LBC Expresswant to complain about my damaged parcel.

R Aug 14, 2018

Dear LBC Express,

Today my parcel delivered at my house which the addressed provided, I wasn't there to received the said parcel in the morning about 11:55 am. So my auntie was the one who was able to received it, Imelda Caduyac. Right now I checked the parcel and I have notice some damge/s. Some of soaps (these are my items to receive solidly) are melted. Since this parcel was already sent to FASTRACK for delivery from my supplier, it was 26th day of July and then they moved my parcel into your nearby forwarder at the MNL on August 9, 2018. So the question who will be the responsible of the damage/s? I want a solution right after, thank you!

Rosie Serbo

want to complain about my damaged parcel.

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