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Les Schwab Tire Center reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jan 17, 2008. The latest review Brakes was posted on May 6, 2021. The latest complaint over charged me for mounting tires was resolved on Sep 05, 2018. Les Schwab Tire Center has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 153 reviews. Les Schwab Tire Center has resolved 32 complaints.

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Les Schwab Tire Center Complaints & Reviews

Les Schwab Tire Centersaccident with my motorhome

I took my motorhome to the company that James, assistant manager at my local Les Schwab, sent me to. ( Imperial truck and RV repair ).
I gave him the estimate today. ( see attachment ).

Once I gave hime the estimate he stated there was a $400.00 dollar check that will be coming in the mail.
I asked what for.
He stated, overpayment of the motorhome tires.

That i guess is my restitution.

I recieved a phone call moments after i left the facility by James.

He stated i need to return and fill out an accident report for his insurance company.

Why would i fill out an accident report if I've had no accident?

I'm already getting frustrated with all this running around that ive been doing for an accident that i had nothing to do with.

Our Summer of fun before ongoing Cancer treatment in September has ground to a halt over this.


Jeffrey L. Heeb

2775 s.e. Salmonberry rd.
Port Orchard, Washington 98366

accident with my motorhome

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    Les Schwab Tire Centers — battery replacement under warranty/ service before tires where rotated where they messed something else up trying to charge more money

    This is going on our second time with horrible service. Today we were needing to get our battery tested or...

    Les Schwab Tire Centers — tire warranty and repair

    Had the worst experience ever at the draper utah location. After waiting 2 hours to have a flat repaired by a...

    Les Schwab Tire Centersflat repair

    I took my car in on Monday 5/21/2018 to have a tire patched. I arrived before they opened and was second in line. Still I waited for over an hour before they looked at my car. The problem was a plug that they had installed previously (1 year prior) had worked it's way out. I suggested no plugs and preferred that they patch it this time, which, was exactly what I had told them previously.

    While I was looking at my car in the work bay, one of the workers who was working on another car next to mine removed a tire, dropped it on the ground and it rolled right into my door.

    They later came out to tell me that I was ready to go.

    By Wednesday 5/23/2018 the tire was flat again.

    I called and was told to bring it back in, which I did the following day on Thursday 5/24/2018.

    They had missed something and put another patch on it.

    While sitting at a light on my way home, I hear a loud pop and a hissing sound which was accompanied by the rear of my car sagging. I had a good feeling what it was.

    Part of the bead was on the outside of the wheel.

    Called Les Schwab and the assistant manager, Will, came to grab the tire and take it back to the shop "to see what's going on".

    When WIll called me later that day he told me that it was a simple bead tear and that it was missed during one of the four times the tire was either removed or installed on the wheel.

    The good news...

    "We found a good used tire with a little more tread than your old one so we mounted and balanced it up for you."

    The bad news is that no one ever called to ask how I felt about going in for a flat repair on Monday morning and leaving four days later with someone else's discarded tire.

    They also failed to ask how I felt about it not matching my other three tires.

    They also failed to ask how I felt about it being much narrower than my other three tires.

    My extended family has sworn by the Les Schwab brand and service since as far back as I can remember, but the service has become terrible.

    During my multiple visits I was able to observe and chat with other unhappy customers in the waiting room so I am not alone when I say that this company's service has taken a nose dive, no one seems to be the least bit concerned with their customers and there is very much a Take It Or Leave It attitude.

    No one in my family will ever shop with Les Schwab again and it sickens me to think how hard that man worked to establish his business only to have it fall apart after his death due to their incompetence and absolute disregard for customers.

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      Les Schwab Tire Centers — second complaint/work #[protected]; customer id ao5586076

      On Tuesday, 05/08/2018 I placed my personal vehicle (refer to numers in subject above) in the care of your...

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      Les Schwab Tire Centers$3000 dollar job

      I brought my jeep wrangler down to get bushings and then it turned into more. "we don't work other people lifts" . So new track arm, ball joints, alignment and a 4 inch lift. Been 5 months and I returned it 3 other times for what we call a "death wobbles" and it's worse then ever. Making payments on a rig I can't even drive down a road. This is totally b.s. How can someone spend that much money and not be able to drive there own vehicle? Forget the death wobbles more like a death trap. I can't even sell it or trade it in.

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        Les Schwab Tire Centers — alignment

        What "do the right thing" really mean to your company? Took a 1999 suburban that we just bought into Le...

        Les Schwab Tire Centersunethical behaviour

        I brought my car here in mid march because of problems with the right rear brake sticking evidenced by scraping and squealing at times and smelling hot when I stopped. I brought the car in and waited four hours to have the brake checked. When I described the issue to the young woman who was assisting me, she responded sarcastically as if from what I told her there could be nothing really wrong with my brake. I waited and was informed that everything was fine. I sprayed out the brake at a car wash and steam billowed up from the right rear brake as it was very hot. Before I could take it to my mechanic, approximately two weeks later the brake stuck completely and by the time I got it to my mechanic I had to replace the caliper and rotor and mechanic said I could have lost braking all together. As this store was busy with changing winter to all season tires, I dont think they looked at my car at all. This is a serious problem. If you cant handle taking in another car due to being too busy then dont do it. Total fail.

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          Less Schwab Gresham — crappy tires

          If you need any tires go to Midas never go to Les Schwab! I bought a brand new tire from my Schwab. It kept...

          Les Schwab Tire Centersemployee

          The customer service lady, Sherry here at the brookings or location is not fit to be in this position. She isn't friendly, interrupts, talks over people, doesn't smile & worst of all walks away when customer is still talking. I'm a restaurant manager & have been in customer service for over 20yrs & that's definitely not the way to handle any customer. I dread coming here each time knowing she will be here. Someone needs to address this issue, at least talk to her.

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            Les Schwab Tire Centers — tires

            Puyallup Store on Meridian. 5/4/2017-Purchased 2 front tires. (tires = $209; total cost of purchase...

            Les Schwab Tire Centerincompetent workmanship - dismal customer service

            This company is pathetic. Bought 4 new tires with a front end alignment (even though the car drove straight with old tires) 6 mos ago. Big mistake. When I left their shop the car started pulling left. Took it back & they refused to even check it and said the front end was within spec. BALONEY. This car has always driven straight after every alignment. Decided then & there never to do business with them again. But wait, it gets better.

            A week ago one of the tires lost 10psi pressure (I frequently check my tires). I found a nail in the tread and took it back for their free repair warranty. When I got the car back home I decided to inspect it for myself. And guess what, the [censor] at Schwab had cross-threaded one of the lug nuts when he gunned it on which made it impossible for me to remove, so back to the shop again. Of course the bird-brain service guy denied doing it, the schmuck. He did however replace the stripped stud & lug for nothing. So now my tire problems were over, so I thought. Boy was I wrong.

            Two days later I stopped at an out-of-town gas station and happened to notice the repaired tire looked low on air. I checked it with my gauge and sure enough it was 20 psi low. I figured that either the Schwab guy did a shoddy patch job or I had picked up another nail. I took it to the local Schwab dealer there and they actually admitted that the leak was caused by a poor repair job. Swell…

            Not once during any of these instances did they admit their errors or even apologize. Like I said, this company is just pathetic.

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              Les Schwab Tire Center — brakes

              So what does it take to have my truck brakes done proper. I will only respond with you thru email...

              Les Schwab Tire CenterI think they forgot me

              I went in to get my tires rotated today. normally something you don't end up waiting too long certainly not three hours like I had. I'm pretty sure people that had come in after I was getting serviced before me. I was furious I didn't say anything there cause well I don't think any of the employees cared. I got a sorry but that was it no explanation. they didn't even ask me any questions like they carried like how long I was actually waiting. i heard a customer come in after me they told her 45 min i was well past that.

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                Les Schwab Tire Centerdamaging the air sensors on the car and denying it

                Yes, you can definitely reuse your factory installed tire pressure monitoring sensors.Sensors are fragile and can be easily damaged, so please be sure to exercise caution when removing the sensors from your wheels.

                Any kind of damage to the sensor or the valve stem may require the entire unit to be replaced.

                Mark the manager says I have to replace with my cost of repair, when I just started having problems after new wheels installed with the sensors .Mark had an employee re calibrate the sensors with car mainframe chip batteries are good so sensor is bad, I believe the store should make good what they damaged in good faith.

                Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

                Monetary Loss: $1000.

                Preferred solution: fix what all they broke, thats fair I think, on their dime or value of my time and repair loss your choice. .

                I didn't like: Damaging the air sensors on the car and dening it.

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                  Les Schwab Tire Center — 3 out of 4 tires ready to blowout

                  I have been a loyal customer with Les Schwab since 1980. On [protected] at 9:25 am I went into Les Schwab in...

                  Airway Heights

                  Les Schwab Tire Center — tpms sensors

                  On Saturday 10/14/2017 I took my Saab 9-7x into the Les Schwab dealer in Ritzville, WA to have my Summer...


                  Les Schwab Tire Centercustomer service is horrible

                  After almost 17yrs as a customer I AM DONE. My mom took my wifes car to get a spin & rotate. Due to an alignment issue a front tire was too worn to be serviced. 4 new tires were needed (AWD SUV).
                  They took the car home and notified my wife of the tire choices.
                  Options were for tires & alignment at either (apprx) $650 or $1200 and my wife told my parents to get the good tires.
                  They got the car back to the dealer just before closing and indicated my wife needed to pick up the car around 10am.
                  I find out about all this late in the evening and stop at the dealer on the way home (they are closed and it was after 8pm) and drop a note through the door to not install ANY tires until they contact me because that was not the tire option we wanted.
                  Not sure when they opened but never got a call. Called them at 8:44am and talked to Jack. He said he already put the tires on because they were told to get the car ready for morning pickup (I had not been told she had requested to have it done early, OK my bad)...
                  Well, OK if you were supposed to get it done early & you already have the tires on then finish it up so she can pick it up as requested.

                  I get a call that afternoon from Jack that the car is ready. WTH?
                  Why wasn't it done that morning like they promised?
                  Jack said that he had to wait and talk to me because of the note I left so they didn't have time to finish it that morning. Then he adds that he called me at 7:15am that morning and left me a voicemail.
                  I verified they had the correct number (my cell phone). I verified on my cell that there was NO missed call and NO voicemail. Logged into my cell account online and checked... First call that day was ME calling them.

                  I explained I did not want those tires, I in fact hadn't wanted to buy tires this week and would have only got the cheaper option. The ONLY reason I had said to go ahead was to have the car ready on time!
                  Jack states that since they already mounted the new tires, if I make any changes they are going to charge for the mount/unmount. Even if I bought the other tire option they are going to hit me with mount/unmount fees.

                  The fact that they FAILED to have the car ready as promised is irrelevant. REALLY?
                  And they lied about contacting me but used that as the excuse to not have it done on time.
                  Now I'm pissed.
                  I don't want to EVER spend money at Les Schwab again.
                  I told them they can keep their tires, put the originals back on and don't even bother to balance because it's going to ANY other company for new tires.
                  The hundred dollars for alignment I understand.
                  The additional $200 for mounting/remounting was just another slap in the face.

                  They failed to have the car ready as promised, blamed it on me and LIED about calling me (I pulled my t-moble phone records that PROVE he didn't call!) and then screws us out of $200 to NOT sell us tires.
                  Congratulations, your company just lost our entire families business. A bit of customer service could have gone a long way here but they had ZERO interest in working with us.

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                    Les Schwab Tire Centercanby location service

                    I came in and waited for them to look at my cars suspension I needed my car to have a wheel diagnosed and serviced after waiting an hour the attendant come back and says they found nothing wrong with my car I asked about the clunkinh I was feeling and he said he was able to hear the clunk noise when he pushed on my tire but he could not tell me what it was and still insisted my car was fine I told him how I have a small child and needed to know my car was safe and he assured me my car was safe I drove around after leaving and the problem persisted with the wheel I took it to oreillys where there was a guy doing side jobs he had me turn my wheel and within a second was able to clearly see I had a broken ball joint and control arm how the hell did les scwab not see a broken ball joint and control arm my son and I could have been killed from canby les schwabs neglect to do their job! This is a problem canby led schwab is a problem and there must be justice for jeopardizing my son and my life due to their total ignorance and dont give a [censor] attitude

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                      Les Schwab Tire Center — customer service by both manager les, and employee justin, at store 392 in ferndale, wa.

                      In Nov. 2016 I went in for an inspection on my vechile Customer ID [protected] left with a quote of several...


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