Les Schwab Tire Centersfraud and scam


I purchased Allied Type 60 Smoothie Chrome Plate Steel Wheels from Les Schwab tires in Marysville--two on 5/03/07 and three on 11/09/06. The tires were for a 1956 Ford Victoria. It has not been driven since the tires were installed as I am having the engine work done. All five wheels now have rust on them. I asked the Les Schwab dealer to replace them and he said they were no longer under warranty. I have other cars I have had for years with chrome wheels and they haven't rusted. I think these were inferior and should be replaced.


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    GlacierGrizzly Dec 01, 2009

    The Les Schwab wheel warranty is for 1 year. It is irrelevant whether the wheels were driven on, or put in a museum. 1 year is 1 year. That's like buying a gallon of milk and not opening it, and then taking it back to the store after a month, and complaining that it's spoiled, and you didn't even take the lid off...

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    Roy Mar 30, 2010

    Went out of town on a road trip took my truck in to the Les schwab in Ogden UT. because it wasn't handling well they did an alinment and left all the tie rods loose runed two of the tie rod and bolth tires trieing to get home to spokane Les Schab in mazula MT. Gave my krap saing that it was the Ogden UT. Branchs problem and sent me and my family on there way finaly got home to spokane WA. And took it back to Les Schwab and they said they been hassling with the Ogden UT. Branch and they were not going to cover it. The Les Schwab here in spokane gave me a 50% off but I'm still quit angery Les Schwab broke it they should have fixed it. NO MATER WHICH Les Schwab I went to.

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    Likeasombooode Apr 19, 2010

    Glaciergrizzly, yousa so asupid. Da tyas on da wims... wims no wust, ba produkt, da milk wusted.
    The fact is that these items were bought with an understanding of craftsmanship and integraty. By rusting after such a short period of time, with little use that would cause the wearing of anti-rusting materials on the chrome, means that these producter were neither. Hence if they want to advertise that they only sell the best, they should mean it. 100% agree, they have too many busy bodies going through there doors with no prior experience and passing them off as employee's, that work is not done correctly and that stock is not known.

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    Matilda Aug 25, 2016

    Les Schwab fired my daughter after giving birth to my grandson. She was told to be available 24/7. Its funny how the les schwab web site doesnt have a 'contact' us link, they are also not on twitter of facebook so a person could publicly comment on their conduct. They allowed her the legally required time off for maternity leave, but what company requires an employee to be available 24/7? Lastly it does seem like discrimination to me. she has worked there for years, and does have seniority over her co-workers, showing that she was singled out because she has a child, and/or at 8 months old she wants her or her husband to be home with the baby...too much to ask?

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