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tire chain prices

Called for a tire chain quote. Was given a quote almost DOUBLE what I could get from a truckstop, roadside...


After servicing vehicles, they park them off the propery, 2 blocks away, and the customer has to go and find it. I know this because my husband talked to a woman today, and it happered to her. They are rude and have a "I don't care" attitude. We will NEVER do business with them again!

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    annie annonymous Dec 29, 2010

    They where suppose to put me on a $50 a month payment plan. After one month I woke up to the sould of a les shwab worker taking my tires off my car in my driveway! I instantly called them and they told me they tried to contact me for full payment "like we agreed." I never agreed to anything except a $50 mo. payment plan! The manager on the phone was so rude to me. He scolded my financial situation and told me that he had 3 kids and wife and was still able to make full payments on his tires...not that I was asking for his opinion on my financial restraints anyways! Never again would I go there! Just so you know its the les shwab on Imbri drive in Hillsboro OR. Stay away! Quaker state tires is much better!

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    Reviewer68157 Oct 28, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i wanted a quote on parts les told me he would call me back with info he decided on his own that i no longer wanted ny quote and after i waited a day for him to get back to me he acted as if he was lying about info to me and would not give me a strait answer

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terrible experience

Les Schwab in Emmett, ID sold me 10 inch rims and tires that require no wider then 9 inch rims and said I was good to go. While pulling my 5th wheel down the interstate I had 2 rear tires fail. I got into Pocatello, ID and went to Les Schwab.I was told they didn't know why the tires failed and never seen a tire wear around the bead area like mine was doing. so they sold me 4 new tires, again to small for the rims.

I started to learn more about tires and talked with a tire manufacture about my situation. I looked at Les Schwab data books on what the widest rim for my tires are and asked them about how safe my tires are being on a 10 inch rim pulling a 38 foot 5th wheel. They replied we do this all the time and it's safe. I then called the manufacture and asked them and they replied absolutely not. My tire being on that wide of a rim would spin on the rim causing braking problems and bead separation and tire failure.

I contacted Les Schwab headquarter and was referred back to the Pocatello tire center. The Pocatello tire center said I could trade my 10 inch rims in on an 8 inch set for about $300.00. I said no and they pointed me to the door.

My family and I have done allot of business with Les Schwab in the past. NEVER AGAIN!!!


I've read complaints about this company. Do any of you understand business or do you just want things for free? Perhaps an understanding of how things work would help your ponit of view.

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    Likeasombooode Apr 19, 2010

    I had a break job done by Les Schwab, as we had been getting all of our company vehicles checked there. We had always had little problems, although nothing was unsafe, we had to put business off to fight them for a correction. Not this time. The screwed in the break line WAY too tight causing it to rip off on the front driver side corner, on a mountain two lane two way road, and I had to maneuver a full size ford econoline in between the moving traffic, scraping the side of a mother taking her 3 year old to school. I race cars for fun and because of this I was able to only hit the side of her car rather than rear end her, head on another car, or go off the side of a cliff.

    End of the story is thus, there service has been going significantly down hill for 8 years, since i got my license. I had two independent shops that we use, and another that we have used periodically in the past(who twice referred us to Les Schwab) state that the brakes were done wrong and that was the cause of the accident. We are now in litigation over the matter.

    I took the info to the manager, and he stated it was because they had many people come and go as employees and they had little to no prior experience in some cases.
    I have taken cars there multiple times, and they would pull excuses like I can not legally put the tires back on to there is no warranty on that item, yet I have experiences where I got my tires balanced and rotated, which includes a simple inspections. They put tires so bald back on my car that ehy blew the following day, with my daughter in the car on the freeway. I am responsible for my cars well being. This is why I pay professionals to look and maintenance it.

    Adding up the tallies of my own purchases since I got my first car and they exceed $14k. As for our company, they exceed well over $50k.
    I am not asking for things for free, but if I were where would be the customer appreciation.

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    Rev Chip Miller Aug 13, 2011

    It is with sad regret that"The day the music died was when the man himself died" I have gotten so many tires for so many years and with great satisfaction. Once I had to file a claim and sent the tire back and the research team acknowledgred a problem and paid the bill. Awesome help. Today I have come against a problem unsolved. I went to repair four tires and came back to find that one was still flat. I needed to have tires"Bought at les schwab" swapped to different wheels. I was charged for it never would have happened before he died. When I was leaving on a trip to ND I got 5 miles out of boise and had a flat. the wheel was not balanced or they would have known the wheel was bent and couldnt be balanced. A little garage in big timber montana found it. Before Leaving Nampa Idaho I had the spare fixed and in the process found that a tire on the back of my van was destroyed. I needed a spare so they put the one tire on and sold me 4 tires and a rim for the back. I sat for an hour before they got to the flat and then went faster when there was money involved. they got so friendly and even when I told them we were headed out? NO PROBLEM we will put your name on the 2 tires and pick them up when you get back. Well you guessed it! Those tires put on in april and taken off for one bad one to keep all the tires the same were GONE. they admited that they had great tread and would give me 85.00 a tire Mounted and balanced they would have been 218.85 per new a wonderful Timberline at 235 85r16 look it up. I talked to a man named Randy at headquarters . He called Nampa and THE MUSIC HAS DIED SO HERES TO LES BYE BYE MR> AMERICAN PIE you are missed as another quality dealer heads to Calif. and brings the corporate percentage theory into play in once was an outstanding company. Randy seems to be a puppet with no real authority. On my other truck I barely made it off as they either didn't tighten or tightened the wheel too much and when I stopped only one lug nut was barely there. I'm leaving after being faithfull for 37 years. Heres to a mans man Mr. Schwab you did me good and your guy's dont even run like they used to. HELLO MR BRUNEEL your still alive and your service cant be worse than being almost wrecked and ripped off for 2 tires because I trusted Mr schwab's grandchildrens corporation so even though I wont make 1.48 billion this year like Schwab corporation.I refuse to smear Les it wont be off the back of a man that could have died because of your peoples inability to put a rim on right. Nor will it be because I need to steal a mans good tires and pay him less than half what a tire is worth. BECAUSE NO PROBLEM WE" LOST? THEM BRUNEEL TIRES WE GO THE EXTRA MILE> hopefully then I'll get 6 before it goes flat

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just a bunch of lying schlabs

I called Les Schwab tires asked them what they would charge for putting up for tires on my car, they said 55...

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awful company

Les Schwab Tire Co. in Windsor, CA. More interested in making sales than providing good service. Installed tires that proved dangerous on the highway. When customer returned, reps acted unconcerned but casually reported this was the sixth report of same problem on the new tires by Toyo. Too busy ringing up sales to talk to customer. Customer has to flag down reps to get responses to simple questions, even when store is not busy. Every question is answered with a cryptic answer to deflect further questioning. Supervised intervened. But the whole thing excused because "customers do not really want to be informed" and this customer is rare bird.

terrible everything

Went in to have tire checked at the Renton Les Swaub. Just had whole front end of vehicle repainted a month ago. Washed and waxed car yesterday and there was no damage. Car was not driven after washing and waxing except to take to get tire fixed. After tire was serviced there were multiple deep gauges in the front fender side where tire was repaired. There were still paint chips hanging on damage area. Showed shop manager and told him that these chips would not still be hanging if the damage had taken place somewhere else and the car had been driven. Shop manager claimed that there was no way that he could have done the damage.

fraud and scam

I purchased Allied Type 60 Smoothie Chrome Plate Steel Wheels from Les Schwab tires in Marysville--two on 5/03/07 and three on 11/09/06. The tires were for a 1956 Ford Victoria. It has not been driven since the tires were installed as I am having the engine work done. All five wheels now have rust on them. I asked the Les Schwab dealer to replace them and he said they were no longer under warranty. I have other cars I have had for years with chrome wheels and they haven't rusted. I think these were inferior and should be replaced.

  • Gl
    GlacierGrizzly Dec 01, 2009

    The Les Schwab wheel warranty is for 1 year. It is irrelevant whether the wheels were driven on, or put in a museum. 1 year is 1 year. That's like buying a gallon of milk and not opening it, and then taking it back to the store after a month, and complaining that it's spoiled, and you didn't even take the lid off...

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  • Ro
    Roy Mar 30, 2010

    Went out of town on a road trip took my truck in to the Les schwab in Ogden UT. because it wasn't handling well they did an alinment and left all the tie rods loose runed two of the tie rod and bolth tires trieing to get home to spokane Les Schab in mazula MT. Gave my krap saing that it was the Ogden UT. Branchs problem and sent me and my family on there way finaly got home to spokane WA. And took it back to Les Schwab and they said they been hassling with the Ogden UT. Branch and they were not going to cover it. The Les Schwab here in spokane gave me a 50% off but I'm still quit angery Les Schwab broke it they should have fixed it. NO MATER WHICH Les Schwab I went to.

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  • Li
    Likeasombooode Apr 19, 2010

    Glaciergrizzly, yousa so asupid. Da tyas on da wims... wims no wust, ba produkt, da milk wusted.
    The fact is that these items were bought with an understanding of craftsmanship and integraty. By rusting after such a short period of time, with little use that would cause the wearing of anti-rusting materials on the chrome, means that these producter were neither. Hence if they want to advertise that they only sell the best, they should mean it. 100% agree, they have too many busy bodies going through there doors with no prior experience and passing them off as employee's, that work is not done correctly and that stock is not known.

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  • Ma
    Matilda Aug 25, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Les Schwab fired my daughter after giving birth to my grandson. She was told to be available 24/7. Its funny how the les schwab web site doesnt have a 'contact' us link, they are also not on twitter of facebook so a person could publicly comment on their conduct. They allowed her the legally required time off for maternity leave, but what company requires an employee to be available 24/7? Lastly it does seem like discrimination to me. she has worked there for years, and does have seniority over her co-workers, showing that she was singled out because she has a child, and/or at 8 months old she wants her or her husband to be home with the baby...too much to ask?

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scammed my wife

My wife went to Les Scwab tire center to have a set of their tires rotated, which they did, then charged her for doing it. After a phone call to them from me, they said if I came back a refund would be given. I feel they took advantage of her because she is a woman. I am not happy, do to an extra trip to the store and my time. I will go to the store seeking a refund and a pound of flesh. I will make sure they understand that this is not at all acceptable.

liar liar pants on fire

Purchased a set of 20X10 Spank 8 lug by Foose Designs, the wheel has been around for a while and has been discontinued.

This was the last set available, I looked every where. The store I bought the wheels through said they were discounted on price due to the fact they were being discontinued. I was also informed if they ordered them they were mine. No second thoughts on this transaction. I said no problem.

When I received the wheels I was very excited! Only to realize when I got them home to gaze at their splendor they were a USED SET OF WHEELS!!! What the *** man. Les Schwab has justified to me that they are not in the wrong because of the price I paid and what I was getting for said price, and reminded me that I ordered the wheel sight unseen and now they were mine.

I cant write how I truly feel about this incident, Les Schwab has not yet offered to reconcile, bottom line THEY LIED the wheels were said to be new in the box and never mounted, hardly, they had a min. of 20, 000 miles on them in my guesstimation. I would never take ownership of a used wheel. Dirty Dog Liars, I will never do business with them again. Eleven years I have had an account there, 6 sets of rims and tires 4 sets of snow tires my little brother has used my account and so has my Dad, add that up suckers, DISCOUNT TIRE CO. Here I come.

  • Lm
    lmn80 Sep 02, 2009

    I love Les Schwab and sent my daughter with complete trust to Les Schwab to take care of her car needs. They are always honest. I shopped around in the beginning when I dealt with them but couldn't beat their prices along with the service. I guess there are always people who are unhappy no matter what is done to try to make them happy.

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paint damage

Brought my car in for a brake job because one of the calipers had hung up causing the pad to wear very...

Don't buy from them

I had purchased tire chains on a winter trip in december of 2007 in oregon. I was told if I didn't use...

they aren't helpful or friendly

Yeah, they sure didn't "come running" to help. I had what felt like a tire going flat on my Mustang today, and went in to have the pressure checked in the tires.

The counter lady told me to drive around back and when a bay became available, to pull in and they would take care of it. So, I watched her come to the shop as I was waiting, (assuming she told them) then pulled up to an empty bay and told the tech my problem.

After only looking at the one tire, the tech said, uh, no, they look fine to me (!) We can check them if you want, but there are other people ahead of you and I don't know why she sent you back here ahead of them.

So, back in I went to get in line, and told her the guy in the shop basically told me I cut in front of everyone. Told her I didn't appreciate being made to feel like a ***.

Then I overheard the tech arguing with her that I told him my tire was flat . . . instead of going flat. Whatever.

You know, I was pretty mad at that point. After buying several sets of tires and rims there, I just wanted my tire pressure checked. My husband is gone a lot so I have to figure this stuff out on my own and I hate it when I'm made to feel stupid. When she got back in, I told her and the tech that I needed to have my tire pressure checked, I don't mind waiting, and if it's such a problem, I can go somewhere else.

Turns out the front two were down and bit and it drives much better with some more air in them.

In fact, I think I will go somewhere else next time . . . for my next set of tires.

  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had issues with the Les Schwab where I live. I have bought 3 sets of tires and a set of rims there. I went in with a flat and I was using my spare which has the same rim as the rest of the tires. I bought 4 new tires and drove away. A few months later I wound up with a flat because of a nail. I went to the trunk to change it on the road and my spare wasn't in there. It was a fiasco. I called the tire center and told them and they said that they don't store peoples tires and rims there sorry. WTF!! Shouldn't they have put my spare back in the trunk after they put on my new tires? I didn't ever think to check it till I got a flat two months later. I didn't ask them to store my spare at their shop. I went down there to have them check again and it was gone. So where is my spare? Noone there seemed to care it was just like Oh well sorry we don't do this or that bye. Now I have to buy another rim and a brand new tire. I WONT be buying it from Les Schwab. My husband also owns a car lot and he USED to do all of his cars at Les Schwab, awww their loss.

    Along with the missing spare, when they put my new tires on they scratched up my rims terribly and when I called them on it they were like we didn't do that it was already there. Needless to say I own a Jag and I am anal about my car. I know my rims weren't messed up when I took my car in. Why don't they take ownership for their mistakes. And their site has no contact us info so who do you complain too?

    Goodbye forever Les Schwab.

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wrong tire size

I had trouble with Les Schwab's Sutherlin OR franchise. The owner is arrogant and rude. The last time he refused to sell me the tire size that was recommend in the Ford owners manual for my car. He told me that it was the wrong size tire for that wheel and that would not sell me the size I was looking for. When I left there I went to Big O who had my tire size in stock and I have been using them ever sense. In the 4 years sense that incident I have look at a lot of web sites that carry performance parts for my car and all of them recommended the tire and wheel combination that I tried to buy at Les Schwab. I have not done any business with Les Schwab Tire Center sense that time.

they would not honor their own written estimate

I took my MR2 into my local Les Schwab store, East Bremerton, Washington State, had them checkout the noise from my front end when hitting a bump. They told me the power steering rack was bad, the boot was full of fluid. Their estimate for the replacement rack was $108.46 plus labour and alignment. I took my estimate home and thought about it over night, went back in and asked if the part they would use would be used, rebuilt or new. They told me rebuilt because they do not make new ones anymore. They said they needed 3-5 days to order in the parts so today I call them back and ask them to order the parts...All of a sudden the salesman says new ones are not available, I said that is because they are rebuilt. He then asks what the parts cost was on the estimate and I told him. He came back with the parts cost of $480!!! Quite a change from my original written estimate...

if we don't have it you don't need it

You may not want to post is complaint. This isn't a huge complaint but it just bugs me that when a company...

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