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I had a bad experience getting my oil changed in Folsom, CA today. It was at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change...

Manager-Frank Cruz

My son is a very hard worker, responsible, respectful, he was told to cut his hair otherwise he cannot get...

assistant manager

Ive been taking my job van and other cars in for a oil change at valalline oil change for over a year so I...

oil change

I took my car into the Alpine Ave location in Grand Rapids Michigan for an oil change and deep fuel system...

oil change

Went to Valvoline in Copiague NY. Needed synthetic oil change on 2015 Camry . As they started their work I...

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henderson, ky location

Our business has been bringing our fleet of trucks to this location for years. They have always given us a...

the driver hit the building with my truck

Standing outside when the driver drove my truck in and hit the side of the building. I have significant...

oil change scam

3/4/2016 My oil change came out to $77 at the lee's summit location. Meinke's down the street charge...

Lee's Summit Cars, Parts & Vehicles

upsetting oil change experience

Valvoline acquired this location from the previous owners whom they were running business good and reliable...

they don't have atf+4 transmission fluids.

I visited them just for an oil change and a tire rotation. They make me do a 460$+ service instead. That's ok if it was need to be done but I wanted to use only what is really approved for my car. They don't have ATF+4 Transmission fluids. I asked them if they have an ATF+4 fluids before they do anything. This was the only one approved and they said that they have it in order to convince me to agree for the expensive service. But on the receipt I saw that they have put in my car Their Max-Life fluid both for the Transmission and the Transfer Case!!! This is not the right one for my Jeep. I am already experience serious transmission problems. And I mean really serious problems especially when I am trying to use the all-wheel drive options. Now I only use the frond wheel drive mode and I am very careful. I will change the fluid again in another place and will never visit that place again. If you care for your car and your safety just don't go to this place.

terminated employee

They terminated me because i was not a assistant manager after being there for a year. I was a Senior tech...

battery scam

Went to have my 2005 GMC oil changed with my daughter the other day. Upon, the oil change the attendant told...


on 5/14/13 I took my 2000 GMC Yukon Denali in to get a routine oil change at which point they consulted the...


I went in to the Valvoline instant oil change in poughkeepsie new york an there was am man checking me with a...


I didn’t use this Valvoline Instant oil change here but I used the one in Madison WI, 3594 E Washington...

valvoline has been totally non-responsive

Went to Valvoline for a basic oil change and tire rotation. The service technician called me over to tell me had broken my wheel nut off while attempting to remove the tire. The damage cost me $165 to repair and Valvoline has been totally non-responsive in assuming liability for the damage or offering me any kind of reimbursement. Don’t go here.

doesn't care about it's customers

Took one of our vehicles to be serviced at Valvoline, Reidville Rd., Spartanburg SC. Pulled up in back and couldn't get the attention of anyone at the back of the store even after a very long wait, and I was the only customer on the lot.

Finally a young girl came up to the vehicle and said the compressor in the store was broke and suggested to come back the next day after 10:00 am. I told her no problem.

Returned the next day, again I was the only customer on the lot. Pulled to the back of the bay area and waited and waited and waited. There were no signs, no ropes, nothing to stop you from pulling in, so I carefully pulled into the bay.

At that point the manager finally came over and rudely fussed at me about pulling in and accused me of doing it before. I told him I could take mine and my wife's business elsewhere. He said "fine".

Called back a few days later to get owner or home office information and was told they couldn't give out that info. Finally, got the home office number from another Valvoline store, called and spoke to a nice lady that said she would be sure to have someone contact me. No one has ever called.

Obviously, they are making so much money at these stores they don't have to worry about one dissatisfied customer. There is two Valvoline stores on Reidville Rd. within a mile of each other. I was told by an employee the same company/person owns both stores in order to monopolize all the business on the road.

I wiil drive 30 miles to avoid these places in the future, if necessary.

  • Qu
    quityourbitchin Jun 07, 2012

    I am a former csa of vioc (not the one in this complaint). Although I see why you would be frustrated, they could have been short staffed that day where everyone was in the pit taking care of something (sometimes its necessary). The reason we HAVE to guide you into the bay is for safety. You could easily run into he pit and not only destroy yiur vehicle, but potentially injure yourself and employees who could be on the catwalk or something similar. I'm sorry this angered you, but it was a huge safety issue and were in the wrong on that one. Also, if you were unruly or aggressk e, thag could be another issue. If anyone ever was angry or yelling at us, my boss made us turn them away. Thr fact is, we don't know what impulsive decisions an angry canustomer may make, so we don't want to be put at risk. Vioc cares very much about its customers. But safety for guests and employees alike comes first.

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wrong oil plug

I have been having my oil changes with Valvoline since 2007. Everything was going good till they replaced a oil plug in August.
They stripped it and then tried not to take liability for it. Because it wasnt on the receipt I was told by them more or less it wouldn't stand up in court. I had to take it to the dealer who had to replace the whole oil pan at 687.00!!! Valvoline doesn't want to take any responsibilty for anything. I will never ever take my car back their again. Plus I get a oil change and tire rotation for under 30.00 and Valvoline charged me almost 50.00. Whatever you do be careful when you take your car their. They just rip you off and then take no blame for it. At least the dealership was willing to work with me. My car goes no where else but the dealership from now on.
Valvoline is incompetant and most of their service techs do not even work their for very long. The one that changed my oil plug
which they deny. He is no longer at the B&A service shop...BE CAREFUL whatever you do...

  • Ta
    Tammy41 Dec 29, 2010

    Well the oil pan itself was only like 87.00 it is 100.00 labor and they said they had to drop the frame? which to replace
    the oil pan that is the time it took. They tried to do the oversize plug but that didnt work. It was stripped out bad according to the
    dealership. All I know is I think I would have better chances going to school and becoming a mechanic myself before
    letting anyone touch my car again. I just know Valvoline will never touch it!

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  • Ta
    Tammy41 Dec 29, 2010

    I'm not saying the dealership ripped me off cause they could have. It just aggrivates me that this place
    of buisness isn't taking any blame for anything. I'm serching around for a decent shop so I can start
    getting good service without being ripped off.

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  • Ro
    Roseann Bellettiere Jul 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They extracted the old oil, but didn't fill with new oil.

    Hence, $3, 000 and a new engine later, we've been to court and are scheduled for another hearing as Valvoline is appealing court order to give us $3, 000!!!

    I have the St. Louis Blues

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  • Dc
    dcombs Jul 06, 2011

    Sounds like their own fault, madC? Really? They PAID for an oil change. It's the responsibility of Valvoline to refill the oil...that is the POINT of an OIL CHANGE.

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stay away

I had my tires rotated at Valvoline Instant Oil change store # 020007 on my Hyundai Santa Fe on 5/01/2010. The front of the car began to shake after I drove to Waldorf, Md on 5/9/2010. I had the car towed to a Peps Boy Auto shop, where the front passenger tire fell off the car and damaged the fender and bumper. Peps Boys found loose lug nuts on all the tires, three of the lug nuts on the front passenger tire had come off and the last two studs snapped off. Pep Boys replaced the studs and mounted the spare tire.

Valvoline now says the wheel falling off is not their fault and will not pay for the repairs to my car.

  • Ha
    hASBRO1 May 17, 2012

    I had an oil change and inspection. They stripped a lug nut and when they pulled the parking brake lever up it stuck. Since they didn't know how to fix it I had to drive a half mile to a service station with the parking brake on. They unstuck it for free in about 5 minutes. The Valvoline tech said he couldn't pass it because the lug nut was missing (that he stripped). I put a lock washer on it and re-threaded it. he said bring it back when you get the lug nut on. I did so, and the first thing the guy did was pull the parking brake lever up, thus refreezing the back brakes. I made them fix it this time and told them they had better learn how to un-stick the parking brake when it freezes, so that other motorists will not have to have their cars towed. I told them that I would be lodging a complaint, for all the good it will do.

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poor work led to breakdown

I took my Ford F1500 in Valvoline for a oil change and radiator flush paid $132.00. The bery next morning teh...