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L Nov 09, 2019

hi Management Team,

This is Lyn, I want to report to you the teller that was assigned in one of your branch in Almeda Pateros . This is because I was there last night with my daughter to claim the money from Palawan. Theres 4 people inside your store and its still open. Theres a sign that its still open it was about 5:45 in the afternoon. When I entered your store the teller told me that its cut off already. Fine.. We went outside and in just a few seconds I saw 2 people coming in to your store and when they spoke to that teller the teller gave a form to them . I tried to confront the teller why she told us that its cut off time when she gave the form to the people who comes in after us. People who work there are not nice and one thing even before I am seeing them that they are using personal mobile number to chit chat to someone while working hours knowing that they knew theres a lot of people waiting. Please if you can remove that girl and send her to other locations away. Shes not doing her job. Please investigate, you can check cause you know for sure that you have cctv installed. Hope to hear from you. My email address [protected] Date of the incident November 9, 2019. quarter to 6 in the evening. thanks Hope to hear from you

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