding the washing machine also feeds the dishwasher with a Y-connection. The dishwasher is still not connected because it is still not fixed. My maid that only comes once a week, will not be able to do the ironing. I will have to pay her for another day to come and iron hopefully Saturday as I do not know when the machine will be fixed.

At this stage I feel that I would like to have the dishwasher refunded. As well as my TV, Washing machine and Refrigerator. As all of these carry the LG brand and I have been let down. Numerous times. For one machine. Imagine the future frustration standing in my home.

Never will I buy LG products again. Life’s not good with LG.

Also go see what people think of your company.


Jaco Vermeulen

lcd tv product quality

I purchased a LG 42LB1DRA LCD TV in June 2007 based upon CNet and other recommendations. January 2008, just 6 months out of warranty, the picture went out. $150 replaced 3 capacitors. The authorized repair center stated LG put in the wrong size of capacitors, meant to last a short period and burn out quickly. The capacitors weren't big enough for the power supply. Now again, October 2009, the remaining 7 capacitors had to be replaced as our picture went out again. LG will not honor any repairs. I stated this product should have been on a product recall list as the cheap undersupplied capacitors were wrong for the TV. We paid $1700 in June 2007 for a tv and have spent over $300 in 2 years for repairs that were a manufacturer defect. All LG states is it's out of warranty. Of course it is - as they put in parts to run 1 year and that's it.


insurance claim

i brought a tv from comet, 3 and a half years ago with a 5 year extended warrety, which over a month ago whe had to make a claim for accidential damage, within a few days they sent someone out, they came then they had to order the part about a week later they come back with the part, but did not fit, so he said he had to go back and order another, so after another well over a week. which as business working days, myself and my partner had to phone them constantly to find out what was going on, they keep blaming it on different departments, and then they would say someone will phone you in 48 hours still no phone call, or even letters, so we rang again, go passed about then said the service centre was closed, so someone will phone at 10 am a certain day, still no phone call had to phone back yet again, then was told there was no information from the enigeer, then 2 hours later manager phones back and they just sent it to service centre, by which it is now going into 4 weeks, and now they are saying they are writing it off, and and that a letter was sent to us on the 8th of september. but still no letter even to todays 24th of september and today they are saying it as not been with them as long as we are saying we feel that we are just being passed about, feel that nothing is gonna come of this, and feel that this is are only to express are feeling and help other people to not make the same mistake as use, by buying extended warrety and buying the tv in the first places from them. as in it is miss sold extended product. we have sent a complaint letter over a week and a half and they say they still have not got it even up to today.

stolen my mobile

i hav hav lost my mobile, it is better to tell someone has stolen my mibile while i am in bus...<br />
please helo me in getting my mobile back, <br />
IMEI no. [protected]<br />

  • Sr
    sreenash Oct 05, 2009

    i hav hav lost my mobile, it is better to tell someone has stolen my mibile while i am in bus...<br />
    please helo me in getting my mobile back, <br />
    IMEI no. 358794029513393<br />

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defective product

This is my second submission and second complaint. The LG refridgerator we ordered from #1 appliance quit working after 3 days. So, now we have a stove that arrived damaged on 9/8 and still is awaiting pickup so we can get a refund, AND a refridgerator that cost over $2000 that doesn't cool and we lost all the food we had in the freezer. #1 said "take it up with LG, and LG has no service center near us so we are still awaiting for them to find an appliance tech to fix the problem. Do not ever buy from this company. They take your money immediately upon ordering, but do not deliver for a month, then it looks like more months if returns are done. If they do this to 100 people and make interest for 1 month off all their orders...that spells fraud!

  • Bi
    bitter and burned Dec 14, 2009

    Don’t do it.

    They look good but they are very poor products.

    I wish this page was up 1 year ago when I spent 2, 000.

    never ever again.

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tv tuner

We Purchased a 32" Plasma - LG make from Metro Hyderabad May 2008 . We never used it since only my mother watched TV. When the TV Stopped working we complained to LG and they deputed some who came and told us the TV tuner circuit or board has gone due to bad Cable signal and collected Rs 200 for a device that prevents that, he promised to repair the set then one day he came with a board and replaced it only to realise that it did not match so another complaint then he came back and took the board and disappeared . After complaining again and after a month he returned and replaced the board but the set did not even start. Even the DVD we were able to watch is gone.
Then LG sent another mechanic and he ran away after seeing the situation . Today after complaining another time he has come and told mother board is gone. Now they are saying warranty is over and the repairs are chargeable even the mother board which was ok.
My name is Venkateshwaran Address is 2-23-173 Sathavahana Nagar Kukatpally HYDERABAD
Good yes life is GOOD

  • Ul
    ultraman108 Apr 05, 2010

    Our 50" Plasma TV by LG blew the plasma tube because of a "short" per the repair tech. The TV was purchased in Jan 2006, repair is over $1500!
    I have several other TV's in our house never a problem and one is 20 years old.
    The LG tech said this is common on that model and he reccommends a fan behind the TV to prevent heat build up.
    Apparently there is a design issue, yet LG will not fix unless we pay.
    The tv is on a stand about 18" from wall, not a heat issue at all, sounds like LG is junk.
    Moral to the story, do not buy junk from Korea. Avoid LG

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  • Ta
    Tanjdance Mar 05, 2011


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  • Va
    valerie ireland Jun 28, 2012

    i have several complaints about the arrons store in olean new york. First i went to purchase a lg plasma tv they told me my monthly payments would be a certain price. I asked the guy 3 times he says that would be the price. I went in early to make an early payment that gave a a larger price that wasnot the price they told me. I went into arrons the manger chris and another worker sam was very rude to me. Also i was told it would take me a week to get my tv. I said im not paying a week without a tv so we had to load the tv on our truck to get it. I called several times to store mangers and testa leasing they don not call u back. I told arrons to pick up the tv over a week ago they have not picked it up and they are fefuusing to give me july money i paid a head on the tv. I do not recomend anyone to buy anything there. I will tell people i know to go to other stores not arrons. That is the worst bussiness place i have ever seen and over priced.

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[Resolved] no international warranty

I purchased fridge of LG side by side Fridge WTQ227 from Emax Electronics in Abu Dhabi Last year 24 July 2008 by spending 4000 AED While purchasing they told me it is with International warranty as I wanted to send it to India. Warrnty Card is in Fridge. I have not opened the orginal pa ckaging trusting them. When fridge reached to India I found it never worked for a day. After trying for a year company is not ready to pay me my money back. This is totally cheating by Emax Elecytronics and LG middle East.

  • Resolution Statement

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water sensor malfunctioning

I Purchased LG Washing Machine Model WD85295NP about 3 years ago. Since for the last week it not working, and when start it it gives
blinking red sign at four places : BIO, RINSE+, PRE WASH and CREASE CARE. In the owner's manual, in trouble shooting guide it is mentioned that WATER LEVEL SENSOR HAS MALFUNCTIONED under possible cause.
With agreat difficulty I could able to contact local service person who checked it on thursday (10/9/2009) and says that the defect is due to HEAT SENSOR or the CONTROL PANEL.
I also observed on one day when I start it it didnot take water and gave aboive signal. I switched it off and after some time again I pressed the start button and it started working and in the middle it stoped and gave above signal, then I called LG service person.His version of detecting error is differnt from what is given in Trouble shootin page in Owner's manual.
Now i want to know how many sensors are there in the above model washing machine ? Is tyhere any WATER sensor in the machine, if it there, where it is located? why the service personal says it may be due to heat sensor or control panel. How do I know exact defect in the machine? The service person says that the parts (Heat sensor and /or control panel) are not readily available, sothat he will come on Tuesday(15/9/2009). Please guide me in this regard. the following are my detailsL
Dr.M.GOPALA RAO, Plot No 35, H.No.17-127/35, East Kalyan Puri,
Uppal, Hyderabad, 500 039, Andhra Pradesh, India.
(m) [protected]

lg french door refrigerator

We purchased an LG French Door Refrigerator 13 months ago and it has been a headache since day one. We have...

not working

I have bought 320 litre LG fridge from e-zone & hv been facing following problem since day#1.
1) Moisture settling on the top chiller roof
2) Water droplets on the bottom portion of chiller door, which settles on insulation rims of top door, corroding the light switch and lending dark tan colour to that portion due to corrosion
3) Failure of fridge relay thrice & all of sudden start after more than 12 hours
4)Spoiling of icecream, milk, cheese, dry fruits, kept in top and bottom portion - nothing remains refrigerated and everywhere you will fins moisture settling
5)Light functions on will
6) Door frame fixture is bend

The new fridge appears like second hand with so many faults.
Pl replace this piece on urgent basis.
I cannot accept such poor workmanship when I hv paid the full price to E-zone. LG India too is requested to arrange for replacement of my fridge on immediate basis.
Divyang Nanavati

  • Pa
    pacific_anuj Nov 01, 2009

    iam anuj kumar i have brought lg fridge but not working . no response lg care centere gaya .
    please solution my problem

    contact no.9709448567 OR 06322227451

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  • Ra
    Rakesh Marwaha Dec 02, 2009

    I went on vacation for 2 days .. after coming back... my LG Refregerator (bought 1 month back) not getting cool.. Please help 9739863132

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  • Ta
    Tammy A. S. Mar 17, 2013

    I bought a LG refrigerator Model # LMX25984ST In 2011. It worked great for the first 8mo. Then the freezer began to freeze up, which caused the refrigerator to not cool properly. I called LG they gave me a number of a repair company. I called they came out replaced the part, And now 2 1/2 yrs. later same problem no warranty It happens again. Tp also find out it will cost $300. for just the part. Will I have to replace it every 2 yrs.?

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complaint for refrigerator repair-bad service & callous attitude of technician

Dear Sir,
On lodging of my complaint to LG against Refrigerator in year, 2005, Mr Naresh technician had visited my house, checked and do the filling of compressor gas & drier etc and amount billed Rs720/- vide receipt no;078 dt 22/06/2005 of Decent Service C6B/7, Janak Puri,
N Delhi. After completing the work, he has given me his Tel No [protected]/Naresh and asked me to contact him directly in case of any problem in Freeze for quick service.

In the month of June, 2009, I contacted at his phone and tell him about freeze causing problem i.e Not cooling properly. Further he attend the complaint and refill gas and charged me Rs.600/- without giving any bill/receipt. On that I asked him to give a proper invoice of LG as given earlier but he refused and told me that I am charging Rs600/- instead of Rs800/- to be charged by LG.

But on 26th Aug, 2009, my refrigerator again creating problem of "Not Cooling" and then I again contacted him over phone, on reply, he told me that he is out of Delhi(i.e Panipat) and he will attend the problem on Sunday dt 30/08/09 and asked me to contact at phone no: [protected] of Mr Naveen, who is their brother and they will attend the problem. Thereafter w.e.f 30/08/09, both of them Mr Naresh & Naveen used to either not picking the phone or message coming out -switchoff. Whenever they pick up by mistake, they used to making one or other excuse.

Anyhow after waisting of 10 days, I compelled to lodge my complaint to LG on 07/09/2009 vide complaint no: N9C90711804.

In view of my harrassment what I am facing for the last 10 days due to bad service of LG and callous attitude of technician, I humbly request you to take up the suitable action against such technician named Mr Naresh & Mr Naveen and their Tel No are [protected]
& [protected] and accordingly informed me the action taken by you at my email add: [protected]@gmail.com, since the problem of "Not Cooling" occured again in Freeze within a period of two months.
An early actionis highly appreciable.
Yours faithfully,
Naresh Kumar Yadav,
Flat No: 311, Akshardham Apartment,
Sector-19, Pocket-3, Dwarka, N Delhi-110078

water leakage

I hav LG 230 L double door fridge. its working fine but there is some water coming out from the rear side of the fridge.. what to do?

  • Ga
    Gayathri J Jul 02, 2007

    I bought an LG fridge 230 L on 14th June 2007 from vsanth and Co. The glass crisper tray covering the vegetable box was damaged. The LG service person said that he would replace in 3 days.But it is yet to come. Extremely poor customer service from LG. I have been following up everyday with no success.

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not ble to rectify the fault


This complaint is associated with LG washing machine, which was creating some trouble of non draining water, the complaint was laughed on 1st of Sep, your executive visted us on 2ndof sep- claimed that the drain motor is not functioning properly & suggested to change the part, we agreed & nextday he visited with the part that is 3rd of sep, washing machine was still not functioning properly, then another engineer visited on 4th sep & claimed another part associated with drain motor is faulty & visted on 5th sep & replaced the one as well, but still nothing changed & finally he is asking us to change another part that is PCB, to satisfy himself stating that this will help, I am afraid tomorrow he will tell me to throw the machine in trash as he is not able to find out the fault.

In the above mentioned story we have wasted our entire Week for getting it repaired & unnecessary waited for long hours expecting betterment in services.

If LG has that kind of customer care I dought we all should stop purchasing products & suggest others to do the same. Rather take out Processions & give it in Media, so that customer should not pay that high amount for such rubbish products.

Hope to hear soon from some one senior as soon as possible or planning to send all dirty clothes gathered at my house to your company's CEO or Managing Director or the one who Owe's the company House.

Ashima Nayyar

manufacturing defect


Purchased a Plasma 42" Lg Tv 2 months back. Complained about the 'Sound Problem' more than 5 times. Three times the LG engineers came to rectify, but were HELPLESS. They accepted that it was a manufacturing defect. They also assured us that they will replace the set. After many complaints the defective TV set was replaced with a new one on 20th June 2009 with an assurance that this time there will be no problem. They also promised me that if I
find that the product is not satisfactory, they will refund my money.

For about some days it was working fine. But again the same defect of sound has arisen. I have complained to LG Customer Service more than 11 times, but NO ONE HAS COME TO ATTEND TO OUR COMPLAINT.

11 times that I have Complained TO LG Electronics India :

Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 18.05.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 22.05.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 22.05.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 05.06.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 25.06.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 06.08.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 07.08.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 10.08.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 14.08.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 24.08.2009
Complaint No. N9C [protected] DATED 04.09.2009


Please HELP!!!
Mr J Chhabra
Delhi, India

*Since I am not satisfied with the quality, performance and the service of LG Electronics, I request that I should get my hard earned money back.

cc Hindustan Times
cc Times of India
cc TV Channels
cc Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment Centre

  • Sh
    Sharma Sanjeev Sep 27, 2009

    I fully agree with the complain because it is not only the basic policy of LG not to attend the complaints made by them but they are habitual in breach of the contracts i.e warranty terms and conditions. Depsite of this LG is also involved in many unfair and restrictive trade practices.

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  • Fi
    FinchlyM Aug 20, 2010

    Avoid LG flat panel televisions. I had 42 inch plasma for a little over two years, and then it simply stopped turning on. Power supply failure. I've been in touch with them several times to see if they can work with me on covering the cost of repair, but they won't budge. I understand that the TV is no longer under warranty, and I don't expect them to fix it outright, but I would at least like them to cover the cost of parts. What really angers me is that a quick Google search of "LG TV power supply, " will show you that this is widespread problem with their products. Buyer beware! I've lost faith in LG, their products, and their customer service. Common sense dictates that a $1300 television should last for more than 2 years. Spend a few extra bucks and buy a quality product from another manufacturer!

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  • Ka
    kanyboa Jul 04, 2014

    purchased an lg plasma tv model no 42pg61ur in december of 2008 it was running fine untill yesterday when suddenly the picture dissappeared and only the sound could be heard on contacting lg service centre the service guy cleaned the dust that was there and like magic the tv came on but it was only temporary when called again the sales guy told me about the mpeg card mainly the y board and the z board needed to be replaced which costs 5000 inr. I checked on the internet where i found this is a common problem with lg as they use inferior cheap quality components that wear within a short period of time. In the us a judge has ruled against lg regarding this very issue (*read class action lg) i feel very cheated and let down by lg sincerely a loyally dissatisfeid disheartened customer

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freezer not working on a 16 month old refrigerator

I purchased an LG refrigerator on Feb' 08 and started having repairs on it on 6/26/09. The freezer stopped working. I had a repair man come out and add gas and replace the filter. Then on 8/29/09 the freezer stopped working again. This time its the circuit board that needs to be replaced. I do not have an extended warranty. So this will cost me parts and labor over $300. And who's to say what will break down next. The refrigerator was only 16 months old when I started having problems.

Just don't buy an LG. The quality is not there ans customer service is not helpful. I've now been with out a freezer for a week.
Model # LFC22740SB/ Side by side with freezer below.

poor design and low quality plastic

I am very dissappointed in my LG bottom freezer refrigerator. It is only 3 years old and have had to have the plastic closers replaced on the doors. We acturally had to have the doors replaced. Now the freezer slides and the crisper slide has broken. (Again, poor design). I have called LG (Life"s Good!), ...not if you buy one of their products. You will have to pay and pay. This is not a cheap refrigerator. It was almost $1700.00. They say it is out of warranty and will not back it up. I will never buy another LG anything!!!

poor service

fridge model no GL-268LAG4, date of purchage 26.10.2008.Door seal not sitting properly on the groove.Many atimes the Door remains open.The service engineer advised to put arlediteadhesive.Is it proper to adhesive on a new fridge.Three time3s complaints had been lodged.Kindly attend to it. PKDash, HIG-II-17, Kapila prasad, Bhimatangi, Bhubaneswar, Orissa India [protected]

best buy refuses to fix

Bought an LG front load washer and dryer from Best Buy almost two years ago. It shakes during the spin cycle...


We purchased the LRFD25850ST model fridge and have had NOTHING but problems with it. We also purchased a 4 year extended warranty from Home Depot which has turned out to be worthless. The freezer does not maintain a consistent temperature. As a result, I have had to stop buying ice cream and popsicles due to the frustration on finding them turned into soup. Everything is coated in a huge amount of ice buildup. Anything placed near the rear of the refrigerator freezes, no matter what temperature I set it at. I have lost so much spring mix and so many vegetables to this nearly $2000 hunk of junk. The "repair" man told me I had to keep the fridge pulled out 12"+ from the wall, which puts it right in the middle of my kitchen. He also said that defrosting it would fix all of these problems. HA.

Also, in the past 3 months, we have had the (cheap plastic) attachment break off of the handle to the freezer, the white hinged door sensor up top snap in half, and also 3 or the 4 drawers have broken hinges. None of these parts are covered past 1 yr., and when I went to order I found that I would have to replace the entire door to fix the small plastic hinge that broke. TWO of the parts to repair are about $400. We are contemplating just going to buy a new fridge at this point.

The other thing I wish I had realized is that the large tray/drawer in the bottom of the fridge seems to be a nice feature, but it costs you alot of space in the above shelves. There is very little space for tall items inside the fridge, so we constantly must resort to laying juice and other tall items on their sides risking spills. The light fixture up top and water filter together take up a huge amount of space. The light infringes on that premium "tall" item space on the top shelf. We have tried all sort of configurations, but nothing is quite right! The beeping is obnoxious to let you know that the door has been left open. I don't know why they couldn't find a less shrill alarm sound. You get pretty used to it over time, but it still gets to me when I have to load a bunch of groceries into it.

I won't even get into the issues we are having with the LG washer & dryer we purchased at the same time. AVOID LG at all costs!

  • Jw
    jw1234 Nov 05, 2019

    LFX28968st refrigerator apparently has major issues with its linear compressor. LG has even started covering the compressors for 10 years if you can get an authorized tech to work on it as apparently LG doesn't reimburse well and the compressors are going out right and left.

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  • Lg
    LG=LotsoGarbage Dec 20, 2019

    The compressor went out on my LG this week. The manufactured date 2014. LG said they would stand by the 10 year warranty on the part, but the labor was quoted for $600. It was tempting to pay up. The unit was great for 5+years but, after talking with two repair people, I decided it would be better to toss this garbage because the replacement compressors are still the flawed design that LG is so proud of. (crooks) I tried to get customer service to send the compressor to my house so I could fix it myself. They would not do this. The repair companies I talked to are dealing with many complaints about the replacements being loud also. They told me straight up, "stay away from LG, Kenmore, Samsung, because they will keep costing you money in compressor repairs". It sucks to throw $2000 at a fridge that is useless after 5.5 years. I know now not to buy from these guys. I hope they know that when you piss people off, they do not forget. They tell their families and friends. Hey Mr. LG CEO, your company is on my poop list. I'm not spending another dollar on anything that says LG or Kenmore.

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ecs payment

I have purchased a colour LG TV worth Rs. 16, 000 from Bajaj Electronics, Panjagutta Hyderabad on 24 th June through Bajaj Finance interest free scheme. I submitted all the necessary documents which were required by Bajaj Finance people and I have also signed the mandate for monthly ECS for my ING Vysya Bank.

The 1st installment was supposed to be due in July but I was informed by your people that my ECS Pyment got bounced back saying "Mandate is not submitted". I tried calling finance company branch for the same but I did not get any proper response from them. August09 was the second month again I was informed that the ECS got bounced back for the same reason. I contacted my bankers that they have not received the Mandate for ECS payment. My LAN 4000CD00008376

Every time I am calling the finance company some or the other person takes the call and will say we will revert back in 10 mins but they never came back. I even tried escalating this to their senior people through email but still no response and nothing is being done from their side This kind of service is not at all expected from an organization like Bajaj Finance.

I would really appreciate if you can help me in this and resolve this for me so that next month the same thing does not repeat and if i could also get a letter clearly stating the reason for ECS bounce which I can use as a proof for my future loan applications.

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